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CSR 107 - Wake Up (It's 1984)


All correct. By todays standards 115HP is crap-box territory, but in 1984 the all mighty 350 only made around 160HP. For that matter the Ford LTD Police made a similar 160, plus police gear. I think the light unibody Eagle could stress the heavy body on frame LTD in a chase. Hardly a cake walk, but not an immediate conclusion.

As for the part time, as early as 1984 the XJ and even SJ Jeeps had the full time NP228, and 229 transfer cases. The 1982+ S10 Blazer had the optional NP203 for full time. We are talking chain drive open diff AWD, but power was sent front and rear, and could be used on dry roads.

I didn’t know the exact year Cadillac started the FWD V8s, but 1984, and 1985 count as “mid 80’s” and since we aren’t building replicas I say it counts. If you want FWD that is.


For me, I just stuck to the old fast Sedan (I edited this from coupe :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) formula,

A Strong Engine around 3L producing 200-240 BHP
Rear Wheel Drive
Independant Suspension
Manual Gearbox
All topped off with a good interior


@mcp928 An Eagle sedan weighed about 3500 lbs, a Crown Vic might be more like 4000, but with an extra gear and no AWD system drag, I bet an LTD could beat an Eagle by a few seconds to 60. I remember timing the Eagle wagon my family had at 16 seconds. Either one would be a bad idea for this challenge though; I’m going to apply my 240hp knockoff HO Windsor for my car and hopefully get 7 or 8 seconds.

Sounds like a nice German machine, though make sure it’s a sedan and not a coupe, he’s being chauffeured otherwise I’d be submitting my Virgo IV. May also want to reconsider the manual depending on how it effects comfort.


I only went manual for A) Better 0-62 times and overall performance and then B) in the OP it sates how the Chauffer ejoys driving. As far as I know most who enjoy Driving would take a Manual over an Auto anyday.


I’ve had mixed results with that logic.


Well a manual is indeed going to increase performance and sportiness, and harm drivability. But the important factor here is comfort; in real life presumably a good chauffer would be able to operate a manual such that the passenger remains comfortable, but even without jerky shifts a stick is never going to be a smooth as a (good) slushbox.


I figure you should choose auto or manual based on the comfort bonus and how crucial it is for your setup.


Some stats, because I’m a dirty little attention whore lol

Oh, and the target changed to a E23 745i.


I have 40 pounds of 80s car magazines. I scanned over 60 diffrent ads from all diffrent companies, but sadly I messed up when saving them to the USB I was using, so most of the images are completty distorted or gone completely. I might rescan them in the future, or if anyone really wants a specific brand.
I hope these will help people make their advertisments. Enjoy, and share them if you want! Fair warning, some are upside down!


Those are not really stats… just market scores.


They’re statistical representations of relative performance to various sectors. I’m not about to offer up my precious R&D results freely!



Now that pictures is hella good @ST1Letho



1984 Bradford Syntax

Drug Money


Veldora Doragon


More Goods


What a strangely familiar name…


I know, no need to point out my originality.


More proper:

The all new Mk 4 Orbital, by LHE, making the transition to the modern day, the new Orbital is based on an all new uni-body construction and features a true independent suspension both front and back. Large disk brakes all -way-round insure consistent reliable stopping, and an all new Sequential-Fire EFI system for greater efficiency.


Engine: LHE BM-I Aluminum 90° V8 24V

Chassis: Steel Unibody Constrution
Suspension: Double Wishbones in front, Semi-trailing arms in back, coil sprung.
Brakes: 12 3/4" Vented rotors in the front and back, with dual piston calipers up front, single piston in back.

More Photos


U kiddin mi? But you will submit a buty of York’s anyway, right? I mean the 70s and 80s seem to be your forté.