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CSR 100 - Malicious Compliance


As it turns out, I have decided to host the next CSR, CSR101.
The post will arrive in the next few hours provided everything goes as expected.
Thank you for this wonderful CSR!


Gratz to the winner! Shame I never got the ad posted in time, I’m curious how my car would have stacked up.

Edit: I’m just wondering out of slightly salty curiosity, but where was it stated that the ad had to be posted before the deadline? I posted the ad well after the deadline but before the reviews started being posted in the last round & i’m sure people posted the ad after the deadline in the past. I saw nothing in the OP/rules or in the general rules thread about the ad having to be posted before the deadline, only that a ad was required, if possible I’d like some clarification about it from @strop & @Elizipeazie


The part in bold sais it quite well imo.


An entry generally is the .car file, but i said that the entry only counts if the ad is there.
And since the .car itself needs to arrive before deadline anyway, it makes sense to post the ad before deadline as well.

Plus, logically… if you are buying a car, and already sifted through the ads you have, go on test drives and stuff, and THEN get another ad, most people will likely ignore it.

and even if i allowed it to compete, it would have been binned for lack of interior space.
THREE prople don’t fit into a key-sports car


I’m sorry, but while I agree somewhat, not everyone has time to do both at once, in the case of this one, I submitted the car but then I had to leave to take my mom on the bus to a doctors appointment, I posted my ad but it was 1 hour 32 minutes after the deadline with round one of reviews being posted 16 hours 7 minutes later.

I think that depends on how much time has passed, I’m sure there are people that are not as strict about this & would still look at the ad, more so if they just started looking into everything & trying to come up with a shortlist.

In the end, Perhaps @strop could maybe introduce a general rule that ads posted after the deadline won’t be considered, or at least have it that the host have to post along with the ad being required that the ad would have to be entered before the deadline or if they are willing/able to allow some leeway for late ads, just like how there’s leeway before entries open for rule changes.

Edit: if it takes you 1 and a half hours to sift through ads & do test drives, then post results sooner, not 16 hours later.


Understandable, but there was a whole week between entries opening and the deadline. There has to be enough time to advertise the car, even if it literally is just a pic of it with the name written belo on the post. That already counts as an ad.

Yo… there is a thing called sleep.
Plus. Time it take me to write this does not necessarily represent the the time the client takes to do the sifting.


That may be an actually good idea…


Oh boy, I seem to recall there was a time when ads weren’t required. I guess it’s gonna evolve into this now.


Actually when I started this thing ads were what was required before the deadline and the .car file was optional lmao. But that rule promptly went out the window and now both appear to be required simply out of the trend.

I’ll have to review where we’re up to with regards to how this runs now as it keeps evolving. Then I should update the main ruleset.