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CSR 101 - Dreams of Anime 「ENDED AT LAST!」


Guess I underestimated Emily’s aesthetic sense. Weeb trope subverted!

I did jointly develop a far better (looking) car from a different brand, but the editor at Full Shift (“me”) decided the silly hello fellow kids granny car would be “a better fit” for that month’s edition.


It’s another cute little round!

Round 1, Part 3 of CSR101!

The rain continues to pour down. As the credits roll, Haruki walks back into the room.

Emiri: “Oh, you’re back.”>

Haruki: “Did you find any other interesting cars?”

Emiri: “The cars that I’m thinking of are the “Vento Aureo”, the “Kadett Beat”, the “Kurokama SC-C” and quite possibly the “Nohda Star Convoy” but I’m not sure about that one.”

Haruki: “I have one more magazine, this one seems interesting.”

Emiri: “Which is this one?”

Haruki: “This one is the latest issue of “Auto Technique”. There seem to be interesting vehicles!”

Emiri: “Yes, I will take a look with you! Anything to get rid of that Aveanto which broke again…”

They decided to take a look at the magazine.

Hokuto Aria CLE Wagon

by @On3CherryShake

Emiri: “First is this estate, it has an interesting, premium look, and ISEKAI MARKETING! But an automatic transmission…”

Haruki: “Rather weirdly, this car actually is not very spacious in the cabin. Not as small as the Urban-X, but still, one of the smaller cabins in the lineup, especially considering this has only 4 seats, which is just bizarre for an estate. It does make up though with a larger cargo space though, especially considering it’s a small car. Reports say they’re pretty nice to drive, comfortable, and the automatic is a smooth-shifting unit. However, a side effect of the smooth automatic and 2.0 litre engine is subpar fuel efficiency. The drivetrain is sufficiently reliable, if nothing exceptional, Similarly, the car is also trustworthy, as I would expect for a car like this. I do not hear much issues with bodywork, so I can assure you it won’t be a rusty car. However, safety is only average, and it does lack ESC, but having traction control and ABS keeps it safe on roads.”

Emiri: “Hmmm… It looks nice, but it doesn’t really stand out in terms of specifications… I’ll wait if there’s any more interesting vehicles about.”

The Hokuto Aria CLE was not considered, comfort was high but stats were otherwise not outstanding, and the cabin was smaller than expected.

Radster 1.6 Neo Tokyo

by @Mr.Computah

Emiri: “Oh my god! THIS IS SO KAWAII!!!”

Haruki: “This car drives decently. It’s predictable, with a little enjoyment of the drive. It’s not the most comfortable though, but it’s safe, has 5 seats, great brakes and while lacking in ESC it also has traction control along with ABS.”

Emiri: “Anything more, Haruki-kun?”

Haruki: “This car is quite reliable, the paintwork is durable, reports of fleets say these cars are doing very well. It’s built to last. As a small car, it’s got a very small footprint, meaning it’s great for nipping around the city. The engine is very responsive, a simple and efficient 1.6 naturally aspirated engine.”

Emiri: “It’s so damn kawaii though, I really love its looks. It’s a bit of a shame it’s not as comfortable… the car is just too kawaii, I love it far too much to leave it here… I’m definitely checking this kawaii car out! It’s another cute little car!

The Radster 1.6 was considered by Emiri, while stats weren’t great, she absolutely loved how it looks.

Atera Hakone T

by @HybridTronny

Emiri: “Another estate, this one seems interesting with its rear wheel drive.”

Haruki: “There is an issue though, it’s enjoyable but even harder to drive than the other RWD coupe we looked at.”

Emiri: “I guess I won’t drive this.”

The Atera Hakone T was not considered, the drivability was below limits.

Meijer Wisteria 1.6 ESC JDM

by @TheAlmightyTwingo

Emiri: “And here we have ourselves a family hatch. Looks OK, but I really don’t know.”

Haruki: “Reading through the review from Auto Technique, these aren’t as nice to drive as the other cars, and isn’t particularly quick either. While ESC is equipped, the handling leaves some to be desired, as somehow it’s not exactly as easy or as fun as many of the other cars. Yet it’s limited to only four seats. It’s comfortable and reliable, the bodywork seems no less durable than the standards, and the interior seems particularly luxurious.”

Emiri: “This car… it certainly seems OK. Comfortable yes, but it’s not special to me.”

The Wisteria JDM was not considered. Lower drivability stats and generally inferior dynamics meant it was not considered.

