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CSR 107 - Wake Up (It's 1984)


All you need to know is, when you need that sudden burst of speed… the Mons Icarus will get you from 80-120 km/h in 3.36 seconds. The luxury headrests will prevent any whiplash due to sudden acceleration. The suspension will prevent any champagne spillage. The trash will be safe (-ly delivered). We thought of everything.

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And I have to apologize beforehand. Due to getting real-life work thrown on me after this round started and the sheer amount of entries this time round which I was not expecting, the preliminaries will again be split into 3 posts (at least there’s no Round 1.5 this time). I hope you all understand :slight_smile:


Before the actual reviews, let’s remember our fallen soldiers.

CSR107 - Ya Done Goofed

@Vena.Sera423 - FWM San Luis EX

ET limits are there for a reason, this one ignored them.

@Falling_Comet - Tensei Hunter LX84

A simple mistake which most likely came from viewing the material costs and the end of the designer - the material costs were slightly too high.

@Rise_Comics - Phoenix by Innovation

A quick and efficient +15 in the engine designer quickly shot up the engine ET in this thing, the engine also did not meet the reliability limit. The same goes for trim reliability and even minimum safety. Overall, great car.

@Continent - Rancher Capitan 3750E+

  1. I called it
  2. Not only did you not learn from your mistakes when @alex.kuc00 and @samuel.norman2003 got banned, you betrayed the trust of some people here while putting on a pretend show. It’s a shame really, since this would have been a finalist. You fraud.

@LinkLuke - LLA RXV 300i

Simple, the trim emissions were too high.

@yurimacs - Bradford Syntax

The engine ET and trim ET were most likely mixed up here.

@MONARCH - Grand Ontronse SuperLuxe Sedan

The superlongname was found guilty of exceeding the trim emissions limit, exceeding engine ET and loudness, not meeting trim safety and using 91 RON.

@BF94387 - DMU JX12 XXE

It’s hard stay within the guidelines when it comes to max engine and trim ET nad maximum trim material costs.

@Aaron.W - Tanaka Crezta 3.0 L Executive

The engine ET went above the allowed amount. Another would-have-been-finalist otherwise, plus the design was great.

@Mad_Cat - Washington Ivy III SportLuxe

The trim ET and engine loudness rules were breached.

@On3CherryShake - Farox Talbot SEC

Another great looking entry, the engine ET was breached a definite amount.

@donutsnail - Turbol Loncil GT

This chonker went above the allowed engine ET limit.

Midnight is approaching in the warehouse of Sierrabars crew, but the work hours have just begun. Mablo and an associate are planning the route for a ship which will leave in about a week, when Dario suddenly bursts into the room. He places his cassette player with Huey Lewis and The News playing down and throws a magazine in front of Sierrabar.

Sierrabar: Where’d you get this from?

Dario: Ah I don’t know, I just knicked it from some kid. ANYways, I’m pretty sure this cover story is perfect for you.

Sierrabar: I see… well, we better start reading then.

@Elizipeazie - Anhultz Dione CXS

The stylish and quirky Anhultz Dione packs in a fantastic engine, characterized by its smooth nature and restrained loudness.


+Cargo space


-Interior quality

Dario: Now I like the look of this one, it’s stylish and pretty restrained too.

Sierrabar: Yes… the interior in the pictures looks good and so do the speed figures. What I’m worried about is that rear door thing with the huge glass piece, won’t cops see through that?

Dario: I mean we could darken it some.

Sierrabar: And make it more suspicious, obviously. Overall, I’d place this as a benchmark. It’s most definitely not bad, but some things about it don’t make me fancy it too much.

The Anhultz Dione does not move on to the finals.

@Yangx2 - Innis-Honghu BF780 mhm

Innis-Honghu provides great comfort and even greater speed in its BF780, not to mention the superb handling.


+Braking distance
+Load capacity


-Dated safety equipment

Sierrabar: What the hell? You really expect me to ride in something that looks like it’s out of Blade Runner?!

Dario: It has a great r-

Sierrabar: Kid, just try and sell this to me.

