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CSR 108 - Get (Rally) Schooled



2012 Rawshal Xeno

Grab A Xeno And Get Up And Go

Sporty British hatch with 190hp from a 1.8L turbo i4.
0-62mph in just over 7 seconds.
Top speed of 143mph.


2012 Bayonne 201 Base 1.6tc

Better Picture


In the judging criteria, “Ease to drive” is literally the Drivability stat, right? Or does the car’s drivability in BeamNG also factor in?


Beam isnt used in CSR judging.


The 2012 Masada Brazen RS1

Rally inspired performance, with help from MRD, our in house tuning company. MRD RS1 package adds;

  • Tuned suspension
  • Top-mount intercooler w/ hood scoop
  • Sport rear bumper w/ dual exhaust
  • Red accents
  • Engine tune

Great Performance for a Great Price


Alfora presents to you the All-new TUTTI. A hatch to go everywhere and do everything you want to do. You’ll not need any car in your entire life. Using Steel/Aluminum, even if you hit a tree, the 2.0L turbo-powered I5 engine will continue running. Astonished? I present you more. That engine runs 18km/l on city conditions and almost 13km/l on road. That beast can beat the 100km/h 8.80s and achieve 210km/h. Perfect for the city, perfect for almost everything, it still got the thought to last almost a life, so, it is time(and accident) resistant. Come check it in the closest dealership to your house. You’ll not regret.


Be bold, be brave.

The Draconis Blytz.


Dragotec Discord '12


These are odd fuel figures. Are they from north-korea? Nothing I’ve ever heard about in the western world.



Legion Scram Spartan


Motoring.com.au Review

For 2012, the Legion Scram receives a mid-cycle refresh. The first change you’ll notice are the aggressive new front and rear fascias; gone is the cheery smile, replaced with a sporty scowl, featuring now-standard projector beam headlights. Side-impact and side-curtain airbags, as well as ESC, are also now standard. The stalwart flat four has been updated as well, now with direct injection and a higher compression ratio, now producing 125 hp and 161 lb-ft of torque. The engine also loses its power steering pump, as the Scram switches to electric power steering. The open-top Scram Roadster is now available only on the top-trim LX.

New this year is the Spartan model, settling underneath the base model, which eschews formerly standard equipment for the sake of a lower entry price and even lighter weight. Power locks? Nope. Power windows? Nope. Narrow 14” steel wheels replace the 16” alloys on other models. But with these sacrifices, the Spartan is the first Scram to break the 1000kg barrier, tipping the scales at just 985kg.

Otherwise, it’s pretty much the same Scram as was introduced in 2005. In fact, its roots can be traced back much further; the aluminum chassis houses suspension based on that of the long-dead Sparrow, and the pushrod flat four under the hood has been motivating Legions and Boulders since the 1960s. Don’t let the old technology fool you though; the Scram absolutely delivers on its promise of a pure, unadulterated driving experience. The diminutive FWD 2-seat sports coupe is an eager playmate in the twisties; it’s hard not to draw comparisons to the Honda CR-Xs and VW Scirrocos of yore. The engine may be ancient at heart, but it provides punchy, tractable thrust; gobs of low end torque and a solid plateau of hp at the top of its rev range. Unfortunately, the Scram’s playful nature is handicapped by the Spartan’s cheap, narrow tires. They’d be first on our list of things to upgrade if we had one.

Overall, the Scram coupe was already niche vehicle, and the Spartan aims for an even narrower niche within that community. Legion doesn’t expect runaway sales, but hopes the Spartan will suit the needs of autocross, motorkhana, and track day enthusiasts who don’t need creature comforts (and would upgrade to aftermarket wheels and tires anyways).

What we liked:

  • tossable, lightweight handling
  • low price
  • improved styling

Not so much:

  • limited practicality
  • featureless interior
  • hampered by cheap tires


Reminder: 24 hours to go before submissions are closed.


Hmmm, thinking I need to take a risk to beat the field… Keep current safe car, or enter RR hatchback?


It’s not dead

The 2012 Baltazar Quark GT-E


Albatross Turlock 1.8T

1.8L Turbo I4
164 Horsepower
42 MPG


Meet the Mons Pluto, a fun little hot-hatch with potential waiting to be unlocked.

Two more


The Rhebus Spirit. Because a bland car deserves a bland name.
(Seriously, I can never think of a good name for a car…)

Rear Quarter Photo


2012 Kadett CC

CC more

From myself and @CorsicaUnknown


Presenting the all new Sparsam CitiSpeed 1.7, now with a turbocharger and lightweight equipment.
(Photo credit goes to the all great @kobacrashi)