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CSR 110 - Snow It Is



March, 1969

Jukka drives his Moskvich to his front yard. He turns off the car and as he is opening the door he can smell burning. Soon he notices that there is smoke coming out of hood vents. He opens the hood and the carburetor air filter is on fire. He quickly grabs a shovel and throws snow inside the engine compartment quickly extinguishing the fire. Jukka sighs and goes inside his house. He gets in the kitchen, sits down and grabs a car magazine.
“I have to get a new car NOW” Jukka says and starts reading the magazine furiously.

Marvel Mk.3 E70 Sedan by @MONARCH

This car looks nice but seems to have serious reliability issues. Not interested.

Not a contender in finals, below the reliability limit

Myrian Contender 1300 by @z2bbgr

This car has really beautiful looks, the fuel economy and service costs are amazing, but the safety and reliability ratings aren’t that impressing. The brakes seem to be awful and the interior is quite bare compared to other cars that i have seen here. Maybe i’ll pass on this one.

Not a contender in finals

Mons Ganymede by @cake_ape

Wow this car is… long. Not really good-looking though. Fuel economy is really good, the reliability is acceptable, but the service costs are on the higher side. It’s not the safest car here either. The handling isn’t all that amazing and the engine is a bit too small for a car as big as this. Not really interested.

Not a contender in finals

Gerade SP120 Oliver by @GetWrekt01

This car seems to be a bit better than the last 2 cars, but it also has high-ish service costs. Also, those wheels are absolutely tiny, and the suspension is quite high and really rough. Maybe this car isn’t for me.

Not a contender in finals

Satsuma Cherry A100 by @EddyBT

Well, the design is quite bland. The reliability is good, but the safety rating is quite low. This car also seems to suffer from higher service costs. Im gonna pass on this one.

Not a contender in finals, meme

Suisei AMC Kuromu shōnen by @Falling_Comet

Wow, this car surely looks interesting. The fuel economy is quite bad though, and the service costs aren’t that amazing either. It is safe though, and the reliability is decent, but i am really not looking for a sports car. Not for me.

Not a contender in finals

Umakicho Samurai 2000B by @CMT

Oh god, this thing looks terrible… I don’t care what the stats are at this point, im not going to drive a car that looks as ugly as this. Definetly not intrested.

'Not a contender in finals*

FWM Woodsman by @Vena.Sera423

This thing isn’t all that great, and there seems to be some production issues with this car. Pass.

Not a contender in finals, too much PU

Boulder Oxen Family 1800 by @donutsnail

Hmm, this car is quite good-looking, but im not sure about those tiny wheels and high suspension though. The engine seems to be some kind of engineering disaster, since it outputs 59 horsepower from a 1.8L displacement. The fuel economy is good and the service costs and reliability are decent, but im gonna pass on car too.

Not a contender in finals

Batz Breton mk2 1.2e by @Ludvig

This looks like a good car, but there seems to be some production issues. Not interested.

not a contender in finals, too much trim PU

Earl Eagle Custom Tudor by @patridam

This thing looks very american, in fact, the fuel consumpion is also very american, as it uses a lot of fuel compared to other cars here. The service costs aren’t that amazing either and the safety is quite low for such a big car. That braking distance is also terrifyingly long. Not interested in this car.

Not a contender in finals

Koskinen Kova by @V4guy

Hmm, this thing doesn’t look impressive, the fuel economy is awful, service costs are extremely high and the reliability is low. Not interested at all.

Not a contender in finals

Albatross Ventura by @zschmeez

This car looks really good, and the stats are good as well. Fuel consumption is decent, it’s really safe, service costs are acceptable, and reliability is decent. Definetly going to try this car out.

A contender in finals

Uranus Legacy Hatchback by @Hilbert and @racer126

This car looks quite average, but the reliability is terrible and the service costs aren’t that good. The Fuel consumption is decent but the car is also quite unsafe. Not interested.

Not a contender in finals.

Armor Valencia by @GassTiresandOil

This car sure looks interesting. But the fuel consumption is terrible, reliability is quite bad and this car despite having fancy interior, doesn’t have a radio unlike almost every other car here. The service costs are also quite terrifyingly high. Not interested.

Not a contender in finals

FM HiWay L by @Jaimz

Umm… this car looks quite bad to be honest. The reliability isn’t great and neither is safety. The handling is also quite questionable. Pass.

Not a contender in finals

AAU M2266 GS by @Rk38

Another van? Well, this looks worse than the Pemhall, and has overall worse stats. Im still not looking for a van, so im not gonna try this out.

Not a contender in finals

KRAB 204 by @mcp928 and @mat1476

This car looks nice, but has some serious reliability issues, so im not interested.

Not a contender in finals, below the reliability limit

Jukka gets up from the kitchen and goes to the living room. He grabs the phone and calls a taxi. He is going to a dealership to look at these 5 cars that he has chosen from the magazines.


@ST1Letho and @kobacrashi


My engine was a 1.8 liter displacement, 1803cc if I remember correctly



The numbers don’t lie.


Check the next page, family capacity is larger than variant capacity on this one.


It sounds like you forgot my car @Mad_Cat :open_mouth:


Rip shitsuma


Wowza, thought 28 MPG (8.4 L/100km) and dirt cheap would cut it, but I should’ve gone for that advanced safety instead I guess. Live and learn, live and learn… Awaiting eagerly what Jukka chooses in the end. This has been interesting to follow.


Jukka must be a picky man - no wonder he could only choose five entries (out of a few dozen) for further consideration! But those five entries, in all fairness, appear to be the ones most suited for him. I wonder which one of those will float his boat the most?


