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CSR 101 - Dreams of Anime 「ENDED AT LAST!」


Kadett Beat
It won’t beat the rest.

The South Korean brand Kadett has announced a special edition of the Beat compact car, the Beat SE. It has a cool stripe. Featuring a 2.0l Inline-4 engine, it certainly is a car. Just don’t check the service costs and you’ll be fine.

Here are three pictures which might exist


Nohda Star Convoy

Its just a basic minivan what do you expect?


I forgot to export the car properly and I honestly cba to remake it so uh you’ll just get the base spec with no flowers.




Challenge: Make the existing Tengu Ara 200% more despicable.




Why Goblin. Why of all animes did you have to choose Oreimo.


There’s your answer.


Toyhatsu presents to you, a 2013 Special Ed: the Tammy 1.7e Kawai!
From glorious Nippon with love:

All UK-market Tammys offer cheap and cheerful motoring with:

  • Class-leading safety - with airbags everywhere, proper brakes, steel armor and annoying buzzers to help you not crash
  • A surprisingly large, classy plastic interior with soft, plush seats and hookups for your gadgets
  • A suspension tuned for surviving UK roads in comfort and grace
  • Patented bump strips - replaceable in 3 easy steps

For 1.000 very special people, the K edition also offers

  • A happy face to cheer you up in the morning
  • A 5-speed manual, for fun late-night pizza runs
  • The optional comfort back seat for two - because friends are all about quality, not quantity, and they deserve the best
  • The biggest and best engine yet - sips fuel and doesn’t breathe heavily
  • White indicators - because orange is annoying
  • Parking sensors in the back - no klutzing around
  • Alloy wheels, cute stickers, and a striking pink livery that will leave everyone you pass, puzzled

Edit: sorry, don’t know how to add those fancy dropdowns everone else got -_-




whats the file size like.


745 kilobytes. Opening the car and waiting for it to stamp all the fixtures in place takes about 5 minutes long. The car absolutely hates being moved around in photo mode, as even a single click on it will freeze the game by a couple minutes, let alone dragging it around the scene.


Wew, mine’s basically only half that, if I remember correctly, 380kb.



Due to updates causing changes in car statistics,
you have the permission for one resubmission.
Use it wisely!


The 2013 Satoshi Keanu Light Sport

Doesn't shy of being fun, the Satoshi Keanu boast a 171 HP 2.0L turbo power plant. Roof is customized per request, model shown has the Fun Aero pack installed.
Stuffs not a Geschenk

i’m soo lame


2013 Hansheng Dojyan Isekai Edition

“Dojyan” means “ta-da” in Japanese, and this expression of triumph is echoed in this offering from Hansheng. It is truly ahead of its time, achieving almost 40 MPG(US) on the relevant test cycle despite weighing 1555kg and doing 0-60 in under nine seconds. Its most impressive feature, however, is the “automatic summon” feature exclusive to the Isekai Edition: you can summon it to your location at speeds up to 30 miles per hour (just remember to park it in gear first). Truly, the Hansheng Dojyan Isekai Edition is capable of taking you to another world!

(side note: if you’re wondering, those things in the windshield are meant to be forward-facing cameras like Subarus have)






'13 GMI S412 X-Trek

Making Driving Passionate



Voted cutest car of 2013.


I know this adds nothing to the conversation, but I’m throwing in the towel on this one. I really wanted to make this work, but I can’t get the comfort anywhere near the minimum. I thought it was cute, though:

The Poke(i)car