Aria Torch 1.8 Sport

by @Boiled_Steak

Emiri: “This car is looking very happy! It’s kinda kawaii :)”

Haruki: “This one looks a solid car! It drives okay, but more importantly it’s quite comfortable, if not as exceptional as that one car. It’s enjoyable too, seems to be well made and has a good reputation for reliability and durability all round. It’s also a high rated vehicle on GasmeaNCAP tests, comes with a quality interior and entertainment, ESC and has 5 seats to boot. “

Emiri: “Sounds good.”

Haruki: “For a bizarre reason though, the rear tyres are narrower than the front. Possibly this car might be slightly more oversteery…”

Emiri: “It’s kawaii, but it does show its age, seeing as these started in 2009… it does look rather 2009 to me. And looking at the Auto Technique economy tests, fuel efficiency isn’t the greatest I have seen on the motorway… but the tyre sizes being different puzzles me as it not only seems to make it harder to drive, it also means tyre servicing is much more complicated.”

The Aria Torch 1.8 Sport was not considered. Solid performance, but the design, while cute is looking a bit outdated, but mainly the staggered tyre sizes are a bizarre choice.

Tengu Ara 2.0 T

by @goblin95

Emiri: “Oh, it’s another itasha!”

Haruki: “They are very comfortable and reliable, it is outstanding.”

Emiri: “Wait… is that the livery of “Oreimo”? I do not want that anime, it is very despicable!”

Haruki: “They do offer a normal version, you can check that instead. It is an outstanding performer. Very nice to drive, economical and with outstanding paintwork quality, but a poor engine response means it might not be entirely optimal. Safety aids are basic, it lacks electronic stability control and traction control. It only has anti-lock brakes, and bizarrely the engine is mounted longitudinally, a very strange choice for a front-wheel drive car in this class. While it works, it is a very bizarre concept to have the engine longitudinal as this is usually only found in much larger vehicles from Germany, and it is losing favour even in those German vehicles.”

Emiri: “Hmmmm… I will think about it. It looks quite pleasant, if a bit bland, and while it seems to perform very well, it lacks some features.”

The Tengu Ara 2.0 T was considered. Exceptional comfort and some very good stats, but some engineering choices seem bizarre and possibly unrealistic.

BT Motors Ibex 「 」Sp

by @EddyBT

Emiri: “This car seems to be promotional for an upcoming anime!”

Haruki: “This car also looks very good. It has a unique styling that looks aggressive and sporty.”

Emiri: “Not only that, it’s really cute and sporty! I wonder though, is it really as sporty as it looks?”

Haruki: “Actually, it is a sporty drive too! These reviews all speak very highly of the way the Ibex is to drive. It is a safe, predictable drive, that somehow combines enjoyable dynamics! It’s also comfortable, while it doesn’t seem as comfortable as the Ara, it’s still a nice car to spend time in.”

Emiri: “Reading through reports of the quality and reliability, seems fleet and private owners rate these highly for reliability, the bodywork, the drivetrain and the electricals. Also, unlike the Ara, this one has traction control, another advantage. I’ll take a look at this one, it looks great, drives great, is comfortable, and it looks kawaii! I might do away with the decals though…”

Very good stats, a cute, modern design and no noticeable unrealistic engineering has meant the BT Ibex 「」has been considered.

Satoshi Keanu Light Sport

by @racer126

Emiri: “This car looks very happy too!”

Haruki: “This car drives decently. It’s efficient, making it cheap to run for you.”

Emiri: “They also say it’s comfortable, always a good thing when I want to go on trips on the motorway… where it seems less economical but still economical anyway.”

Haruki: “The reports from owners say they are quite a solid vehicle, but the bodywork seems to not be as resistant…”

Emiri: “Also only 4 seats, and just ABS. It is a nice car, looks pretty good, but it does not seem as long lasting as other vehicles, which might be a deal breaker.”

Haruki: “The brakes also seem to fade slightly after some heavy usage, so that might be considered.”

Emiri: “I do like this one, but it seems so there are better cars.”

Haruki: “Possibly.”

The Satoshi Keanu was not considered. Solid stats good comfort, but drivability was average and environmental resistance was lower, considering the lack of ESC or even just TC and as it only had 4 seats.

Kuma TD DIVA Hatsune Miku Edition

by @Xepy

Emiri: “Another itasha? Wow, these companies seem to want to do anything to get a buyer! This car looks great, if a little bugeyed.”

Haruki: “This car seems to have been co-developed with the Italian company Opificio. Driving these seems very easy and comfortable, and it packs the latest in technology such as ESC. The comfort is average, but reliability is exceptional, with these having collected a reputation for being very durable, making them popular among rental fleets too, as the great fuel efficiency combined with excellent reliability and very durable bodywork makes them perfect for fleet, and as you want something durable, this car would fit it perfectly.”