Is there something going on with the stats on exported/imported cars? I rechecked the trim PU, my game states 73.0 both on the left menu and in “detail stats”. I’m on openbeta as well, so that should’t be it. Oh well, it’ll be interesting to see the final and maybe some stats like fuel economy

(I’m not contesting the result. A bin is a bin - maybe not skirt the limit next time)


I am sure I met the rules especially with the PU and ET. Of course with my design I had an issue getting the PU down to the rule set :stuck_out_tongue:
Well I can’t complain, I didn’t put effort into the design and the car itself.
Until next CSR


@Centurion_23, @goblin95, at least I appreciated your Pemhall, much better executed.would you mind sharing?


You know, just considering some of the comments from @Ludvig and @Vena.Sera423, my 49 for reliability was mid-pack. May I see the reliability scores of the others to check if I’m having a problem with my version? Thanks!


I can send the .car file here soon, just give me a bit to get back on my computer.

EDIT: as promised, here is the .car
CSR 110 - Centurion_23 & goblin95 - Pemhall A50.car (81.3 KB)
(It should be the final version)


The minimum trim reliability was supposed to be 54, so 49 is not borderline and probably not mid-pack. Mine was 56.2 and was considered “acceptable”.


49 reliability would’ve been an instant disqualification mate. Check again? I had ~58


If I remember right my reliability almost 60. Too bad it was engine and not trim (52.5 there). Starting to wonder if I’m dyslexic…? It does sound like some of the numbers may be getting skewed in the import/export based on how many people have mentioned it though. Did this host make a spread sheet like some other CSRs? Could be a bug worth reporting if there is an issue there.

Congrats to the finalists, until the next round.



The taxi finally arrived. Jukka gets outside and hops in the taxi. Jukka gives the driver directions to the dealership and sits down. Halfway there Jukka notices a similar car magazine that he bought, just from last month, laying in the back seat. Jukka grabs it up and starts looking at the magazine. The cars are mostly the same that his magazine had, except for one car.

Gronolt Reinette by @MasterDoggo (I didn’t notice the PM so i will review it now)

Hmm, this car surely looks intresting, but the stats are average and nothing realy stands out. Not really interested.

Jukka puts the magazine down and soon arrives at the dealership. Jukka steps out of the car and immediately notices how much larger the Siberia is compared to the other cars.

Jukka meets the owner of the dealer and asks to try all the cars. The owner agrees and gives out the keys. Jukka decides to try the Mitsushita first.

Jukka sits down on the driver seat and adjusts the seat.
The interior has a generally more pleasing look and feel compared to the old Moskvich. Jukka turns the car on and notices that the engine is surprisingly quiet.
He starts driving the car and soon notices that the throttle response is quite bad.
The car accelerates at least better than his moskvich but the acceleration is nothing impressive. The brakes are good, and they slow down the car fast. The handling is nothing to write home about, it handles well in slow speeds but in faster speeds it starts to have some understeer going on.
Jukka is soon finished with the car and decides to try the Courageoux next.

The Courageoux’s interior i quite similar to Mitsushita’s interior. Again, Jukka adjusts his seat and starts the car. The engine is a bit louder but also much smoother. The throttle response is a bit better as well.
The Courageoux also accelerates much better than the Mitsushita but the Courageoux also understeers more than the Mitsushita.
The suspension feels better but the brakes are a bit worse compared to the Mitsushita.
Jukka is soon finished with the Courageoux as well and continues his testing with the Siberia.

The Siberia is a completely different experience compared to the last 2 cars. As Jukka steps in, he immediately notices the bare interior. He sits on the driver seat and tries to find the seat adjustment knobs, but there are none. He starts the car up and the noisy Boxer engine starts roaring.
The throttle response is similar what the Courageoux had. Jukka notices that the steering is lighter than in the last 2 cars, but the feedback just isn’t as good. The Siberia accelerates surely but slowly, and the handling tends to be quite oversteery.
The suspension is quite rough, and the brakes are average. Jukka is soon finished, and heads towards the Dominion.

The Dominion has a decent interior, and the interior is quite roomy as well. Jukka adjusts the seat and starts up the car. The engine is much rougher than the last 3 cars, but it is at least a bit less loud than the Siberia.
Throttle response is average and the acceleration is good. Handling is a bit oversteery, but less oversteery than the Siberia.
Brakes are a bit worse than in the other cars, and the steering is also heavier. The rough suspension and the lack of a 4th gear are also a bit annoying. Jukka finishes with the Dominion and decides to test the last car, the Alabtross Ventura.

The Albatross also has a decent interior, although less roomy since its a Coupé. Jukka adjusts the seat and starts the engine, which is pretty quiet, but rough. The throttle response is great, and the engine does not feel depressing at all.
The Automatic transmission also makes the driving experience more pleasant. The car handles well, although it has just a bit of understeer in higher speeds. The suspension feels good, and the acceleration is average. The brakes are not excellent though, and the stopping distance is a bit long.

Now that Jukka has driven all of the cars, he has made his decision. The Albatross was overall the best driving experience, it’s safe, pretty reliable and the fuel consumption is decent. Jukka discusses with the dealership owner and buys the car. Jukka is now a happy owner of a 1969 Albatross Ventura.


2nd place: @conan
3rd place: @ST1Letho and @kobacrashi
4th place: @mart1n2005
5th place: @thecarlover


Good job, all. You inspire me to try harder…


That’s the point of CSR


A fitting victory for the car with the fewest faults. Considering the tight budget (in more ways than one) this was a round that proved to be as rewarding as it was challenging. Let’s hope CSR 111 is at least as good as this one, if not better.