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CSR 103 - Oh the Places You'll Go


I knew it was Navara’s Shau once I saw it’s specs in the spreadsheet! Absolutely brilliant, really curious what setups you used. The write up was equally awesome, great job Yang. This one’s been fun with all its ups and downs :joy:

Anyway, if Xepy declines it’s also gonna have to pass to Carlover. I’m sure he’d do some good if he takes it up!


Thanks a lot for the honorable mention!
Amazing writing and it’s incredible to see how CSR has evolved into something so well made, both from the host and people’s entries.
Seems like I’ll have to seriously step up my design game, especially after being shown the detail that went into Navara’s entry, absolutely a well deserved win. Congratulations!


Amazing CSR. Great prompt, good fun, and amazing writeup. Can’t wait for the next one you don’t sprint away from, Yang, though I know why!


What a way to conclude CSR 103! There was not much doubt in my mind that the Yaman would win - its decent power, above-average safety and serene comfort more than made up for whatever flaws it had. It was thus a very fitting winner of one of the most relevant CSRs (to our current SUV-crazed car-buying marketplace) we’ve ever had. And the writeup… Quite frankly, it could not have been better, especially the epilogue.

But no matter who hosts the next round, what it will be about, or when and where it will be set in, CSR 103 will most definitely be a tough act to follow.


A great round, and very well written as well. Thank you for hosting, Yang!

Gonna have to decline hosting if it comes to me, my schedule is too inconsistent for it right now still.


Wow, this is so cool. I totally expected drivability to really bring me down.

Thank you Yang for the great write up, it was an awesome read. Really enjoyed it fully. Funnily first csr I entered was 84 hosted by Yang too.

And I am sorry, I have to pass the host.


Congratulations to Navara, Eddy and Xepy for the podium. Really balanced awesome cars you guys have built.
@thecarlover is up next if I’m not wrong lol, let’s hope he doesn’t pass too.


Considering how my van seemed like such a wild card against all the SUVs and trucks, I’m pleased with the KAGs 9th place finish. At least it didn’t come 2nd!

I knew the rear suspension and size would be it’s biggest drawbacks, but it’s a big orange ven men :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks yang for hosting another amazing round that can only be massively appreciated because the amount of work put into this was phenomenal.


Okay, so after finally being able to look at the spreadsheet…geezus!
First, thank you for the work you put in, unbelievable.
And second, after taking a close look at all the stats and reading your comment, how could I be bitter?
But at least I know now, at what I must look while engineering a CSR vehicle.

Great job man, honestly.


Cheese didn’t finish second… someone has borked the matrix…


Don’t worry, I’m able to host. I’ll try and get something up this afternoon.


Woooooooooo… Awaiting another opportunity to getting binned


You are not alone


Congrats to the winner and man, this CSR is awesome thanks to @yangx2’s awesome writing and hilarious jokes. I’ll admit that my SUV is just eh but hoping the next CSR is something that i can do better and stuff :stuck_out_tongue:.


As a sales rep. for Yakaza Motors inc. I have to excuse the Summit Pro’s poor performance.
You see, it’s the first year of the Pro trim of the Summit, and was ruined by the committee.
At first it was supposed to be a pretty serious offroader, but others wanted it to be just a lifted version of the regular Summit… with maybe softer suspension, they tried to do both at the same time with regular suspension All in all the car was ruined by the committee, as always.

Great work on the round @yangx2, kisses to you for the work :3


New round is up!