Emiri: “This car looks excellent, anything else to know?”

Haruki: “The engine torque curve looks rather erratic, but otherwise it’s a responsive, efficient and reliable engine. This car seems very good, and it has 5 seats and stability control to boot.”

Emiri: “The bug eye design is peculiar, but it’s also kawaii at the same time, so why not? I do like this car, and seeing as it drives so well…”

The Kuma TD Hatsune Miku was considered. High stats where it’s needed and a stylish, if somewhat generic aesthetic complete the package.

MJD Torch

by @Rezn.TM

Emiri: “Oh look, yet another car called Torch. This car does look quite strange from the front, almost cross-eyed.”

Haruki: “It drives fine, nothing special. It’s not the most comfortable either. However it is reliable, and does have 5 seats.”

Emiri: “I’m sure we can do better, like the other Torch.”

The MJD Torch was not considered. Lower drivability and comfort than the competition.

YWL Lynx

by @Navara

Emiri: “This car looks almost like an angry tsundere. Also like a tsundere is the fact it’s also reported as being a rather comfortable car that is easy to drive, fuel efficient and sports 5 seats.”

Haruki: “The looks are rather Marmite on this one, but there’s no denying it performs quite well, although it’s not hugely special. Speaking of your references to “tsundere”, this car is also quite reliable. The engine reliability is decent but it’s responsive and packs high technology. However I have been hearing reports of high-pressure fuel pump issues…”

Emiri: “I can’t be sure about this one, it performs decently but the fuel pump issues are offputting, and the style is quite an acquired taste. I think I’ll skip this one.”

*The YWL Lynx was not considered. A bizarre Marmite design, and the reduced DI quality coupled with the high standards of competition meant this wasn’t enough, but it was a solid effort."

Letto TAC

by @LordLetto

Emiri: “This just looks like a failed 3D print of a BMW that’s been left out in the sun for a few years.”

The Letto TAC was not considered, the style simply does not look good, nor is it coherent at all.

Emiri: "I guess that’s all the cars!

Haruki: “There was that ad for the Kimura, but that car is still being worked on. Looked great though from all I could see.”

Emiri: Let’s have a read through which cars to test drive…"
Vento Aureo by @HPMinecraft
Kurokama SC-C by @ST1Letho
Nohda Star Convoy by @Dorifto_Dorito
Huangdou Prsona (It’s another cute little car!) by @yangx2
Kadett Beat by @CorsicaUnknown
Radster 1.6 by @Mr.Computah
Tengu Ara by @goblin95
BT Ibex 「」by @EddyBT
Kuma TD DIVA by @Xepy

[cool vibrations]

Haruki: "I’ll get the details for their nearest dealers. Tomorrow we will test drive them all! Also I want to tell you something… Emily.

Emiri: “What do you want to tell me?”

Haruki: “The way you try to be like us… it is getting actually annoying.”

Emiri: “Really?”

Haruki: “Yeah.”

Emily: “Now I think of it I have been annoying. I should actually be normal!”

Haruki: “Be yourself, just don’t be annoying.”

Emily: “That’s a nice way to think of it! From now on I will be less vocal on my love of Japan.”

Haruki: “Shall we get something to eat?”

Emily: “Yes! Let’s go down to the local pizza place, they make some lovely pizzas there.”

Haruki: “Sounds like a plan!”

After they had their pizza, they went back to Emily’s flat, and slept (in separate rooms), both anticipating what the cars were like!


Hmm, any design tips for my car? I went with Initial D Paint (Kinda, White with CF Hood, but no Black around the bottom), happy design up front & angry/pissed design in the rear, I’m guessing the different front & rear design was a no go?


The first tip of design is to always look at real cars. Second tip is to try and fill up space; your front end is very empty really. Also, try make your own headlights/grill, and add some detailing, such as the grille mesh


Will I ever make it past the first round? :((



My Aria and your Aria were binned; at least we tried lmao


Some cars are missing, like my model


Round 1 Part 3.14159265 of CSR101!

It was brought to my attention I might have forgotten to add the review of a car..

Atomic Sakai Xenis

by @vmo

Emiri: “EXPLOSION! Sorry, had to say it when I saw the mushroom cloud. It looks aggressive, if a little normal. It doesn’t look bad, although I do think it could do with a little more…”

Haruki: “It certainly looks aggressive, like many recent cars. The dynamics of this car are decent, it’s reasonably easy to drive, if a little bit normal. Inside it’s very spacious, with 5 seats. Generally, these last as long as most of the other cars we have seen, although reports of injection issues are seen with the DI system, including carbon build up and HPFP issues. I would be wary of the injection system on the “:b:oyota” engine, otherwise this car is good enough reliability wise.”

