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CSR 111 - You make my heart beat


I’ve been told that by someone else haha, I just thought it looked more distinct and modern than the Mk.I Focus is, that car has not aged well haha.


Turból j4 CrossX

More Info

Replacing the existing j-Series estate in 2018 is the j-Series CrossX, a faux-crossover ala Audi Allroad. It sports a taller stance, larger wheels and tires, and stainless steel trim on the rocker-panel covers and lower grill for a more adventurous appearance. Although mechanical changes are minimal and offroad capability is only implied, Turból expects the CrossX will outsell the estate model it is replacing.


The 2018 Masada KestaVara JsX

Why buy a car, when you can buy an experience?


Friendly Reminder : Submissions will be over in 7 Hours.


Introducing the 2018 Mons Atlantis. Just one pic this time… where did time go this week?? :slight_smile:


Submissions are now officially closed.
Tommorow, Prelims 1 (and possibly also 2) will be released.


The 2018 Rhisuki Arano 3.0TR Onyx

The car was submitted before the deadline



The upcoming day
Ondra was already waiting outside, working at his own car, an old Isekai, a light duty truck that has been recently converted to a tow. The V-six rumble could be heard from many blocks away as the SC-R was making its way to Ondra’s house, arriving just on time.
After greetings, they went right to the table where few magazines were ready.
“Seriously?” Nik picked one of the magazines up “MotoAuto : Auta kterých se vyvarovat”
“Yeah, we need to know which are surely no” Ondra nodded
“Well, if you say so… no, that has a point” He opened the Magazine, and instantly knew that those cars are are really to be avoided. The first car was sight worth never being seen.

Platinum LP by @Rise_Comics

“I am now happy that i did not eat for a while” Ondra said, looking at the car
“Agreed” Nik nodded “They also say it is very uncomfortable, overpriced, and is one of the least safe cars out there. Also, it is black hole on fuel”
“Who even let this on market… Next!” Ondra shook his head, turning the page.

Binned, does not meet minimal requirements, and also is out of limits in PU

Alfora Angus by @Arvok1

“Hmm… this one does not look all that bad” Ondra said
“Yeah, but tends to suffer from brake failure, and the transmission is not exactly to rely on, plus, it suffers from pretty bad economy figures” Nik countered his idea
“And it looks like it costs a lot despite all that”

Does not pass into the finals

Everland Electus by @Damous

“The car apparently likes to oversteer hard” Nik read aloud
“Quite surprising, considering how slow it is” Ondra smirked a bit
A moment of laughter followed
“Hey, it is also very prone to rust… and is really unreliable”

Does not pass into the finals

Lemington Coupé by @MasterDoggo

“Another one that likes to oversteer” Ondra sighed
“Well, to top that, this car has one of the worse reliability index ratings” Nik continued to read
“Neither it is comfortable, or economical”
“I can see why they put it here” he nodded.

FWM Kei-Sport by @Vena.Sera423

“Very boring to drive, uncomfortable,and very slow” Nik read the words with bored look on his face
“But hey, at least it is pretty cheap” Ondra tried to intervene
“No, it really is not that cheap, maybe only cheap for its class” Nik flipped the page

Does not pass into the finals

Austerer Koenig by @conan and @z2bbgr

“Is that supposed to imitate that sportscar brand?”
“Would not be surprised” Nik looked at it briefly before returning to the text
“It has some production issues, and its safety is cheap and tends to have its moments, same for suspension”

Binned, over the PU limit

Vector E315 by @GetWrekt01

“This one is expensive to maintain, and is not exactly safe compared to other cars in the class”
“But hey, it is pretty quick, maybe it would be a decent track car”
“Yeah, sure… just try to buy it, it is over thirty-five”

Does not pass into the finals

Armor Valencia by @GassTiresandOil

“Looks decent”
“But is far from decent, it has five speed transmission, rusts fast, and tends to understeer”
“Looks like it is also boring to drive, and not really comfortable” Ondra added.
“Also, Look at the price, i do not think it is even from the same car class”

Does not pass into the finals

Samurai Sportiva GX-V by @Blocky550

“This one looks pretty good, well…except the colour”
“Yeah, but it is in here for a reason”
“And that is?” Ondra asked.
“Manual five-speed to front wheels, and overally, very sub-par car for how much they want for it”

