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CSR 111 - You make my heart beat



uploading the ad before the car xd.
Now have uploaded the car and then figured out i messed up the tires real good xd

More pictures


lmao ooooft my bad i did it in a rush when i was at school during a break and my laptop is obvious not the best XD


Happens to the best of us xD!


(will be sending car when automation loads)
2018 Samurai Sportiva GX-V

Rosker SI6e
by Ryan93 and @MGR '99



2018 Albatross Turlock 1.8T

New and improved!


2016 Yinzer Balæna Envira
This is the last holdover from the first year of the Balæna Line, with the 1.7L Eco4T, which provides C segment economy with E segment size. Designed with the interstate in mind, the Balaena has active computer assisted lane control, with a ring of outer sensors scanning for changes at 40 times per second. The Balæna’s advanced 8 speed automatic delivers a stellar for its size 6.9L/100km (34MPG) at 120KPH (75MPH). Comfort, drivability and sportiness come from the Balæna’s classic front engine - rear drive setup, and its safety is second to none - first from active hazard avoidance, and if a crash is inevitable the car’s weight of 2033KG (4484Lbs) makes it usually the larger object when size matters. And yes, the rumors about this car’s name is true, the designer’s son saw it for the first time and said “it’s as big as a whale”. Marketing dressed it up with Latin.


Vector 315 CT

When Premium Meets Sport

2.2L Straight 5 DIPC Single Turbo Engine with DCT Transmission and Viscous LSD
Premium Seats and Infotainment System
360 Camera System and and Sensor Unit

I forgot the lettering on the car yaaaay


Individualism for Individualists. The Anhultz Mimas

(Yes. It is hiding behind those shrubs because it wants to :stuck_out_tongue: )


That grill looks familiar. I think I put an engine in one of those.


if you took part in Letho’s tuning challenge, then yes.

the subject was a 2007 Mimas
(two or three generations earlier)


That was it, tune it up or something. We ever getting a part 2 to that?


*juice it up

if Part 2 will follow? dunno, but likely not now/ in the nearest future as Letho is hosting CSR atm, duh


I know he’s (?) busy at the moment, I meant a sequel in general. Meh, point aside the current CSR (or CSR in general) is taxing enough. Was a fun contest though, even if the rules were a tad complicated. Maybe someday.


2017 Tesseract Mephisto

Because driving should be a pleasure, not a chore.

The new Mephisto has all of the latest gadgets, all bundled up with a comfortable interior, a smooth ride, an engine that you will never hear, and a sticker price of only $34900. Ride with pleasure. Buy one today.



Oh damn. It seems the vents on the front didn’t render when I took the pictures. Oh well.


BürgerFahrzeuge SLF +

Not just a car, its the car


2016 RCM Atlantic GS

Yours for only $34,400.


Why does it look more like a Mk1 Ford Focus from the front than any current compact hatchback? Seems odd to me.

Edit: the rest of the car looks much more contemporary. But I can agree with you that although its looks haven’t aged well, its dynamics certainly have - and served as an example of how to make a mass-market family car fun to drive back in the day.