Emiri: “This car… it’s not exactly me, but it is a very spacious car. But the injection issues… I’ll probably move on.”

The Atomic Sakai Fujitsubo Xenis was not considered. Design was ok, fuel economy mediocre and low quality DI raises suspicious. But it was very spacious, had 5 seats and ESC, and was comfortable.

Sorry for missing out a car, this CSR is a disaster…






Round 2 of CSR101!

please kill me this csr is a disaster

The weather has calmed down today, as the rising sun dries the wet grounds of the carpark of their flats.

Emily: “Now we’re done with eating, maybe we should go try these cars?”

Haruki: “Yeah, I’ll get ready.”

The two get dressed, and then get in Emily’s horrid Automan Aveanto.

Haruki: “Where should we go first?”

Emily: “I say, let’s go to the “Tengu” dealer first.”

Haruki: “Okay.”

The two drive off, the failing Automan 1.4 Dualport making a horrid noise.

Tengu Ara 2.0T

by @goblin95

The Tengu dealership is a plain white building, with clean, minimalist design. Inside is an expansive showroom of rather standard looking vehicles.
Salesman: “Welcome to the Tengu dealership, how may we help you?”

Emily: “I would like to see the Ara 2.0t, and also take it for a test drive.”

Salesman: “Right this way. I’ll be back with the keys soon.”

Emily walks over to the Ara, a clean looking example outfitted with a livery reading “KOUSAKA KIRINO” on the side.

Emily: “Oh god, it’s that version… otherwise it looks OK. Not exactly an exciting looking design, it does look pretty average. Not that it’s a bad thing… I do feel like something more special, seeing as it doesn’t look too much newer than my Aveanto…”

Salesman: “Here’s the keys. Let’s take this car out.”

Emily: “Ok, been waiting to see how this car drives!”

They get into the car and start the engine.

Emily: “I must say, these are some nice seats. I can barely hear the engine, it’s so quiet.”

The two drive off, sampling the dynamics of the car.

Emily: “First thing I notice is, it is very quiet and smooth. I can drive all day in this! Driving it… it drives nicely. Certainly nicer than the Aveanto, but I feel there are nicer cars to drive yet… It’s nice and big inside, but the engine… it’s quiet but also so sleepy! I press on the accelerator, it takes its time before actually accelerating! It does roll a bit, but not to the point it’s annoying… it’s quick, but the sleepy engine I don’t like… it takes some time for the turbo…

They arrive back at the dealer.

Salesman: “So would you like to buy it? We offer competitive PCP lease packages.”

Emily: “I’m debating… it’s so comfortable! But it does lack pizazz… it’s a bit standard to look at. I’ll go. Thank you!”

As Emily gets back in her car, they drive off to the next dealership.

The Tengu Ara’s design is stylish if average. Highest comfort, high reliability and environmental resistance, but average to drive and only has ABS. The longitudinal FWD though is somewhat unrealistic, and a 1.8 turbo could possibly be considered unrealistic in a supermini class car. Great effort on the (intended) horrid itasha though!

Kadett Beat

by @CorsicaUnknown

The Kadett dealership was a premium, clean style, advertising long warranties. Inside was similar, a clean tile floor and clean white walls, lit in a cool white light add to a simple, clean aura.

Salesman: “Hi! Welcome to Kadett! What can we do for you?”

Emily: “I’m thinking of the new Beat.”

Salesman: “The Beat’s right here.”

Emily heads over to the Beat, parked near the edge of the showroom.

Emily: “Seeing this car in person, it’s even cuter than I thought! Somehow the designers managed to combine an aggressive sports style with cuteness! I do really want to take a test drive, this car looks great!”

Salesman: “One moment while I get the keys… a moment later Here you go.”

Emily: “This is going to be good!”

They get into the car and start the engine.

Emily: “First impressions… this car’s got a nicer screen than the last one, and the music certainly sounds nicer. Engine isn’t as quiet but the sound system outweighs that somewhat.”

The two drive off, sampling the dynamics of the car.

Emily: “Compared to the last car, this one certainly has more get-up-and-go. I do prefer the engine of this one, it is a little louder. It’s not as comfortable by far, but it’s nicer to drive by quite a bit. It’s also more fun, this one would be nicer to thrash about! But more importantly, it’s so much easier to drive, and it has ESC. I feel it’s worth the loss of comfort and fuel efficiency, it’s still economical enough considering the performance!”

They arrive back at the dealer.

Salesman: “How was the Beat?”

