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CSR 100 - Malicious Compliance


I also used the 05 2.5m…
i guess its a open beta body :frowning:


If anyone wants to collab, I have an idea for the mechanicals if you want to style :slight_smile:

(Hint… it will come from a certain soviet manufacturer :P)


can confirm.

the suzuki swiftn’t is NOT available in stable




I thought Peter was asking for four or more; I was expecting him to bring a friend or two along for the ride. But if I ever enter this round, I’ll definitely make something with at least four seats; the time could indeed come when he has to carry more than three other people with him.


Him + his friend + the other friend = three people



Two quick things, you listed MINIMUM trim emissions as 150, but the maximum trim emissions should be no more than 150?

The emissions must be from 150 to 150?

Second, given we are going for a deceptively bad car, look up Ford Focus clutch shudder. I get a good LOL out of that all the time.


i’ve been dumb yet again…

corrected OP accordingly

there is no minimum emissions figure, Just the cap at 150


I figured that was the meaning. Oversites happen, I actually just binned myself last CSR over something like that. As has been mentioned, tis round is going to be very unique. A car that looks good, but is truly awful in execution. The reviews should make for some great laughs, looking forward to it.

Now do I make is stupid complicated and poorly built and thus unreliable (looking at you Renault) or do I make it flashy but chinsey lasting just long enough to pass the warranty (looking at you MOPAR). Hmmm, choices choices…




Time for an horrible French shitbox :sunglasses:


A ‘second-hand’ entry might also be viable, still haven’t made up my mind.


Would that be legal? I could do a Greggslist ad for a beater, “Needs a little TLC.”


You know, I’m not 100% sure. Somebody did it around 10(ish) CSR’s ago… @Elizipeazie?


I may make a spare ad just for fun, but submit the real car with proper ad.


Says trim year must be 2008, sadly, and 150 emissions may be hard to meet with an older car. I’d like to submit something from the '80s though


Let’s make today fun!

The 2008 Shromet Parvus RC. With almost 1200L of cargo capacity, the Shromet Parvus is the ultimate companion to your new lifestyle, allowing you to go anywhere, and do anything. Thanks to the help of a new gasoline direct injected engine, it gets 34MPG* as well! There’s never been a better time to get out there and get into a new Shromet model. Visit your local dealership to test drive a Shromet today!

*34 US MPG. MSRP from 9,632$ no markup included. Prices may vary.


2008 Opificio Vettura Sportiva

0-100kph: 5.5s
400m: 13.7s

The numbers speak for themselves.

More images


2008 Tianjin PuTao Auto ShaBi



Wait… I’m confused. So is the price limit judged by total price or material cost? Thing is I made a car under 4.7k in material cost but above 10k. How would that work?