Does not pass into the finals

Uranus Escape Coupe by @Hilbert

“Don’t” Nik did his best to not laugh “Please don’t”
“But hey, this car just handles like an ass” Ondra laughed
“Yeah, that is true… it has major flaw of heavily understeering at any higher speed”
“It’s not the best in styling department either, really”
“You could say it looks like an…”
“No!” Nik quickly flipped the page

Does not pass into the finals

KGB Familia by @Kyuu77

“It is again the same, driveability is not good, neither is comfort”
“But is very realiable” Ondra noted, trying his best to not compare it to the previous car by another pun
“That is quite admirable”
“Yeah, but that is all admirable about it, especially with that price tag”

Does not pass into the finals

Lynx City Prime by @mcp928 and @mat1476

“Okay, now something unique”
“I’m listening”
“This car is known for very cheap panels, and it is not very rain-proof thanks to that”
“It is also slow and handles bad”
“Yeah, clearly one to avoid”

Does not pass into the finals

Turbol J4 CrossX by @donutsnail

“This car seems to be pretty good… but has one major flaw”
“All alumnium… if something happens to the car, it is game over for the owner’s vallet”
“Sad, could have been a good car”
“I wanna add that, again, it is nothing exceptional visually”

Does not pass into the finals

Shromet Mystic by @DoctorNarfy

“Average car, very cheap axles, especially in brake and wheel areas. Would be surprised if this lasts one ride”
“And it just tries to look too edgy… has more sharp edges than brake failure recalls, which is surprising”

Does not pass into the finals

Albatross Turlock by @zschmeez

“This car does barely pass safety standards, definetely something you do not want to own”
“But at least it has very good economy”
“And is very cheap… but that was quite expected”

Does not pass into the finals

Yinzer Balaena Envira by @NoahC

“Looks pretty bad, and…”
Looking at the list of what all is wrong with this car, the guys silently flipped the page

Does not pass into the finals

FM HiWay by @Jaimz

“I think the name should be on radio” Ondra smiled
“Yeah, plus it suffers from the same problems as many cars here”
“Lack of designer?”
“No, low safety, bad economy, low comfort, and high upkeep”

Does not pass into the finals

Masada KestaVara by @Rezn.TM

“This seems to be the last one” Ondra said, relieved
“Yeah. And it is something we did not have here for long time… terrible economy, like seriosuly bad for a turbo car of this size” Nik nodded, having similar thoughts “Also, it is very boring to drive, and is barely average”

Does not pass into the finals

After putting the magazine down, the boys looked at each other in relief “It is over” Nik said “From now on, only the good and decent”
“Yeah, but before we go check those out, let’s go grab some pizza and drinks” Ondra noted
“Yeah, agreed” He went to his car, starting it, and just mumbling for fun
“Don’t you growl like that, you also have plenty of flaws”

To be continued

Thanks for participating! The second round will be up soon, likely tommorow for me.


No finalists yet after the first set of preliminaries? Our client must be a very picky man indeed - even more so than the last one. Then again, something in the next set of preliminaries might just tickle his fancy…


That’s a lot of binned cars lol. Now I don’t feel so bad being one of them. I’m confused, though. Rules said cheaper was better (high priority), but your comment made it seem that I went TOO cheap? I mean, I know my car had other problems. Just wondering.


I do think you missed point of these preliminaries.
They were to show all cars that got binned/hard not pass.

It was, to say, a bin list.
All cars that fit the criteria above are here.
Cars that are decent/do pass will be in round 2


Well, sort of yeah.
But it was so that your car matched cheaper car class, both in price and performance.


You dinged the Lynx for “handles bad,” what was the average drivability just out of curiosity? I thought high 60’s was pretty good for a not sport sedan. Outside that looking forward to seeing who won this thing, that first round was just a protracted nooooope festival.

Good luck to those still in the running.


Well, it was not exactly by that your driveability score would be that or that number.
I can fill you in after the competition ends, okay?
Along with spreadsheet


After short food break (Preliminaries, Round 2/3)

[ Round dedicated to cars that were sure to pass, Maybes will get their own round later this evening ]

Ondra and Nik sat down at the table again, this time bringing more magazines and two pizza crates.
“Okay, so this time, these are the good cars, right” Nik asked
“Exactly, … more like the better of the good though, and i already have four favorites in there”
“Will i like them too?”
“I think you will”
“Then let’s have a look”

