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Crest Sport Industries /// Share and suggest your own cars to be tuned!



First off, great design.

Then, should I keep in mind the car’s era regarding materials used?


Go F*ing Nuts. Do your best. Disregard Rules. Make it a 2020 car if you wish!


I usually turn docile sedans into track eaters, but you, giving me a muscle car, was too good of an occasion to go wild. “Go F#cking nuts” he said.

Here’s the Haulers Badge Coupe “SE” for special edition (if by special edition you mean a 900hp carbon monster).


  • Carbon fiber body on top of an aluminum monocoque
  • 900bhp / 990Nm Aluminium TTV8 (no supercharger in the game yet unfortunately…)
  • 350km/h top speed
  • 7 Speed manual transmission
  • 5,4s 0-100 (the car still weights 1800kg, it’s a boat)
  • 55,5F / 44,5R weight distrib
  • it just looks f#cking cool

Anyways, @Marcus_gt500, here’s your beast delivered. I hope you’ll like the murdered-out look.

Haulers_Badge_-_Coupe_SE_Carbon.car (61.3 KB)


I’m looking for this car to be tuned.

CAR file. http://d3hrnetf5izp16.cloudfront.net/original/4X/0/7/6/076cc39df1f9a2184829db663faed52037cf5192.car (thats the car file) (Although i just want some performanance upgrades onto it to still be eligible for Generations II, and a bodykit,and some suspension upgrades that dont look too modern for the 1999? Generations II Challenge, Like an OEM offering.)


So let me get this clear.

Do you want me to restyle the car as a gen 2, and make it a sportier version at the same time?


i mean this Generations II: The Full Line Challenge [LORE][RD 9 SUBMISSIONS] and also a facelift and yes a sportier version.


Can you summarize the thread a bit? :sweat_smile:

And I was thinking a R34 sedan inspo, mixed with some gen 4 lancer…


You could scroll up to first post, then you’d see whats its about :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, that’ll work lol

Edit: So, I need to modify your car, keeping the same platform, so as to make it a mark2 version, correct?

Edit 2: what year is the car set to be released?


1999, and yes


What a weapon! Amazing job, mate. The stripe and carbon suits it really well and the stance is menacing!
I bet you had the time of your life changing the material of the two billion pieces that compose the bumpers! :rofl:


Yeah ahahah, and it was only I changed the materials on every piece that I thought about editing the material itself… Anyways enjoy lol



Here’s your restyled '99 Raider.

I modified the suspension settings a tad and the brakes, but didn’t touch the engine, I’ll let you do your thing.

It definitely looks sportier and up to date with it’s release year.

G2R9-MS-interior_-_Hakumai_Raider_V6_RS_mK2.car (46.6 KB)

Generations II: The Full Line Challenge [LORE][FINAL SCORES]

thats… one of a car


Glad you like it. Took me some time to perfect it ahah


I’ve removed some of my posts on this thread, because I figured having two separate threads (one for modding other people’s cars and one for my own) would make more sense.


Wheres the one for your own?


@matisse.msknt Would i be able to have a DTM Version of the Gen2 raider you sent me as a show piece for the next round of the Generations tournament as a promo for the lore?


Yeah of course, I’ll see what I can do about that.

And to answer your previous question, my lore thread can be found here (Crest Automobiles "Automotive Exception")


Didn’t have time to make renders of the car, I’ll leave you do your thing.

the engine is a NAV8 as per 1999 DTM regulations, tires are semi-slicks, and suspensions are race-tuned.

Unfortunately the car body you’re using doesn’t allow much arch-widening, but I did my best.

G2R9-MS-interior_-_DTM.car (51.2 KB)