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CSR 103 - Oh the Places You'll Go


wow… that is just amazing


Yeah, after seeing some of these designs and figures people are posting, I’m not too sure about submitting mine lol. I’ll just end up being dead last.
Still, I’ll hook up my Synthwave playlist and try to build something decent



Yaman Shau is the new generation of thinking for Yaman, tying together the last decades of technical experience and design. For sure one of the bigger vehicles Shau equipped with new 340 ps turbo 6-cylinder engine paired with 7-speed automatic transmission, to carry both of efficiency and driving excellence. Fully independent Activetronik™ suspension calibrates ride setting in real time for the best possible comfort, and the O&B™ sound system will turn comfort into pleasure.


The all new Deer And Hunt Hawg Safari.

Now as 4 Door and with GreenAir(tm) engine

The new 3.4L V6 Turbo engine generates not only everything a proper offroader needs, it also does that while saving you money!

The Safari Trim also come with an interlligent AWD System, giving you the best traction in every situation.
With the new “AllClimb” Suspension the Hawg is able to overcome every rock you encounter.
Sit yourself in the quality premium interior and connect your phone to the new “Buddy-1” Infosystem.
The Safari also comes with other features like:

A Rail for AUX Lights

Reinforced doors

“Safari” Logo

Also with every Hawg the Roof can be folded in multiple ways. Exspecially with the intergrated Rollcage and softtop:

All confiqs







The 2018 H55 alltrak+

After 6 successful years of it’s predecessor, the Mark II H55 arrived 2018 at the IAA in Frankfurt.
Now targeting the North American market, Quost© developed the new H55 based on the well known platform, but refined and redid almost every aspect of the car.

Starting with the engine, the QuMo R628TE-US develops now 237hp and 400Nm while being able to run on low quality 91RON and still manage to only consume 8L/100km or 29,4mpg.
Combined with the reworked AWD+ and the QSD© (quost-sport-differential), the all-terrain capabilities were improved to ensure maximum stability on-road, while still being able to climb almost any mountain off-road.

All this comes with a performance more than matchable with it’s competitors.
The alltrak+ accelerates in 7,6s to 100km/h - 7,3s to 60mph and reaches a top speed of 232km/h - 144mph.

Hop on to explore old terrain in a new way!



There is a new company in town: Mons Motors! We have only been on the scene for a week or so, but we are excited to bring our products to the market. Mons, the Latin word for mountain, encapsulates the vision of the company - we will conquer the mountain; and if we can’t conquer the mountain, then we’ll move the mountain. It’s as simple as that.

Today we present our first model to the public: the 2018 Mons Apollo in the Snowcat trim - the off-road capable version of the base Apollo.

Without further ado: The Mons Apollo Snowcat:

Mons Apollo Snowcat details and salespitch

Under the hood, the Apollo Snowcat hosts a powerful 4.8L V8 with 400 hp and 410 Nm torque. The engine is married to a smooth, seven-speed advanced automatic transmission. The torque is available across the RPM range, delivering smooth and predictable power even at low - rock crawl - speeds. Despite the mighty power of the engine, the car has a combined fuel economy of 14.6L/100 km (16.1 mpg). Running on 91 octane, you will be amazed how little you’ll pay at the pump! The engine is also a proven and reliable beast, requiring little maintenance - and no finicky turbos to worry about in the Canadian winters!

The design concept of the Apollo Snowcat can be summed up as bold without being offensive, rugged yet stylish, simple yet functional. You won’t find flashy chrome on the Apollo, and it only comes in “Swamp Green”: black base colour with a deep and rich green pearl. Matte black body panels and blackout hood decal accentuate the off-road nature of the Apollo, and prevent undue sun reflections during steep hill climbs. To make sure that everyone knows you’re driving the Snowcat trim, a distinguishing badge is included at the A pillars and of course on the back of the car.

The engineering philosophy of the car is simple: to be the most off-road capable SUV in its class, while maintaining civilized yet sporty manners on the pavement, and to deliver all creature comforts one would need. The paneling consists of durable and lightweight partial aluminium, while the chassis is made of corrosion resistant steel - this beast will last through many years of abuse from the elements.

The car maintains its manners on and off road through its advanced AWD drive system, viscous limited slip differential, electronic stability control with launch control, electric variable power steering, and raised and off-road tuned suspension that is aided by the active aero package to stabilize the car at speed. The Snowcat further boasts enhanced engine and brake cooling - necessary for those slow speed rock climbs and descends. Other off-road features include solid axles front and back, thick off-road tires, a full skid plate, tow hooks in stylish steel (because we all know that making them red is just gimmicky), and rock rails. A full moon roof is included standard to enjoy those nice summer days and nights.

In terms on interior and safety, the Snowcat has everything you need: premium leather seating front and back with heated and vented seats, heated steering wheel, dual-zone climate control, 8-way driver and passenger seat adjustment, 9" premium sat-nav system with satellite radio, adaptive cruise control, parking sensors, and automatic window wipers.

