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CSR 103 - Oh the Places You'll Go


These reviews are so funny, and of course describe the car and its pros and cons. Good job.


Wow, 2 days of decal work only to end up in the bin. But that’s beside my main concern. My entry could have actually been very competent (it even has 4x4 with selectable lockers, for heck’s sake!) had it not been “slow”, according to the client. I should tell you that my entry’s powertrain choice is actually very realistic; for reference, the Isuzu Elf and Toyota Hiace, of which the van was based on, only HAS 105 PS at most, and mine is well above them for both power and torque. So of course it’s slow, otherwise it would’ve been too fast to be accurate. So yeah, good round. Fantastic even, I should say. Good luck to the rest who got considered.



For the American market, even a tiny SUV, 105 HP is a joke. For example, the Jeep Renegade, a quite cheap little American SUV, gets a 2.4 I4 with 180 HP and 175 lb-ft standard. If we want to get even smaller, a Fiat 500X which is somehow technically a crossover (basically a slightly lifted hatchback but it’s whatever) has a 1.3 Turbo I4 with 177 HP and 210 lb-ft of torque (which fun fact: is an optionable upgrade engine for the Renegade.)

My point here is that your car would be the least powerful car on the entire American market, excepting the Mitsubishi Mirage, so a decent-sized van with 4x4 and only 105 HP would never make it in America. That’s why we never got kei cars.

EDIT: engines specified are the base models

I could also go on to mention that European/Asian cars see the less powerful versions of models seen in the U.S., like how you can’t a lower spec engine in a BMW 3 series than 330i in America, but it’s a moot point


Got binned again.



For reference, my entry had 300 horsepower, which turned out to be enough, if not to see it through to the next round, at least to make it bearable in daily driving and while going off-road.

But in hindsight, I should have gone with this setup:

As I stated previously, with revised gearing, wider tires, and simpler suspension (progressive springs, monotube dampers and passive sway bars) the HAM HX5 could - and would - have been much more of a contender, even with a downgrade to a standard infotainment and interior as shown here. But the resulting loss of comfort, utility and off-road ability would have been a sacrifice worth making - I reckon that, in addition to being cheaper (not just to buy, but also to service), it would have been lighter, thriftier and more reliable. In that case, I would have considered fitting advanced safety, but it wouldn’t be necessary - it would still have been safe enough as it was.



Just in case y’all didn’t see this before now…

Freakin amazing, eh bud


It sounds like there was a bug, the car was strickly 11 000$ before the export :worried:


It’s all down to looking on the designer toolbar instead of the summary tab :slight_smile: honest mistake. It’s happened to many this round but I just got sick of having to deal with it

Yep. That’s all! Glad to hear you enjoyed the rather scathing reviews by the way :slight_smile:


Likewise, I had a 290 HP/270 lb-ft 2.5. Apart from the year (still hitting myself for that) it had a pretty good all-around package, AWD w/ auto lockers, standard springs x adaptive dampers x offroad sway bars, though I did need to use basic safety to stay under PU.

It’s probably likely to pass with about 250 HP in the same model and maybe even 200 if you have a smaller body


My car was not reviewed yet, but I know it is going to get binned. Because it does not have lockers of any kind. (I didn’t read the story so I didn’t know what are they going to do with it.)Btw mine makes 270hp and 280lb-ft.


I wouldn’t worry too much as long as you have some kind of diff, modern offroaders don’t necessarily need lockers for general off-roading.


I have driven automatic lockers on the road, they are nearly unbearable. Short version the spider gears are replaced with two plates, ramp on the inside, teeth/splines on the outside. Any acceleration, or deceleration while cornering and the diff will lock, and a tire will drag. The cross pin sits on the ramp, and unless speed is completely neutral it assumes you are spinning and need lockup. Not good for an all rounder, unless this game is suggesting that auto lockers are like the “Gov-Loc” G80, or the “Vari-Lok” from Jeep/Chrysler, but those aren’t strictly automatic lockers. The G80 does lock, but is mostly a posi, the Vari-Loc is a gerotor (viscous) with a too small bleed port.

I can gladly provide a more technical description, but based strictly on my automotive knowledge I avoid lockers on highway cars.

Not strictly correcting you, just nerding a bit :slight_smile:


Manual lockers have a lot of disadvantages in terms of Automation, including acceleration and more. To be fair, I didn’t know how automatic lockers work in the real world, but in Automation it’s still to your advantage to use them


Automatic lockers do exactly what they say - under a certain speed, they automatically lock the differentials. So for example under 20 mph, a truck’s rear diff would lock no matter the condition, without you being able to control it. I guess some might lock based on slip but I’ve not seen one that does that.


I think you got that slightly backward. The aforementioned G80 has a lockout device, and will not lock above a certain axle speed (generally about 20).

That aside, I was referencing a regular automatic locker (granted this is a drop in version), they don’t have speed sensing devices (answer starts at 4:30.


AWD is better for tarmac, but 4x4 confers superior off-road capabilities, especially when combined with a manual locker. An auto locker is even less drivable than a manual locker, which I used in conjunction with 4x4.

As for the engine, I could have gotten away with swapping the turbo I6 for an atmo V8 - the resulting loss of economy would have been an acceptable sacrifice for the extra reliability it could potentially have provided. After all, turbos are great for economy and emissions when tuned right, but are less reliable.


Aurgh! Second contest in a row I’ve exported the right version to beam for testing (ie the one I had ESC on) and saved the wrong version for submitting. The katahdin was ugly as sin but it’s a blast to drive around the cascades map in beam (again the right version with esc and the one I’d already corrected that suspension bouncing issue you commented on) , guess I went for too much of a on road off road hybrid rather than a full off road design. Oh well.


My goal was to make something similar to the Honda Passport, Volvo V90 Cross Country or Audi Allroad. I didn’t want to make something super offroad-focused, as it needed to be daily-drivable and it would fit my brand better. 4x4 wouldn’t be great to daily drive and eats away at MPG because of the extra weight, and the auto-locker helped acceleration and a few other stats, though realistically I see why it would be a nightmare.


AWD is very realistic. As long as you’ve got some clearance and lockers of some kind you should be just fine.