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CSR 107 - Wake Up (It's 1984)


E28 M5 is my target.


Is a Limo a sedan? Technically, it is, right?


Flagship sedans often come in a slightly longer “limousine” form so I don’t see why not but I imagine the weight would be an issue for performance though.


Limos aren’t really great getaway cars…


Hence why he’s replacing a semi-limo I suppose


Alright jeez, no need to hit me with the clarkson-bat.
But now you’ve sparked my will to deliver a great getaway limo!


A small teaser for the upcoming.

Kurokama SC-R 84’


We’ll be waiting to see that masterpiece then lol, not kidding


You must be kidding me, right? That’s not similiar to my front, it’s exactly my front.


Mine also has a front end.


@Oldenways The difference is huge ffs


@ProfessorP3PP3R It’s like the same in every way ffs


@Oldenways There are plenty of differences ffs no need to get all pissy and argumentative over it


@On3CherryShake ffs no reason to not understand jokes ffs


@Oldenways have you not seen 80s American Luxury cars? they all have a similar energy




Don’t play it off as a joke. What you posted both times had zero ounces of sarcasm in it. Lets end this! :))


:laughing: How you have no idea.
Not the first time you get things wrong, ay?


This is cringey.


This is gonna be a silly csr, can already predict that :joy: