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CSR 111 - You make my heart beat


2018 Yamanote E530 2.5T S

There’s nothing in the world worth more than you.
Car safety goes a good way to keep you safe and happy.
Because you deserve to live the best life for as long as possible.

In other words, we love you.

Yamanote Motor Co. driven by the heart.

More weeb car



Basically a long mini


2018 BT Motors Panthera XH


I didn’t have time for an ad feelsbadman


This very well might be the last CSR I ever participate in. I said the same for the last one, but I just started grade 11 and the International Baccalaureate program (aka university in high school). I probably won’t have the time to make cars anymore. I just want to thank everyone, the hosts and the participants for making all 15 CSR’s I’ve been a part of each an incredible and fun experience. I’ll see you guys around on Discord.


The 2017, Factory W Motor Works, Kei-Sport CE
Top of the line Comfort and Five Star Safety in an efficient package.
Ask for a Test Drive Today


The change in theme from the last round (or even the first attempt at this one) is quite refreshing indeed.

Normally I would be put off by such an obvious bait-and-switch as which just happened to this round of CSR - but not this time. In fact, I already have a test car ready and awaiting final tweaks, but if I find it unsatisfactory, I will make another one instead.


2018 Milae Zenith-W SBE5

More pictures


2019 Austerer - Koenig SSJ

Without compromise

Engineered by @conan Design by @z2bbgr

Execute Order 44


le Porße has Arrived.


2018 GEC GC3 2.0

Find your next companion in the all-new GEC GC3 2.0, starting from $33,900.


:b:orsche Mission Panamera

Ridiculous. Inconspicuous.

Kasai Shindai.

Get yours now starting from $34,500.


Excuse me, do you have time to talk about the all new…

(rear spoiler can be removed for no cost)

I know I can't photoshop shut up


Franklin Marshall HiWay ES. From $31,500.

No compromise, no problem.


KGB Familia, starting from around $34,500

The classic exciting KGB driving experience, now neatly wrapped up a premium executive fastback package to command D-segment dominance.

Treading new waters, the Familia Lifestyle delivers with a transverse 2.0L I-5 Turbo reaching 195hp with 265nm@4300rpm powering all four 19" alloy wheels 35-65. Despite such performance-inspired design, we believe the Familia is our most user-friendly offering to date remaining firmly planted all the way up to 136mph.

Also available is the Sport Edition equipped with our 3.2l twin-turbo magnesium V6 pushing 466hp@7300rpm through a 20" 235-255 staggered wheel setup. Interior is focused toward the drive, excess stripped to the true essentials.

0-100kmh in 3.7 seconds with a top speed of 162mph electronically limited, this is the absolute essence of what KGB is about. Absolute focused driving intensity available to you at $59900 RRP.


Is that a FWD V12?
Sweet Jesus…


It’s a straight-six with port injection.

Edit: It’s actually a V12 that looks like a straight-six.


Transverse I6 is something I would’ve done (cough CSR 93), but the darn BMW body has a very narrow engine bay


That looks like a V12 to me, there are 12 intake runners, and you can see the red of the 2nd row of cylinders under there.


Edit: Huh apparently it is a V12. How easy it is to miss details


2018 Armor Valencia