Emily: “It was great! I’ll think about this one, but for now I’ve still got to try a few more cars. Thank you very much!.”

She gets back in the car. Next destination: the Radster dealership.

The Kadett Beat had the highest drivability score of the finalists. It was also most fun. Comfort was only average though, but the engine was generally nicer to use and all round was a better handling car. Lower environmental resistance may be a potential issue though, and the fuel economy was lowest but still acceptable. Again, the use of a 2.0 litre low-pressure turbo could potentially be unrealistic.

Radster 1.6 Neo Tokyo

by @Mr.Computah

The Radster building resembled vaguely the Tyrell building from Blade Runner, with geometric 80s design, the embodiment of rad.Inside it was warmly lit with a pinkish-purple colour, with geometric design featured everywhere, leaving a massively retro 80s aesthetic.
Salesman: in a vaguely robotic voice “Hello, welcome to Radster.”

Emily: “Hello, may I see the 1.6 Neo Tokyo?”

Salesman: “Follow me, the Radster 1.6 is located here.”

Emily obeys the salesman and follows them to the Radster 1.6 Neo Tokyo.

Salesman: “Would you like a test drive?"

Emily: “Yes, I would like a test drive.”

Salesman: “Ok, getting keys."

Emily: “A closer look at this car… it’s still really cute and distinctive! I especially like the looks of the front, they managed to achieve a great look of aggression and cuteness. I also really do like how the door handle is on the C-pillar, really makes it an interesting car. The looks on this one are really good to me, I love its looks!”

Salesman: “Your keys are here, customer. You may now test drive the car.”

Emily: “Finally I can see if this car really is good enough.”

They get into the car and start the engine.

Emily: “Hmmm… The interior is no worse than the Ara, although it is smaller. The Kadett still has a nicer entertainment system though…”

They take the car for a test drive, to sample the dynamics and comfort.

Emily: “This car… It’s not the most comfortable. Certainly not as comfy as the other two… merely bearable. If anything I found the Aveanto more comfortable and easier to drive, when I first bought it that is, as it fell apart it lost all that. But this is more fun… and I do know it will last much longer than the Aveanto. It’s an OK car, love the looks, but it’s not the best. The engine is nice and responsive, not particularly fast but who needs much speed here? It’s efficient and does have traction control, but not full ESC. It’s a great looking car though!”

They arrive back at the dealer.

Salesman: “Do you have feedback on the Radster?”

Emily: “It was OK. Love the way it looks, but not the most comfortable or the easiest to drive, so I thought to move on. I still love it though, and knowing it’s so dependable and reliable still makes it a good car to me."

Emily gets back in the Aveanto, now sounding even worse than before. She looked at the dealerships, and thought of visiting the Nohda dealer.

The Radster 1.6 looked great, a beautiful car, but lower drivability and comfort stats meant it wasn’t so great statistically. Though, in its favour the engineering choices are very realistic, and the great dependability meant it is still a decent vehicle.

Nohda Star Convoy

by @Dorifto_Dorito

The Nohda dealer, located next to a Montreuil building operated by the same company was a light grey building with a small showroom containing a series of small Japanese cars. Inside it was clean and efficient, with a slight smell of main dealer coffee.

Emily: “Hi! I’m here to test drive the Star Convoy!”

Salesman: “Sure, may I see your licence?”

Emily confirms she indeed has a full driving licence.

Salesman: “Ok, I’ll go sign us up.”

Emily: “Hmmm… this is an interesting car. It looks OK from the front, but it’s so tiny! That Gundam though… I’m sure I can see an ahegao face on the mirror… it’s probably me. Otherwise it’s certainly something new to me, and I’m interested.”

Salesman: “What do you think?”

Emily: “It’s certainly something different, it’s so small!”

Salesman: “Here are the keys, do as you please.”

Emily: “This will be a new experience for me!”

They get into the car and start the engine.

Emily: “Four seats… it’s good enough. Nice entertainment system though, and the interior’s surprisingly upmarket seeming for what it is. I can hear the engine a little. It’s small in here.”

The car leaves the dealership, as they test out what the car feels like.

Emily: “This thing’s actually surprisingly easy to drive. It’s a bit top-heavy, but it has stability control. Disappointingly it’s not the most efficient, considering its size. But it is quick for a tiny city car. It’s not the most comfortable. Driving it isn’t exactly the most confidence inspiring, but not to the point it’s hard. Certainly interesting, it is strange to try this out here! The engine does feel rather strange, as there is a noticeable hit in power over 2500rpm… doubt this one is for me."
They arrive back at the dealer.

Salesman: “How was it like to drive one of the few kei-sized cars?”

