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CSR 109 - Straight Outta Retirement Home


Maybe allow MPV since that’s both a minivan (car based) and full size van (truck based). Too late now obviously, but I see his point there. Outside that, the body type restriction seems period accurate, wagons were basically gone in the US by the 90’s (dammit). I agree with Miros though, he is defiantly lumping drivability with sport. You can have a very driver friendly car making 80HP, and a 0-60 over 15s. At the same time, all the sport in the world is useless if the car is hard to drive. I think the rules are generally fine, we could all nit pick something I’m sure, but the CSR works.


I’m gonna be “THAT DAMN MURRICAN” in the room and point out that his rule set absolutely makes sense in the context of a well-to-do Floridian retiree. Old people in Florida simply do not drive minivans if they have any money at all. It would be a completely different thing if you were talking a granola-eating hippie grandma from NorCal or Oregon, but not Florida. Pre-2001, that is literally the land of the Caddy-Lincoln land yacht. It is where the wealthy flock to retire and die.

And yes, it’s true that a lot of them (who would have been young adults for WW2, based on the timeframe of this CSR) love their big V8 engines. This is more out of habitually driving old American pushrod iron for 50 some odd years, where 5 liters MIGHT have gotten you 150 horses… it was the only way to get up to speed and not become roadkill on US Interstate highways. Grandma’s not trying to hotrod… she’s trying to stay alive, and probably doesn’t grasp that the technology has advanced enough to easily double the power in the car.

(And yes, that’s also about the same time that we saw a HUGE uptick in old people driving cars through the front of strip malls… because the cars were now powerful enough that the curbs couldn’t stop or deflect them enough when grandpa mixed up the gas and brake.)


Crown Victoria’s, Lincoln’s, Caddies are still popular. I serviced a bunch of Crown Vic’s and Lincoln LSs when I worked at a Ford Dealer.


As another American, and former south Georgia resident, I will corroborate this story. The staggering majority of retirees in Florida were snow birds (yankees than winter in Florida) and just stayed when they got too old for the semi-annual commute. Many of them were close to the UAW in some way, and drove classic American tanks into the golden years. I know lots of non-Florida old folks that drive sensible cars. But Florida is… a very special place. The CSR as accurate enough to be a fair parody.


I really don’t want to sound like a dick, this is a genuine question I promise.

Why would you go through the trouble of arguing about the ruleset to repost a meme?


It wasn’t so much an argument with the specifics of the ruleset as it was moreover an underlying theme I’ve happened to detect across his many challenges, with the CSRs being the most notable examples and bringing them to light. This is a representation of pushing what I believe he is asking for to its natural extreme. Plus, I didn’t actually expect my ranting to change the rules. That wouldn’t be very possible given people have already submitted entries. and it’s funny lol


CMT Sentinel 3.0 "Final Edition"

Why should you buy a car that is fading out and facing it’s last model year?
This one for $42.000 is definitely a great deal - powerful but smooth six-cylinder engine with 205 horsepower, Adaptronic suspension system, and a luxury interior with features formerly exclusive to the V12 model.

Maybe others are faster, roomier or fancier. But this balance of great comfort, excellent drivability and surprising sportiness for it’s reasonnable price is something our competitors are still looking for in their new models.


You’ve made it, you won, you deserve something for it.

What’s next, you may ask?

No one truly knows what will happen, not even us.

But we hope your future is bright.

So let us help you make it as good as it can be.

Platinum Roadyacht Finale: because you deserve something special.


My game has been crashing a lot since the update. Sometimes the game crashes when I use the sliders or move the camera around, sometimes when I’m even trying to load a car. At this point it’s really unplayable on my computer as it would take around 5 minutes of tinkering before my game crashes to my home screen. Is everyone else having these issues?
I’m running a Ryzen 5 2400G O/C to 4.0ghz, on an ASUS Strix B350, 2x8GB of RAM and a Radeon Vega 56.


Not having a lot of crashes here, but tbh this is not a good spot at all for this. I would post in Support and see if you can get help there.


I think Oldsmobile Bravada, Mercury Moutaineer, or Dodge Durango sort of midsize SUVs would have been reasonable answers for this person, certainly no harder to maneuver than a large sedan/wagon. But she likes what she likes.

Out of curiosity to everyone, is there any advantage to making a 1995 model over a 1999 model?



BDM Presentes - Vixeus LTX
V8 engine


Let’s have a look at the Sisten website, I heard you can now download pictures of their cars from there . . .


Designed by @Dorifto_Dorito,
Engineered by @CorsicaUnknown

Additional images


It certainly is a car.

We couldn’t find an ad, so we just borrowed an early one from the fleet department.

The 1999 Nimbus 3.9 V6 TE-L (Touring Extra Luxurious) is a car.

More rental car


2018 1999 Kasai Arial V6.

The Luxury You’ve (Literally) Never Heard Of Before.


Hol’ up



My 2nd submisson so far after getting binned for the price XD, hope you like my car! \(^-^)/

The ad

Wish you all luck! (^▽^)

More Pictures

More Pictures

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Tokushu XS380
by Ryan93 and @MGR '99