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CSR 105 - Does this *$#!ing thing need fuel again?


For 1979, we bring to you only the finest in American automotive engineering.

Sisten Trebla 1.6 Super

Changes gor 1979 include new underbody protection indended for fuel economy purposes and protection from gravel, rocks and mud; the all-new 1.6 liter engine has been pressed of aluminium, making sure it provides only the finest in fuel economy; specially for the '79 Super model, a two-tone paint job is available in many options.

CSR is only about the design, y'know


All new Uranus Legacy Hatchback, only $12,499
Very economical


I give you my entry.
The FWM Woodsman

Brand: Factory W Motor Works Model: Woodsman
Engine: 2.0l Inline 4 EFI Drivetrain: 4 Speed Manual RWD
Price as Shown $13,200


It’s so Communist that it hurts :joy:
I love it!


More pictures (With different set of wheels)


An RR Euro Ecobox?
Says “What could possibly go wrong” in Jeremy Clarkson voice.

I’m really interested to see how this handles though. Can you send me the .car file once the competition ends?


Birmingham 1500 HXi

Virton auto sales is proud to present this brand new 1500HXi with a great spec, including high quality radio and sports package. Expect at least 25mpg average from the EFI 1.6l inline 4




Affordable, Respectable, Drivable - Just another GMI 221

With the Huge Success of the G1 221, GMI are proud to launch the 2nd generation. With a new facelifted from end and an engine lineup ranging from a base 1.0 Carburetted F4 to the Sport 1.6 F6 with Turbo EFI.

Advertised Spec - $13,000

Above we advertise the 1.0 Turbo. This near entry level trim option may not be the cheapest in the lineup but definately is the best value. Offering a 1.0, Turbo EFI Flat 4, Dual overhead cams and an 8-track radio. This spec also offers Ventilated front brakes for that added stopping ability.


Okay, everything is easy except the part of: “0.8 automation money unit / L”
is that: “0.8 * money / length”? or is it litre for L?


It’s $.80/Litre




Quost Metis SC 79' Facelift

The 1976 Metis SC in it’s 79’ facelift features now an OHV Inline 4 engine with 1.5L displacement and MEFI.
In combination with the catalytic converter this car is sure to be clean.
Even though the engine is restricted by this, it develops a healthy 60hp @ 5.800rpm and 105Nm @ 2.600rpm.
The power is transferred to the front wheels via a 4 speed manual transmission and results in a combined fuel consumption of only 10,3L/100km.

The Interiour comes in a basic trim but with an 8 track radio for the proper entertainment with your 3 additional passengers.
With a drive-ready weight of only 860kg, the Metis SC is sure to be a quirky one!

0-100km/h in 14,6s
140km/h top speed

The SC trim is priced at 13.000 BEF without extras

Picture Dump


Hey, it worked for Skoda. That car is a dead ringer for an early 80s Skoda Rapid.


1978 Rhisuki Trekka B-12AT

Picture dump


1979 GEC GC1 1.4i

Enjoy the freedom that comes with having your very own urban compact car by taking the GEC GC1 for a test drive today.

Standard features on the 1.4i trim pictured include:

  • A 1.4L SOHC 16v inline-4 with mechanical fuel injection providing a smooth power delivery and decent economy while still having enough pace to keep up with traffic.

  • Comfort-tuned suspension designed to provide a smooth ride on all surfaces while retaining adequate levels of grip.

  • An 8-track player allowing you to listen to your favorite songs, regardless whether they are from AC/DC, Queen, Fleetwood Mac or anyone else.

The GEC GC1 1.4i starts at $13,300. Please contact your dealer for further details.


Giotto Eco LT

New i3 1400 ECO engine


Somewhere out there, the future is bright. Let’s go find it.

The 1979 Shromet Radiant is here.


Popas Rushba

More Propaganda


1979 Cayeux CX 1.6