You want to venture far from the city you say? The Apollo Snowcat is ready to take you on your next big road trip! The interior is spacious and has plenty of cargo space for all of your stuff - 1350L to be exact. If for some reason you want to bring more, or bring large items, then the roof rack that comes standard will easily hold all of your other stuff. With a load capacity of 1305 kg, you can even bring your lead cannon balls! And if that is still not enough, or you want to haul your camper, boat, skidoo, motorcycle trailer… you get the picture… then the standard tow hook will be your friend! With a towing capacity of 2434 kg, you can tow just about your whole house with you (or tow a mountain… we did say that we will move a mountain, right?). And if you’re done your big road trip and just want to zip around town? Are the other drivers bringing you down? Well, then the Apollo has got you covered. With a 0-100 km/h acceleration of 5.95 s and 80-120 km/h of 4.16 s, you will be merging on the Deerfoot Trail ramps with confidence, or just be cruising down city streets while the smooth V8 purrs quietly under the hood.

So come in our showroom, sign the paperwork, and be the next proud owner of a Mons Apollo Snowcat. You won’t regret your decision as this car will bring you smiles and adventures for decades to come.


It took me a good while to make this. Not as much as it went into making the car though (obviously). I’m now gonna PM this to OP. I don’t have much hopes for this. The first ever challenge I’m participating in seriously. I might just end up being dead last but at least it’s a start. Hope y’all like my car :palm_tree::purple_heart:


Just a fun fact, I named this car after the Ordos Desert, the 7th largest desert in China. The terrain is somewhat similar to the Gobi Desert


Raiden Erebus

Experience the joy of life’s adventures in a bigger,
bolder crossover that has everything you need to get
out there. Muscular sculpted styling, solid capabilities
and next-level technologies will keep you in control and
give you all the space, comfort and flexibility you need
to enjoy your action-packed trips

The Raiden Erebus can adapt to changing conditions 30 times faster than the blink of an eye.
Whether it’s sand or gravel, rain-covered surfaces or a tight turn, the system will
automatically send power to the wheels that need it the most. Even in ideal conditions,
the Raiden Erebus`s AWD system pays big dividends: getting a grip has never felt better.

Best-in-class front headroom and thoughtful 2nd row vents help keep everyone comfortable.
An available 3rd row of seats with a 50/50 folding split is ideal solution when you need
to fit more family members and friends inside of your Raiden Erebus – or you can fold
it down completely, making the cargo floor flat and maximizing the storage space.

Look further


Not perfect, but it does look like a whole lot of effort was put into that ad. Nice.


Hey man! Thanks for the feedback.
I know it’s not perfect, and could’ve used better styling or some spec work in general.
But yeah you’re right, I did spend a couple of hours making that advert. Not to mention coming up with all those made up reviews lol.
If there’s anything you’d like to suggest, I’d really love to hear it :smiley:


Holy hell, that infographic looks great!


Discover the perfect family car.
Every family is different. To build the perfect family car, you have to understand every single family just like we do. The All-New Crossland was built to fit all varieties of the modern family – no matter how it looks like.

Discover seven seats.
No matter the size of your family, or whether you are into picnics, golfing or camping, the 7-passenger Albany Crossland offers full flexibility with multiple seat configurations available. There are multiple configurations possible to fit your needs. With the 2nd and 3rd row folded flat, there’s plenty of cargo space to load up on quality time with.

Discover Albany`s Smart Sence
Lane Keeping Assist (LKA) A front view camera detects lane markers and road edges helping prevent unintentional lane departures. When the vehicle strays from its lane (or road), the system sets off a visual and sound alarm and automatically steer the vehicle to prevent it from moving out of its lane (or road).
Smart Cruise Control with Stop & Go (SCC w / S&G)
This system will maintain the driver’s pre-set speed and distance from
the vehicle ahead without requiring the driver to use the accelerator or
brake pedals.
Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (FCA) – Sensor Fusion Type
Front view camera and front radar are in place to warn the driver of
imminent collisions with other vehicles, or even certain types of objects;
and if necessary apply emergency braking to prevent from collision.

Discover variety.
The Crossbackis the first SUV with HDS technology, allowing you to choose
the ideal driving mode for your road adventures. City or cross country driving, with
the HDS technology you will always have the power to go further on the road.

HDS All-Wheel Drive
HDS is an electronic all-wheel drive system that automatically detects vehicle’s speed and road conditions to
control braking between the left and right wheels and apply active torque control between the front and rear axles,
in order to ensure stability while driving and cornering on slippery roads.


Thanks! I designed it kinda like a landing web page for the car. Glad you liked it.


I wonder where you got this nice advertisement material from

free to use except if you


Lol I had a good chuckle while reading these parts too.
Hyundai won’t be too pleased with that!

Introducing the all-new...


Featuring the latest…


The Chernobyl Carpathian is your perfect partner for visiting the abandoned nuclear plant. Built proudly in Chernobyl, we guarantee it to come with 3.6 roentgens of radiation, standard! With a classic, rugged 4x4 system with manual locking diffs, you get the offroad capacity of an SUV, but using full full independent suspension allows for great comfort WHEN YOU’RE BACK ON THE ROCKS! IT MEANS YOU’VE BEEN TO THE TOP! Of the line in utility sports! The latest in engines is the 3.6 Roentgen V6, it’s not great, not terrible, using direct injection and twin turbo for turbo lag unparalleled, it certainly is another cute little car!

Taken with a ZENIT that was lying around in the RBMK reactor 4!

Comes with free lifetime (of car) supply of Chef Boyardee's Overstuffed RBMK Ravioli!

Chef Boyardee Tie-In

Chernobolskiy Avtomobilni Zavod, not great, not terrible!


You should tell the customers to keep that nuke reactor powered engine well fed with coolant fluid. Otherwise, we all know what happens :boom::boom::boom:



3.6/5 not great not terrible.