Emily: “It was acceptable. It was a very interesting and unique machine, seeing as you could make a competitive vehicle with much smaller body. But I think I’ll pass on this one.”

Emily: “I might check out Kuma next.”

The Star Convoy was an interesting vehicle, being able to compete with larger, more appropriate bodies in terms of stats, while using a kei car. The design was unique, interesting, and the Gundam was a great bonus. In the end though, the stats still weren’t great. Engineering was reasonably realistic though.

Kuma TD Miku

by @Xepy

This particular Kuma dealer featured many bright colours, mainly red and pink. Inside, the showroom was clearly marked, and featured a modern Japanese aesthetic.

Salesman: “Hello, welcome to your Kuma dealership!”

Emily: “I am interested in the Hatsune Miku edition of the TD.”

Salesman: “There it is, the DIVA edition”, *pointing to the centre of the showroom."

Emily: “I do find the bugeye design to look strange in person. Looking closer, it does seem a bit blander than the other vehicles I see, but it is kinda cute… it does certainly look fine, but it’s not as interesting.”

Salesman: “These are certainly really reliable, we never get these in for anything other than routine servicing.”

Emily: “Great, my old car has been a right pain to run!”

Salesman: “If you want to test drive, you can have the keys.”

Emily confirms her ID.

Emily: “Now to see closer on how this feels to drive…”

They get into the car and start the engine.

Emily: “The engine… it’s quiet. Very quiet. It’s got a good entertainment system, an extra seat and feels great quality.”

The car leaves the dealership, as they test out what the car feels like.

Emily: “This car is driving nicely. It’s comfortable, but not exceptional. Pretty easy to drive if you ask me. Nice and efficient, long lasting car. This one seems logical, if not particularly interesting. The engine’s quite a responsive unit, if somewhat erratic, but it certainly gives us a fuel efficient car. It’s good, but not quite exceptional.”

Emily decided to go for a spirited drive down a B-road, the brakes began to fade.

Emily: “The brakes are an issue here, they seem to not work as well now I have driven them hard, as they have faded.”

They arrive back at the dealer.

Salesman: “Are you thinking of buying?”

Emily: “The reliability of these is excellent, it feels like a high quality product and I know it’s a high quality product. The looks don’t do it for me as much as before though, and it didn’t feel exceptional, and the brakes aren’t great. Now to look at the next car… the BT Motors Ibex.”

Excellent reliability and environmental resistance, decent drivability but not exceptional. Higher brake fade. Stability control and 5 seats is always a good thing though! A solid car, but the aesthetics are getting on a bit.

BT Motors Ibex 「」

by @EddyBT

The BT Motors dealership had large signs promoting the release of “No Game No Life” anime. Inside, there were models promoting their latest Ibex, with the 「」edition taking the centre stage.

Emily walks over to the 「」edition.

Salesman: “Hi, do you need any help?”

Emily: “Hmmm… I would like to test drive this car.”

Salesman: “I’ll need to see your licence first.”

Emily again, confirms she can legally drive.

Salesman: “Great! Bear with me for a moment, I need to get the keys…”

Emily: “Now I see this in person… it does look very sporty. If anything it reminds me of the Kadett Beat, but less cute and more sporty. I like it, if a bit too… chav. I like this, but I do prefer the looks of the Kadett Beat, which I find cuter and more modern.”

Salesman: “These are very tough cars, the paint always looks brand new even after being battered under rental companies.”

Emily: “Thank goodness it’s not like the Aveanto!”

Salesman: “Also, here’s the keys to drive.”

Emily: “This car should be as good to drive as they say!”

They get into the car and start the engine.

Emily: “The first things I can feel is the engine is a bit noisier than the Kadett, but not by much. Inside it’s nice, I do like the dashboard, but it’s only got a more basic entertainment. Good enough by my standards though.”

They drive away, to really see if this is the car.

Emily: “Firstly… I like this car already! The engine has some response, it’s not a sleepy unit! It’s very nice to drive, easy and safe, but also somehow I feel connected, I feel like I’m part of the car! It’s so much fun, but also it’s very comfortable, I mean more comfortable than the Kadett. This car has it all! If there is one thing I will nitpick, it is the missing ESC, but I don’t mind, it’s easy, fun and comfortable, and it starts and drives all the time. But to speak of the engine… it does seem strange to drive, and the efficiency is inconsistent…”

They arrive back at the dealer.

Salesman: “How was the BT experience? Just to say, police tend to pull these over much quicker, probably the sporty boyracerish looks…”

Emily: “A great experience! I liked how easy it was to drive, how comfortable it was inside, even that it was fun to drive! Most importantly, it won’t fall apart unlike any Automan…”

Salesman: “Great to know you’re satisfied! Are you thinking of buying this?”

