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CSR 103 - Oh the Places You'll Go


2018 HAM HX5

Nobody actually needs a crossover, but everyone seems to want one. And we have chosen to satisfy those customers’ desires with the new-for-'18 HX5, our entrant in the large premium SUV market. With full leather upholstery, self-leveling air suspension, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto all offered as standard, and ample thrust courtesy of a smooth, economical 3.0L turbo inline-6 mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission, all wrapped up in a long-lasting galvanized and treated unibody, the HX5 will allow you to venture off the beaten track while enjoying the creature comforts found in modern premium cars.


KAG Loadstar Westfalia Camper XTrek

Spacious, fully-furnished, new kitchen and bathroom and $35,000. Those words and price alone have attracted first-time buyers and investors like nothing else. Little did they know that they could also drive it as well.

The KAG Loadstar Westfalia Camper XTrek comes equipped with a punchy turbocharged inline-5 engine, camper roof, space for five adults and a rear seat bench that slides and swivels and folds into a bed while also allowing you to make the most of the kitchen and bathroom facilities on board, this is just a couple of the many reasons why you should l̶i̶v̶e̶ drive away with a new Loadstar Camper today.

Now fitted with full 360° camera system, adapative cruise control, automatic gearbox and lane keeping assist, it has never been easier to live with it either.

No extra photos and low effort ad cos I am a lazy slut, ok.


Go wherever you want to go. . Go in comfort and style …
Malusso HC Plus ,V6 engine, clean, smooth and 254HP . . .


Sup guys,

When you’re taking account of material costs, make sure you look to the left window when tuning your car


Not the one on the summary page.



Renoir’s first Canadian-built car.



“Born in Japan, but raised by good home mommas here in the good’ol US of A.”

The new 2018 Ishiiruka CXBS is a testament to family tradition with a strong hint of Japanese engineering and efficiency. The new OverCross suspension system can handle any road that challenges it. The SelectGear automatic transmission was named “Best Automatic Transmission of 2017” by B.S. Power, and now is featured in the CXBS. Want a little spice? Our C2000V turbo flat-four tuned by our MSX division has you covered, making 200 hp on tap. The 4llTrax AWD system is a contender with Kitsune’s best, so why not? The CXBS is also one of the safest crossover SUVs in it’s categories, reaching a score of 4.5 in the USTSA General Crash Safety test.
Starts at $24,000 MSRP.*
*terms and conditions may apply

problem is that it’s actually manufactured nowhere in the us


fuck yeah hun


more pussay wagon


I have never felt so threatened by a car ad.


I guess it does seem that way lol. I more meant it like a “yes you can do anything so go do it!”


Not everyone wants a truck or SUV to haul their friends and gear offroad, If you are one of them consider a Centauri Katahdin. It’s rugged all steel construction, ample ground clearance, superior cargo capability, good road manners, and AWD offroad confidence all combine with outstanding fuel economy from it’s 3.2L Turbo 4 cylinder.


Greetings from the Ibyss Automotive Company Headquarters, Chicago, Illinois! We have just release a brand new Model of our best selling SUV, the Yosemite. The 2018 Yosemite is a Off-Road machine that is also a suitable family car! As 2018 is bringing new technology, the future is bringing itself closer! Our SUV offers a fully active sunroof, we no longer have a annoying lock on the Yosemite, but a finger print scanner. It offers a premium interior with all the modern technology, including bluetooth, the newest sound system, and a finger print starter as well! If you don’t like the finger print activator, you get a key fob with the SUV that you can use to lock, unlock, start, stop, and even open the trunk and hood! It offers a 3rd row with plenty of room for luggage. It is naturally a 4x4, and the rating for off-road is outstanding! It is very comfortable and safe, and only costs 33,900 USD, or 45,593 CAD! So come on down to your local Ibyss dealership to check out the all new Yosemite!

comes in colors as follows: Phantom black, Dark quicksilver, Dark, shadow, normal, and light blue grey, Shadow grey, Ghost grey, Blizard white, Crimson, Pale Rose red, Rouge red, Spice red, Chocolate brown, Coffee brown, Jungle green, Emerald green, Creme orange, Ice blue, quicksilver, Electric blue, Beam blue, Navy blue, Ocean blue, Pale blue, Flame orange, Pepper orange, Velvet
Ibyss automotive is ONLY liable for any deaths or injuries that occur in their vehicles unless the death/injury was caused by something faulty on the vehicle.


Because a minivan is the answer, when a Miata is not.
(I blame Yakaza and people at my door, for giving up on making an actual ad)




Krieger Venturer with brand new turbocharged inline 6 engine producing 250hp. You may think it’s aint much, but it does honest work at providing 0-100km/h acceleration in 8,1s and fuel usage under 5,7l/100km in mixed cycle. Reasonable ride height, AWD system with limited slip differential, full off-road skidtray, huge cargo volume and low fuel quality requirements mean that Krieger Venturer will take you everywhere you want while over 400Nm of torque, premium interior and ESC will take care of your comfort.


The 2018 Masada Spirit JsX

The 2018 Masada Spirit JsX combines offroad and ruggedness, with its automatic locking differential, solid rear axle, 4x4 capabilities, with class with its prominent LED running lights, upscale interior, and a comfortable ride.

Powered by a 241 HP V6, you’ll have plenty of power to climb that hill or pass that person on the highway.

Starting at $29,500. as shown $34,700


Kimura presented the all-new Devorak at the 2018 North American International Auto Show. The all-new 5th-generation model is on the ubiquitous Kimura CM-T platform, meaning a transversely mounted engine and scalable architecture. The new Devorak had a greater emphasis on utility, durability, and overall quality compared the previous model, which was more family-oriented. The styling was more evolutionary than revolutionary, but it remained classy and subtle.

Here’s a screenshot from the Kimura website in 2018 showcasing the then-new Devorak.

Here’s a wallpaper version of the image used.

Additional In-game photos


wow… that is just amazing