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CSR 105 - Does this *$#!ing thing need fuel again?


Make sure you use L / 100 km for the formula, and that you divide the 200000 km by the 100 km :stuck_out_tongue:


1979 Atera Atom DL

Cue the cheesy 70's porn music!


Explain the formula to me? What is “fuel consumption * 200000km * 0.8 automation money unit / L”? I can’t make sense of this in my head so I’d appreciate a less formulaic explanation.

Edit: Would it be reasonable to say that this is calculating liters consumed over 200,000km at a rate of $.80/L?

For example, 10L/100km would be 20,000L over 200,000km and would cost $16,000?


Will you be driving the cars and does handling and driveability matter?


Are the submissions open yet?




For my own sanity, no I won’t be driving the cars in Beam, as it’s not necesary for this topic.
Considering driveability, Gerald’s skills are average in driving when not drinking, if not mediocre due to his age. Something he may have become aware of himself after his incident.


If you have higher reliability, you divide the service cost futher.

$500 service costs *15 / (trim reliability (41) - 40 (1)) = $7500
$500 service costs *15 / (trim reliability (55) - 40 (15)) = $500


…and if you have exactly 40.0 reliability, you divide by zero and destroy the universe! :joy:


and if you have less than 39 reliability the car becomes cheaper!


But you may still get binned.


If I am building a “diesel” is this the same fuel price like gasoline ? :thinking:


The 1979 Abingdon Presto 1500GL

1.5l 4 cylinder 8v engine, single point efi and catalytic converter. making 62bhp
low overall weight of 804KG meaning easy to drive and less wear on brakes and engine
4 seats with seatbelts for everyone, power steering and disc front brakes as standard

all this for the low price of 11,900


1979 Wagner Uranus 1.6

Roomy, compact wagon with excellent mileage! (23mpg average)
This reliable and relatively fast german tank is your for only 12500$.

(Sunroof is standard equipment with no extra cost)


1979 Kuma SU15i



Geschenk Güey

Affordable, dependable, and economical.
  • 70 HP four cylinder powerplant
  • 5 cloth seats
  • 4 wheels
all this car for 12,500 francs

if you happen to know the meaning of the word i used for this, you get a cookie

in Hispanic countries the car has been renamed to the Geschenk Coche


1979 Honghu WM-1358EU

Decided to EU-spec this thing by throwing in a tiny ass engine into it. Why? Because I didn’t feel like taking the sensible route.

It has a hatch at the top so you can peek out like glorious chairman! :cn:


Koji Reanda 1.6i



Injeno - Elegante Ecotec

Whats the engine size?

Smol 999cc

Is it cheap?

Yeah, $10,700 on the road.

Is it economical?

Yeah, 28.3 MPG UK

How much power does it have?


Does it look quriky?



I got a twitch notification that you were streaming but I thought I’ll watch the broadcast later.
I fucking regret not watching this thing coming together live…