Emily: “Maybe, but there’s still more cars to test, like the Kurokama SC-C.”

Salesman: “Thank you, come again!”

The solid dynamics and comfort of the BT Motors Ibex mean it’s a very good car. However, the looks are now somewhat bland in the face of some of the competition… also it might catch the attention of the police very easily!

Kurokama SC-C

by @ST1Letho

The Kurokama dealership is a large, glass walled building with dark grey accents with the “KUROKAMA” wordmark and logo. Various cars are parked outside, with signs advertising “NEW 2013 SC-C”. Generally, it was of a premium design.

Emily enters the building and takes a look at the SC-C. A salesman is nearby, ready to help.

Salesman: “Hello, welcome to Kurokama, how can we help?”

Emily: “I am thinking… to test drive the SC-C.”

Salesman: “Can you please confirm you can legally drive?”

Emily shows the salesman her driving licence.

Salesman: “I will be here with the keys soon.”

Emily: “Wow, this car is so clean and sharp! It looks so expensive, yet it’s in my price range. This car is certainly a left-field option, a base model executive coupe, compared to all the small hatches… I like the premium look, not so much cute, but it looks high-end. It’s simply a great looking car. It’s nowhere as practical… but it is a coupe after all.”

Salesman: “We sell lots of these to fleets too, they’re valued for their consistent efficiency. In fact, the engine is noted for a very wide efficiency, a great feature rarely seen in cars here… It’s also reliable, although we do sometimes have some problems, but those are very rare.”

Emily: “That’s always good, a car that’s cheap to run!”

Salesman: “You can have the keys, experience the Kurokama.”

They get into the car and start the engine.

Emily: “I can certainly hear the engine this time. The finish is great, everything feels weighty. The systems do certainly show the fact this one is a more basic specification though, and it only has 4 seats, but again it is a coupe, the back seats are usually rudimentary…”

They leave the dealership in the Kurokama, for a test drive.

Emily: “Somehow I feel more powerful in this car. The engine’s nice and responsive, the economy is also really consistent with the engine use. It’s quite a nice drive, it all feels composed and comfortable too, in fact this one is impressively nice. Comfortable to drive in, easy dynamics that feel safe and secure, but also enjoyable too, I could drive this for a long time! Driving hard though, the engine pulls hard, but disappointingly cuts out at the top…”

They arrive back at the dealer.

Salesman: “How was the SC-C?”

Emily: “This car… looks amazing, feels great to drive. I like it. It is a very secure seeming car. I might have found a more comfortable, nicer car to drive though… supposedly.”

Salesman: “So, are you thinking of getting yourself this Kurokama? You can also select many finance deals.”

Emily: “I might see, this car looks great. But there’s 2 more cars to test, this next one is Chinese…”

Salesman: “Thank you, we hope you liked our cars and service!”

Coupe design of the Kurokama SC-C is great, a very premium style that echoes cars of a higher price range. Good drivability, good comfort. But also lower reliability…

Huangdou PRSONA

by @yangx2

The Huangdou dealership is a light grey building with glass walls round the showroom. Red accents also contain the wordmark and logo, with many deals on Huangdou Starlights and Galaxy Treks available. Inside is the same old dealership style, clean white style.

Emily enters, approaching the Huangdou.

Emily: “It’s the “cute little car!” Looking at it, it does look strange with that bubbly rear end… it’s bizarre, cute and does have character. It looks tough and ready to go.”

Salesman: “Not only does it look tough, it is also really tough. These routinely have very high reliability ratings on “Vehicle Express OWNER TORQUE” surveys, and are very efficient. Do you want to try it out?”

Emily shows the salesman her driving licence.

Salesman: “One moment…”

Emily: “Hmmmm… that little step on the rear would be great for the daily errands. Those two compartments certainly are interesting. It looks modern, stylish and fashionable. The front looks slightly generic but looks great, and those fog lights make it look rally ready! But the rear still is polarising… cute but bizarre.”

Salesman: “Contrary to popular belief, this car actually has quality that rivals the best. It’s about safe enough…”

Emily: “I do want to drive this thing! ”

Salesman: “Take these keys, notice how much better Chinese cars are than before!”

They get into the car and start the engine.

Emily: “Another really quiet engine! Everything feels to a very high standard, I really do like this.”

They leave the dealership in the CuteLittleCar, for a test drive.