Dario: Well it’s comfortable… and quick…

Sierrabar: And it looks like that. Thanks, moving on.

Sierrabar rips the page out of the magazine, crumples it up and throws it into a trashcan.

@Oldenways - Quost Admiral Executive Plus

The Quost Admiral can only be described as average, with it shining in interior space while flopping in fuel economy figures.


+Big engine
+Subtle design


-Running costs
-Lesser interior quality

Sierrabar: My lord this engine is giant… does that translate well to speed?

Dario: Actually both previous cars have been either quicker or about as quick. Not to mention how both previous cars also achieve better fuel economy and have more stuff inside the interior.

Sierrabar: Is it any cheaper at least?

Dario: Hardly.

The Quost Admiral Executive Plus does not move on to the finals.

@ST1Letho - Kurokama SC-R

Kurokamas SC-R sacrifices interior equipment for a lower pricetag once compared to competitors.


+Straight-line speed
+Running costs


-Luggage space

Sierrabar: So, it’s cheaper than the rest due to the interior?

Dario: Well, sort of yes… BUT It still has many featur-

Sierrabar: I’m not sacrificing features and ride quality for the sake of saving some money, and don’t pressure this on me.

Dario: It has a manual…

Sierrabar: That’s just for you to enjoy, try and think of the fellow man too. I do like the styling but I’d go for something more expensive that has more equipment.

The Kurokama SC-R does not move on to the finals.

@MGR_99 - Schrafen 935i GL

The very European Schrafen challenges even other imports with its smooth ride quality and low running costs.


+Running costs


-Speed figures compared to other imports

Sierrabar: Now this looks good.

Dario: Agreed. This styling is great.

Sierrabar: I do hope that the styling department was also in charge of the engineering, since it just looks so good.

Dario: Yes… wait why?

The Schrafen 935i GL moves on to the finals.

@machalel - ALM Vienna

The Vienna from ALM suffers from understeer and poor braking performance.


+Interior quality
+Safety rating


-Running costs

Dario: So this one isn’t a great handler, I don’t want it.

Sierrabar: Hold your horses kid, you’re not the only person here. …Well look at this, it’s safe, has plenty of space and the interior is great.

Dario: Fine, let me compare this to the Schrafen

Sierrabar: Wha- why?

Dario: Look, the Schrafen which happens to be cheaper handles much better, has a better ride and let’s be honest here, also looks better.

Sierrabar: I mean yeah I guess, but-

The ALM Vienna does not move on to the finals.

@HybridTronny - Denver Model V

Like the Kurokama, the Denver Model V sacrifices standard features and speed for a lower price tag.


+Reliability records


-Speed figures
-Luggage space

Sierrabar: This also doesn’t interest me simply because it’s cheaper.

Dario: Look at this though, it’s reliable and has a great safety rating!

Sierrabar: Let me take you to the line which states the 0-60 of this one.

Dario: 9,3 seconds… okay maybe you’re right.

Sierrabar: I’m sorry, you were questioning me?

The Denver Model V does not move on to the finals.

@thecarlover - RCM Windsor Highline

The Windsor from RCM is the prime example of a luxurious American cruiser with a fantastic ride.


+Comfort and ride quality
+Interior space
+Classic styling


-Fuel economy
-Straight-line speed

Sierrabar: Yes! This is more like it!

Dario: It seems like a barge

Sierrabar: Look at those couches on the inside, I can almost feel them caressing my body gently…

Dario: It’s hardly any faster than your old car.

Sierrabar: This color looks so sweet and inviting…

Dario: My god, someone has to put some sense into you! It’s slow, chugs fuel and might even have problems while braking!

Sierrabar: Don’t tell me off kid, this looks fantastic!

Dario: Until you get caught by the 5-0.

The RCM Windsor Highline is great but not great enough and has not made it into the finals.

@abg7 - Linden LE50 Deluxe

Lindens LE50 Deluxe can also be described as the middle point for all cars in the test.


+Restrained styling
+Brakes and braking


-The actual styling

Sierrabar: This suspension is too stiff, I’m already out.

