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CSR 100 - Malicious Compliance


That would work if our buyer has some ca$h saved on his bank account that he could add to the gift of his parents. And it was said that it is “About” 10.000. So I think there is no problem with an $11.000 car.


Peter does intend to buy a new car (hence the trim needing to be 2008)
also. 10k for a used car ia a LOTTA money


he’d effectively dig into his own savings a bit.

if material costs are below 4700 it still is legal tho


Yong Nano ST

“It was never so easy to become a legend.”

Tame the korean dragon today and become a legend on the road of shame.


Your cars look very high end for 4700$ max budget :thinking:


I’ve got a potential (semi-lore) entry here, and need a bit of clarification. The market screen shows 4700 material costs, but that’s actually rounded down from whats shown in the engineering tabs. Which one are we supposed to be cheating with… I mean… checking? As for the “actively hold up traffic”, is that from a speed or acceleration perspective? I think my car delivers on one, but maybe not so much on the other.


the one shown in actual car stats (not the rounded one)

a bit of both.
but more acceleration rather than speed



That’s worthy of a big download


Lower Vmax = cheaper tyres. Got it.


oh yeah and the tires shown on mine were custom and are optional, the original wheels are the american blob wheels


This family car was made from 2000-2008 in america, korea, germany, and japan. It has a i6 and 4 seats. Its great for roadtrips and for getting stuff where it needs to be. This car is the 2003 Vester All-star on sale now at Lenvo Autos for €4,320



Look young guy! It’s a Coolsport, it sounds cool (hum) it looks cool (hum*2) and it’s cheap!
It’a a real sportscar, for sure!! (hum intensifies)


Still waiting someone to post inbetweeners meme fiat panda


oof also @MasterDoggo nice


Akarui Ochitsuita

Does it have a sequential transmission like a racecar?

Yup, certainly does

Is it turbo changed?

You betcha!

Does it have 3 seats?

Even better, it has 4!

Is it rear engined?

Of course, it’s basically a 911

Is that a Honda Civic rear end?

Nope, but close

So how much does it cost?

$3590 material cost and $8181 RRP figures in open beta



Akarui take no liability for death caused by the rear engine rear wheel drive nature of this vehicle, by purchasing the car you are waving your rights to sue in case of death.



@CorsicaUnknown has offered to check any open-beta based entrant for rule compliance.

Thus any entrant using open beta has to send his entry to @CorsicaUnknown AND @Elizipeazie !

Stable-based entries just to me.

BUT: Vehicle stats will still be judged by myself on the stable version of the game to avoid specific entrants having some (dis-)advantage because of the transition from importing beta-built cars to stable.

TL;DR; Ruleset checks for open-beta entries are done by CorsicaUnknown on open-beta. Judging itself will remain on the stable branch as intended.


So we have to resend our entries or validated entries are ok?


validated entries are okay and do not need to be resent

pre-binned entries have been forwarded to Corsica for re-investigation


Not saying everyone should, but if everyone swithched to public just for a bit for this there won’t be much of a problem :joy: I mean, I did. Just to make sure.