Emily: “Hmmmm… another sleepy engine. Takes a while for it, but the turbo’s responsive. It’s just a bit slow revving… It’s quite nice to drive, comfort is good, but could be better. Suspension does feel somewhat strange though… it isn’t exactly sporty but this isn’t a sports car, and I don’t need a sports car anyway”

They arrive back at the dealer.

Salesman: “Would you buy one of these?”

Emily: “It’s certainly an interesting car. Looks good, if strange in areas. It’s a very quirky looking car, I like it. But it isn’t the most responsive… I’ll wait until the last car.”

Salesman: “It’s pretty good isn’t it? Don’t lose your way!”

Emily: “Yeah, but there is still one more car to go through…”

The Huangdou had superb reliability, solid comfort and was good to drive, Engine response was a little lower, but the rest of the car was very solid.

Vento Aureo

by @HPMinecraft

The HPM dealership at first resembles a standard premium German car dealer, with a Teutonic minimalism on the exterior, which again has copious amounts of glass. Inside though is a whole different story, the cars are advertised with anime characters, in fact the area is altogether filled with anime and anime references. Even the TV in the lounge is playing anime.

Emily walks in, looking for the Vento Aureo,

Emily: “Oh. My. Anime. Everywhere! Woah, Anime! Motor Offers! Shindeiru??? NANI!? That’s the legendary VENTO AUREO!”

Salesman: “Indeed, you have come across the Vento Aureo. Thinking of a test drive?”

Emily shows the salesman her driving licence.

Salesman: “Now we’re talking! The keys to this machine will be available to you soon.”

Emily: “Design? This car has it. It looks like nothing else! Innovation… this car does it. I really like the sunroof design, and the rear looks great too! It’s also a sporty 3-door… I can live with 4 seats in this being only a small coupe-ish hatch with 3 doors.”

Salesman: “For some reason German cars haven’t got a great reputation in the USA… this car isn’t sold in USA at the moment due to issues with export and import. But they are very reliable, in fact these are always near the top of “Vehicle Express OWNER TORQUE” surveys, for essentially everything you can do with a car.”

Emily: noticeable ahegao face

Salesman: “Here’s the keys by the way, you can do what you want with this car.”

They get into the car and start the engine.

Emily: “I can definitely hear the engine this time… but it sounds very strong and durable. I can already see the superb quality and reliability… this might be the one.”

They take the Vento out for a spin around the area.

Emily: “This engine is noisy but wow is it responsive! It’s amazing! It’s also so comfortable, it just does it all. I think I’m set with my next car, this one just does everything so well! It’s even economical! Handles very nicely, goes over bumps well, and even looks the part!”

Salesman: “Oh, and this car does this all on cheaper tyres than the competition.”

Emily: “Simply an amazing vehicle, this looks like the one!”

They arrive back at the dealer.

Salesman: “If you want to buy, we have great offers!”

Emily: “You know what? I’m buying this car! It’s simply the best car I have ever driven!”

Salesman: “Here’s the paperwork.”

The two work out a deal, and the Aveanto is traded in for the Vento Aureo.

Salesman: “Thank you for choosing HPM for your next car! We will guarantee you years of very reliable service…”

Emily: “Thank you, and the company for making such a car!”

Salesman: “We’ll see you later!”

Balanced, high stats, it’s got everything she needed. Interesting, unique and innovative design, and the effort that has gone to making this is clearly visible, as so this car was Emily’s choice.


1st place: @HPMinecraft
2nd place: @CorsicaUnknown
3rd place: @yangx2
4rd place: @EddyBT
5th place: @ST1Letho
6th place: @Xepy
Joint 7th: @Mr.Computah and @goblin95
8th: @Dorifto_Dorito


@MGR_99 for excellent design and itasha.


Whew, what a ride! Gg to all and what a way for @HPMinecraft to go out!

Thanks of course to Kei as well for the host, a weeb round was long overdue ^.^


Thanks for a good round! Was fun making the PRSONA and unleashing a wave of inner degeneracy into it. If first and second are unable to host, I will gladly take the responsibility of the next CSR :slight_smile:


Thanks to @Keikyun for a great round, and congratulations to the winner! Great first round from the host too :smiley:


Many thanks for this great and… interesting challenge! Since the winner won’t be able to host, I’ll do the dumb thing and gladly accept the hosting job.

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@HPMinecraft nice job!


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I knew it! The Aureo had everything Emily was looking for, and more besides - no wonder it was the first car considered, and ultimately won handily and deservedly!

This was quite an enthralling round, and it had one of the better premises we’ve seen so far, but after two straight rounds effectively themed around economy cars (albeit with a twist in both), I’m expecting the next round to be about something else, although it’s not guaranteed yet.


And round 102 is up help