Dario: Oh come on, there’s probably something good that’ll get you interested again…

Dario: Well… it’s pretty much in the ceiling of our pricepoint, but it’s pretty fast!

Sierrabar: So it’s a sportscar hiding underneath the body of a luxury car, gotcha.

The Linden LE50 Deluxe has not made it to the finals.

@Xepy - Greil Wallace Super88

The Greil Wallace Super88 is a big comfy cruiser with a very surprising side of sportiness.


+Very quick


-Expensive to run

Sierrabar: Okay, I’ve read this review twice now and there’s hardly a negative word about this.

Dario: Well they mentioned the low fuel economy and such.

Sierrabar: Did I not say we’re not gonna have a problem with paying for fuel?

The Greil Wallace Super88 has satisfied the customers.

@kobacrashi - AYO NR6

The AYO NR6 is good.


+Cargo space


-Braking performance
-Mediocre reliability records

Dario: Yeah… this one is pretty quick.

Sierrabar: Dario, there has to be something more to it than that.

Dario: Technically yes, the interior looks good and plenty of dirt bags will fit in the boot, but the suspension could be more forgiving and I can just tell the Greil is going to be a better performer.

Sierrabar: How poetic was that… fine, let’s move on.

The AYO NR6 has not made it to the finals.

Dario: Oh man, I have to go to the bathroom. I’ll be right back.

Sierrabar: You better not stay there for long

Dario: Oh don’t worry, it’ll take less than 24 hours… hopefully.


I am shocked that a total of 9 entries exceeded the budget in some way (ET and/or material cost limits) - but it’s justified since it’s their creators’ fault for failing to read the requirements for this round.

Anyway, what will Mr. Sierrabar do with the many cars that will end up rejected? Will he blow them up with a bazooka? It would be fun for Dario to watch!


Well, I feel good in knowing at the very least I followed the rules. Though, if only two out of this whole list have made it to the finals, that makes me feel… intimidated.

@abg7 I was impressed by that as well. The ET and cost limits were tough to meet, but in effect there weren’t all that many requirements.


I guess, my european car was too american. Heavy as shit, way too big engine and underperforming, plush and luxurious interiour only at the first glance and a big pile of jello as a gearbox. And the fuel consumption of a 'murican carrier.


I thought the limit was 115, I need to be more careful.

Luckily my disappointment is tempered by how incredible the Spotify playlist is. All I’ve listened to the last few days.


Most of the musics was on GTA Vice city radio, i was making my car and singing at the playlist. 10/10 CSR MUSIC


I must have also read the limit wrong. I’m extremely disappointed because I made sure to check but I guess I didn’t check enough


I made a mistake and prolly gonna get a bad review for this, but i only saw the old car spec of comfort and fuel economy after i sent my entry :frowning:


My bet for this round is in Schrafen 935i GL from @MGR_99, that one is the most bold and beautiful beast right there till now, im trully in love


Well it couldn’t be that bad if you didn’t get disqualified. I got decent gas mileage (well… is 15 good?) but I think I only had like 52 comfort, not any better than the old Silver-York…

Oh jeez, for some reason I thought 50 comfort was a hard and fast rule, instead it was just advice. That explains why I had the world’s softest brake pads.


If the Manhattan doesn’t take first, I’m going to bet on the 935i or the Sovereign to take the win.


i didnt saw the advice, so i really build it thinking like 20 comfort would be much, so i built it thinking more about the drivability, and its hella fun to drive it in beamng


Well tbh your gonna have very little luck at betting the 75 Silver-York on comfort, it was a car purely made for comfort plus it’s big asf. I mean the 84 Silver-York also has less comfort


I think I had a little over 50? Not sure if that’s a lot. I had to give it air suspension, four seats, luxury interior, premium cassette, a few other things sacrificing sportiness.


I didn’t have air suspension, but my score was into the 50s, won’t say what exactly


@ProfessorP3PP3R Out of curiosity, how would this one fare to your Silver-York, my idol my precious?


I wonder how this compares…


We can compare stats once the spreadsheet is out.