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CSR 107 - Wake Up (It's 1984)


Definitely a cool setting, but I was so sure the Schrafen would win. It was the best car imo. So this was a surprise. But yes I can imagine the Z-W being a perfect package, I never managed to beat @goblin95. A long time ago his cars were almost unbeatable in my ATC competitions and I always asked myself how the heck did he build such a fast car? :grinning:


upwards of 48? the times are getting longer by the challenge


I guess a little waiting won’t kill us. I prefer well-written CSRs with clear and logical rules over something half-done.


Yeah well a little waiting won’t hurt us, but I was just wondering why the time increased over the last few CSRs.
I have no problem on waiting for the results since I want them to be judged more carefully.
But coming up with an idea and making a little brief as well as some test cars consumes far less time than judging.
Alas, people have real lifes and so they have all the right to spend time where it’s more valuable. The real life.


48 hours was the maximum estimated time, so it might arrive faster than expected. Thank you for your concern!


If the last round which goblin co-hosted is anything to go by, I think I may know in what that time will go into.


You’re underestimating making a good challenge. It involves going through scenarios, pretty much like judging entries, and seeing if your parameters are decents.


I feel like, even if you already have an idea and character in mind, in order to be able to set reasonable rules and restrictions you have to make an example car yourself. That takes time.


Interesting round!


Thanks! Too bad you didn’t enter, would’ve loved to get a car or two from you.


I will do my best for the next one. Watch out!


I’m still interested in the spreadsheet. Would be nice to take a look if you have one.


My apology as I forgot to share it.

Here’s the spreadsheet link.


Thanks! But what is E G A P?


Excellent, Great/Good, Average, Poor


So the low space in the trunk and the design killed my car and the comfort was not among the highest.


New round is up! Sorry for the long wait!