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CSR 101 - Dreams of Anime 「ENDED AT LAST!」


Voted cutest car of 2013.

Oi u wanna fookin go m8



I see a time traveller. /s


(Mikaza C Type Sb shown in limited “Mikaza Racing” Livery)


In Automationverse, Konosuba came out in 2013. Shush you :stuck_out_tongue:


The 2013 MJD (Masada Japanese Division) Torch

Fuel Efficient? 35 MPG
Safe? Pretty dang
Comfortable? Enough
Reliable? Cleetus thinks so!
Fun? 131 HP turbo inline 3, so fun enough!
Cute? Adorable

Yes it has reverse lights, just not on this picture

Enjoy my American “inspired” hatchback, thing, for a Japanese market!

Lol it’s 12:20 am EST and I just saw someone else named their car Torch as well… Oh well, i’m not changing it. :slight_smile: it was unintentional


Torch gang


I’m a bit confused. I know the rules are set by material costs, but will the cars be judged by that or by approximate cost?


YWL - Lynx

Because crossover future burns in orange



Meguminshi Lagann 1.5 S

The car that believes in me that believes in you

More pics

** Disclaimer **

  • Meguminshi Motors does not endorse of putting “Drill”, “Razen” or “Spiral” in the car, as it may altered the performance of the vehicle which void the warranty.
  • Meguminshi Motors does not have any responsibility of using hidden command or hidden option of “Gattai da!” to the vehicle.
This won't be happened even if you yelled "GATTAI DA!"

Meguminshi Lagann “Explosion”


If (pipe) god didnt want us to make itashas in automation why did he gave us bumper bars?


Its here

HPM Vento Aureo special version i guess
i dont care anymore


Yeah this is my submission to this CSR. No Ad from me this time. I put a lot of lifetime into it since this will be my last submission to any competition.
I will still continue to be active from time to time but i want to go out with a bang (or in this case a huge disappointment for the parents). It was fun while it lasted. Big thanks to Keikyun for making the comp that we deserved :heart: .
shoutout to xepy, mgr_99, goblin95 to make truly great itashas

my head fucking hurts its 6 am here.


Why tho?


the true winner has been revealed.


The real question is why not?


The 1 MB barrier has been broken


I’m just gonna like all the stupid detailed anime face liveries in here because as someone who knows the pain of 500kb+ .car files and how long it takes to stamp like 400 fixtures i respect the effort that goes into them.


Did you really draw anime faces with bumper bars?
Don’t you have a job, or school or something?


He just has a lot of time, yknow?


Is material cost, i had the same question


Thanks to a stylist who strangely preferred to stay anonymous, I’m pleased to announce the special edition, uhhhhh

Yeah I dunno lol. I asked for Saitama’s derp-face, and it was delivered. It’s even period-correct considering Murata started drawing One Punch in 2012. But who knows, I guarantee you this will be the best handling most fun sensible car Emiri will want to drive. I mean, if it can restore life’s enjoyment to even Saitama, it’s gotta be a sure thing right?