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CSR 109 - Straight Outta Retirement Home

Ardent Manhattan
Jack Chancellor Edition


Mechanical design: VicVictory
Visual design: @Private_Miros

* Fuel economy and price figures on the window sticker are extrapolated for 1999 theoretical data, and do not reflect in-automation values.


Designed by @Rk38
Engineered by @NormanVauxhall


Released in 1990, the Æxelia Argon was a large, luxury sedan. Manufactured in Yeoposu, Anikatia, the rear-wheel drive Æxelia Argon was powered by a all-new Eurani V8 petrol engine that was mated to an electronically-controlled four-speed automatic transmission. The engine was developed by BMMA in Trieste, Italy and built in the brand new plant in Yeoposu, Anikatia. It had an aluminium alloy block and cylinder head, double overhead camshafts per cylinder bank, four valves per cylinder, with 5.3 liter of displacement capable of 330 horsepower. The platform was based on the current BMMA Narwhal with some modification in order to be used by Dokko, Hyoun, Bahk Corporation (DHB) for future Anikatian internal car projects to be assembled from the new Yeoposu plant.

Development of the Argon commenced in the 1980s a project initiated by Žnoprešk-Marlin’s leadership. At the time It was becoming clear that its production plants for its luxury division Iurlaro brand were becoming dangerously overstretched putting the quality of the brand at risk. It became necessary for ŽM Group to revert to back Atelier Iurlaro to its roots, as high end luxury brand with lower production numbers. This however left ŽM Group with a lack of mainstream luxury brands within its lineup. To remedy this a number of options were explored, BMMA didn’t had the personnel to cover the request in a short time, nor even Žnoprešk. It was clear the company had to look outside for help. The feasibility of creating a new brand from scratch were too expensive, so ŽM started looking for a joint venture. After dismissing plans of purchasing any existing brands due to excessive costs.

At the same time, across the globe, the Democratic People’s Republic of Anikatia (DPRA), had introduced series of economic liberalisation and market oriented reforms from 1979 by General Secretary Choi Kyu-sik. This effectively opened the Anikatian market to foreign investment and allowed ŽM Group to reach a deal to partner with the countries leading luxury brand DHB, by way of the state owner Anikatian Auto Union (AAU).

The initial agreement consisted of the creation of joint-venture company Eurani Motors that would build the first foreign designed cars into Anikatia based on the previous generation Žnoprešk Zenit CM01 as the DHB Type 3091 for the local market and better known internationally as Zenit Simple. This would be the first of series of cooperative efforts between the two brands. ŽM Group would assist in the modernisation of DHB and the Anikatian Automative Industry in exchange for massive government backed investment in ŽM Group and the creation of two new factories within Anikatia.The second stage of the joint-venture was possible due to large investment would see the creation of a international premium brand Æxelia, within ŽM Group.

The new brand Æxelia made its debut with the Argon a large executive sedan in the E-segment. Taking advantage of special economic agreements ŽM Group, commissioned the construction of two brand new state of the art facilities in the southern province of Gyeolgung, Anikatia. The Eurani Motors new engine facility was built in the provincial capital of Buchyeon and the nearby assembly plant was constructed in the port city of Yeoposu. This Yeoposu facility would see the construction of the ŽM based platforms for all domestic projects within DHB and its state parent AAU.

Intended to compete with the class-leading luxury sedans, extensive market research was used in the creation of brand and series of new dealership networks. When development of the Argon was completed in 1990, the project had involved 70 designers, 34 engineering teams, 1600 engineers, 2500 technicians, 250 support workers and expenditure of over €1.283 billion.


Turból Preveza v12-5.0t

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Long roof is long.


From Monarch Motor Company, the 1998 Monarch Mystery S230 SE Sedan:


1999 Greil Courtain 7T

You truly get what you pay for.

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Alfora presents the Meteora 99’ Facelift
and its Luxury Version, the Meteora L

The Meteora L has all the new features the market has to offer, still being classic, bold, and wild. The interior got all a billionaire would want, and it got all the things to help you be the driver(since billionaires would pay for one), all the aids to help you get to where you want as comfortable and safe as possible. If you forgot the Meteora L under the snow, it will still wait you being warm with its heater and all the things. Since this is only the basic to the Meteora, it still got a 4.0L turbo V8 ready to make you go as fast as needed, going 0-100km/h in about 6.6s and pick a speed of 246km/h with its 5-speed automatic transmission. You’ll not need anything else, it has space to be your house, if you want, and it got a double special sunroof too. And all this for only $47000. Come see!

More sad boats pics


1997 Silverhare Conestoga Final Edition


In 1990 the full size sedans and wagons of the Earl Motor company were fully redesigned, with the late 70s vintage boxes giving way to curves, and such a thorough overhaul to the Caliber V8 engine that it may as well have been brand new. Yet updating and improving were for naught, as full size sales were waning. So while the Earl Gazelle, Silverhare Chancellor, and Hirondelle Lancelot sedans would live on into the millenium, the sporty Silverhare Corinth and wagon twins; the Earl Eqsuire and Silverhare Conestoga; would not. 1997 was the final year for the Conestoga, its’ 45th anniversary, and all models made that year were the celebratory “Final Edition” with all options standard, from the 265hp 5.8 liter V8, to a power sunroof, deluxe cassette deck, and leather seating for 8. An end of an era indeed.


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1999 Ransome Grand Viscount

Let’s pretend this is the last hurrah for an American icon.

Hurried press shots


1999 Warren Portland Mark 3 PMC Performance.
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Engineering by @mcp928
Design by @mat1476



1950 Straker Tramon Restomod

My 1950 Straker Tramon which I’ve restored
Regretful sale

Custom rear suspension
5.3L V8 swapped in along with the 3-speed automatic it came with
Reupholstered interior and front bucket seats
17" Aftermarket alloy rims fitted with Tyrelli P5100 All season tyres
Limited Slip rear differential
Disc Brake conversion
ABS conversion

$31,400 ONO

No tyre kickers

More pics


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Presenting the Vector V6 PowerEstate

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With Lenny Kravitz :Pog:


1997 Silver-York Sovereign Brougham MKVIII
(Sorry for lack of artwork with this one, I didn’t think I was gonna have time to sort it all but hey… here’s a picture of one sat on the forecourt of a Silver-York Sovereign dealer)

For the 1993 model year Silver-York introduced the updated Sovereign, dropping to the companies base model sedan from it’s previous upper bracket it was downsized yet still remaining as luxurious as previously seen in the Sovereign line.



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When I grow up I want to be like Silver-York.