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CSR 103 - Oh the Places You'll Go



Just a reminder that entries will be closing in just over 24 hours!

I have received entries from:
@Q90X (please use your forum username next time.)

I am still awaiting a submission from:

Here goes nothing…


@yangx2 My name wasn’t listed. Did you receive mine?


Looks like I did. Oops! Will process it rn :’)


Koji Paraná

All of the off-road capabilities for the school run.


Design studio pics because stupidly slow shitty computer.




moar mk.2


Tell Brad and Michelle to swing by BT Motors HQ when they're in Vancouver

dear lord this took over 12 hours, send help
also Discourse what did you do to my logo, it’s so compressed wtf


Special message from Vector Motors
Due to some PU number offsets occurring with public and open beta release of the game, we are submitting a slightly different SUV with 4WD instead of AWD but losing the DCT for Sequential Transmission. Just posting this to clarify any future confusions.

Thank you


Murano Aspen


Say what? I’m in stable, don’t make me fret!


Have you already submitted your car? Or are you yet to submit?


I’ve been told that open beta and stable are currently the same. If you’re using a backrolled version of stable, that might cause some calculation problems. If I remember correctly though, your entry complies with the ruleset.



Phew, okay thanks.




Not my best ad, but I am more technical than a salesman… or designer.


Even in a world without roads…
So a UAZ Hunter, but has actual interior and exterior with a synchronized gearbox.
Lol jk it looks elegant. I’m sure it performs well too



You asked for it you madman


Beautiful. A true work of art. 5/7.