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CSR 105 - Does this *$#!ing thing need fuel again?


Well done to everyone in the finals and congrats to @Repti for winning


Oh awesome! I’m actually at work, so sorry for not responding sooner. I’m gonna have to pass on hosting since I’m going on a family vacation starting tomorrow, and I’m not too keen on typing everything on a phone while on vaction.

Congrats to everyone else who made it to the finals ^w^


hav car
CSR105 - MGR '99 - Aumilla Vertra 1800 AE .car (174.8 KB)


So it looks like I am going to host (yey - not really for me well at least a new experience) I will try to make something up till tomarrow.

Btw congrads @Repti on winning


Congrats to @Repti on the win! I knew as soon as I saw your advertisement that your car would likely be tough competition.

I’m happy with where my car placed. In hindsight, I could have improved the interior and/or safety while still under budget, as I was only $12,700 as submitted. But my priorities were 1) fuel economy and 2) running costs, and on those fronts, the Sparrow delivers. In future CSRs though, I will aim for a better all-around package.

@Oldenways, I can PM you the .car file if you’d like!


Almost forgot, thank for hosting CSR @Dragawn , The equations were a bit goofy, but other than that i had a lot of fun with this one.


Yours kinda scared me when it easily passed the the first few rounds, but I thought your reliablity and service cost would be much higher with the turbo. Nice job on making a competitive turbo car!


Congratulations @Repti

Looking foward to the next CSR


Damn, people breaking one of the overarching rules of CSR.

Don’t tag the winner


It’s fine, I don’t mind it too much. My notifications are still cleaner than my email so


I hadn’t realized that still applies after the winner has already commented again, my apologies.


You deserved to claim your first-ever win this round, so congratulations on beating out a very strong field of contenders, mine included! At least I can hold my head high knowing that Gerald had a very favorable opinion of the little green GEC GC1.

At any rate, this was one of the best econobox rounds we’ve had in a while - as good as CSR81 (which this round reminds me of), if not more so! And we haven’t had a 70s CSR round at all for some time, so this definitely represents a welcome change of pace.

I could have considered a smaller twin-cam in-line three with four-valve heads for my choice of engine, given that it could potentially have been even more powerful and economical if tuned correctly, but rejected that idea for being too far ahead of its time in favor of a larger single-cam straight-four - and Gerald’s final verdict vindicated my decision.


It is up. Have fun!