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CSR 108 - Get (Rally) Schooled


QUOST Renner SSA i3

Sorry, but Photoshop crashed and deleted everything but 15% of my ad.
So I couldn’t be bothered to repeat 2 hours of work.




Remember our SUV-sedan from CSR 100?
Since 2008, we have listened to our buyers and gave the engine a little more power and made the styling… less… hippy?
Nevertheless it’s still a nice hippopotamus with the following benefits:

  • cheap
  • reliable
  • very resistant
  • easy to drive
  • surely unique.

We avoided presenting our press car in grey because… yea, in CSR100 it was said that it would have gone through if it wouldnt look like a hippo.

We also offer it in the premium “Potamus” trim, but here it should be enough to go for the base variant.


Lyon Nave Sympathique 1.6

A collaboration between @abg7 and @MGR_99

More Pics


KGB wants in on the rally pie!

Presented here are the KGB Trek in FreeBreathing 1.6 and 2.0 trim and their homologated race counterparts for R2B and R2C respectively.

Following our rich heritage of performance-focused steet cars, we bring the world modern, exciting dynamics at a price accessible to all. The KGB Trek is built to personify what we believe a car should be, rugged, capable, swift. Delivering on this we feel obligated to supply the Trek fully equipped to challenge the world in WRC-3.

1.6 trim produces 145hp@7900rpm weighing 1145kg
R2B spec makes 181hp@8300rpm weighing 1030kg
RRP $23400

2.0 trim produces 135hp@6300rpm weighing 1157kg
R2C spec makes 193hp@7600hp weighing 1080kg
RRP $24200

(KGB Trek FreeBreathing 2.0 is only available for sale in the US and Australia.)


As someone in Discord said me it needs a lower grille part and a rear plate indent, I tried it out and added it.



Genuinely my favorite design, this looks real and I love it!


everything on this body shape seens like a tiny version of a SUV


It is a car especially made for pensioners. Sending it in to compete with potential rallye cars is perfect irony, what led me to create a correspondingly ironic advert. :slight_smile:

Don’t underrate it - it is a lot better than I expected to be :smiley:


Let’s make today fun!

The 2012 Shromet Parvus.


The washing machine

NR8 fra kun 235.000kr

The car looks terrible, here's proof.


Tad late question, but If a car wouldn’t have a second row irl, but Automation thinks it does, is it obligated to have 4 seats? (the Mx5 ND body)


Renault Espace F1


Hello Mr. Crocker,

I am the manager of fleet sales for Yinzer Automotive. I have spent the last two days listening to representatives from our marketing department, and the head of our racing sales talk about your company. One of our office people follows one of your instructors on wetube, and it came to reason that we can both help each other, us with exposure to your market, and you with some great vehicles. For 2012, our company turned what was our racing platform into a recreational road legal car that anyone can purchase. After watching this latest video about your crew desiring a new, rugged, more reliable car, our company has that option for you in our Manta performance chassis. The specific model I detailed out for you is our base version + AWD. With our new advances in carbon fiber processing and manufacture, we have standardised all of the various trim housings to be extremely light and more resilient to damage, where if the panel is crushed, there is a good chance the accessory will survive, to be attached into a replacement panel. Speaking of panels, the entire car can be swapped between corrosion resistant steel (this car) to carbon fiber, with options for a wide body on both. From the pictures, you can tell that the sides are externally repairable, with a replacement taking less than three minutes to install. It is less obvious, but the same goes for the rest of the body, where every panel is pit replaceable, the chassis being designed as an open top, even the roof is three separate replaceable pieces. We also have two panel materials, steel and carbon fiber. The price difference for the complete shell is $50,000 and approximately 1 hour for two people to convert.

Why I am contacting you, rather then someone posting a flyer outside your office, is because as far as we are concerned, your business would be a great advertiser for our cars in your country. I can see that you have a fleet of about 12-15 cars, depending on what you are considering is a useable car (I saw the spectator film from that last crash, what happened?). Our standard race-pack is 4 cars and a host of spare parts, fixtures, and panels for race repair. Even though our drivetrains come with a full factory warranty, the distances from us to you makes it improbable for timely service, so I am authorised by the uppers here to send you TWO kits, where you are purchasing six cars, but eight are sent. Those last two are kept in the containers on your site, where you are authorised to use one of the cars as a replacement if one of our cars ends up being broken to the point where the fix will not be timely, or goes beyond our parts scope (which I have been reassured is thorough). The other plausibility is most of the people taking your school will end up liking our cars, and in that case, there is always a new one (or two) for purchase (the base VLSD standard steel panel AWD non turbo in gellcoat white) on your site that can be licensed as a road legal vehicle, with a nice commission for you. They are a really great car.

Finally, I did see that that this was some sort of “romantic competition” for your school to buy non rally models, and convert them into a rally car, but we both know that never works well. I can’t undo these models, they were engineered to be what they are, and aside from the AWD vs RWD, you are looking at the (white) base model. If you are interested in a test drive, I can accommodate flights, a hotel, and meals. Included is pictures that I took this afternoon of the base model our junior staffer drives, and the widebody ELSDT that our race sales manager sports himself around with (blue).

Thank you for your time,
Donnie Iris
Fleet Sales, Yinzer Auto Co.

Enclosed - Photos - Yinzer Manta


Popas Rushba

Bochka, Bass, Kolbaser

More Propaganda


Im not underrating it, i just put a fun fact, cause i’m using it too AHAHAHAH


This ad makes me want to root for you. I hope you win this round.




Yeah, you’ll still need those.


Asteria i20 3rd Gen

2012 Asteria is now on sale in Australia. Sturdy built and highly reliable Korean car made its first appear in 2008 and it became and instant success in Southeast Asian Markets.

Asteria i20 is availabile in few diffrent trim options.

Pick of the line for many is EcoTech trim. It starts at 20,700$. It comes with 1.8L eco tuned 4 cylinder engine (averaging 40 mpg with 8.8s to 100kph) , Basic CD, electric variable steering with 3 modes (Light, Heavy, Individual), A/C and much more

There is a wide range of colours and wheel options to suit the style of every individual.


ᵀʰᵉ ᶜᵃʳ ᶦⁿ ᵖᶦᶜᵗᵘʳᵉ ʰᵃˢ “ᴱᶜᵒᵀᵉᶜʰ ˢᵖᵉᶜᶦᵃˡ” ᶜᵒˡᵒᵘʳ ᶠᶦᵗᵗᵉᵈ