BTM Panthera XH by @EddyBT

“Looks really good, okay… where is the catch” Nik asked sceptically
“Apart from the fact that it is turbo?” Ondra replied with his own question. “Turbo aside” Nik excluded it for now.
“None, really” Ondra said with a smile on his face
“This car handles extremely well, is fun to drive, and is far from being slow”
“It is one of the most comfortable cars on the market, and scored good on safety tests”
“How is it called”
“Panthera XH”
“Now you say that… it kinda reminds me of a panther”
“But eats far less than one… it gets under six and keeps there”

Passes into the finals

Milae Zenith-W by @Xepy

“Well, this one, Zenith W, it does not excel in handling or speed like the panthera”
“Makes me feel like it excels somewhere else” Nik said, knowing Ondra way too well
“Exactly, It has better economy, and the service costs are much easier on your wallet”
“Also, looks pretty spaceful, and here they write that it is well-known for it’s resistance to rust and other enviromental factors”
“So… a safe with wheels?”
“Pretty much… a very eco safe though”

Passes into the finals

RCM Atlantic GS by @thecarlover
[Sorry about different grilles, mod loading error, tried to maintain shape]

“Hmm… this one looks like a car for some boss”
“Agreed, and not only looks,it is a car befitting an important person”
“How so?”
“It is seriously reliable, has powerful Naturally Aspirated engine”
“Sounds very good”
“And as of handling, it can match up to the Panthera, but it is not that practical”
“Well, that is understandable”
“Anyways, i would like to go have a look on this one”
“Sure, we will check it out”

Passes into the Finals

Anhultz Mimas CE-XI by @Elizipeazie

“Does the Mimas ever change?”
“It does, but subtly”
“Well, anyways, if this one is as good as Mimas usually are, i can see it being one of your favorites”
“This generation did not amaze with some extra safety like some other cars in the mag, but it still is rated five stars”
“Is it as low-cost to upkeep as Mimas tend to be?”
“Then i am adding this to our list”

Passes into the finals

Thank you four for taking part, your cars were my “the (generally speaking) top picks” from the whole competition.
Now, since i do have something to attend to, while also wanting to give these four their own round.
Good luck in the finals!

[As said, the round for the Maybes will happen later this day]


CSR 111 Round 3

(I wanna say sorry for the lack of original images. My pc is being an ass again)

“So, the last mag, and then we go have look at the cars we picked” Nik took the last magazine on the table, flipping it open “This one is mixed, so pay attention, we will be making decisions”
“Okay, i would say that we narrow our selection to eight cars, that means four from this”
“And the four we already selected, i know”
“Then let’s get on with it”

Huangdou Haiyang by @yangx2

“A chinese huh?”
“Yeah, a very comfortable one, but also a slow one, and the exciment of driving this is not really anything to write about”
“They say here it handles pretty average, but that is nothing big”

“Agreed on yes?”

Passes into the finals

Kasai Shindai by @goblin95

“This thing has a V-twelve mounted transversly, powering the front wheels”
“Well, it is decent car, but kinda eats a lot, and is on the lower positions in safety rankings”
“Well, we already have one gas-guzzling machine at home”
“So no?”
“Yeah, we pass on this”

Does not pass into the Finals

Yamanote E530 by @Keikyun

“This one looks pretty good”
“Pretty good is quite the way to describe it, it is a jack of all trades, good in most, master in none”
“I see, so a… it is a car”
“Yes, but it is not even a cute little one to make up for the average performance”

“Well, i mean, we can check it out, it is still pretty good”
“Yes it is”

Passes into the finals

Susei AMC Eko by @Falling_Comet

“Another Japanese?”
“Yeah, and this one is of the better cars on the list”
“How so?”
“Well, it is naturally aspirated, achieves great economy, and overally is a great car”
“Well, there is still this major flaw to it as they write here”
“Umm, yeah, the setting by factory causes high tyre wear and cannot exactly load much”

“Well, nothing a kit and adjustment could not solve, we will give it a ride and see for ourselves”

Passes into the finals

Knightwick Prevance T25 by @mart1n2005

“Hmm… this car looks good, but is one of the worse here”
“How come? Suffers some big problems?”
“Yeah, the engine is a big problem there. Loses efficiency quickly, is slow to respond, and likes to lag a bit” Nik paused and then continued “The car itself is very expensive to maintain as well”
“Oh, i see, that would not be pleasant”

“We agree on no then?”
“We do”

Does not pass into the finals

Mons Atlantis by @cake_ape

“It is over the price”
“Oh, sorry man”
“Also, remember the Escape?”
“You mean, visually?. But hey, at least it is safe”

A surprise bin, Letho overlooked it when judging it

Rhisuki Arano by @Repti

“Look, another combi”
“Yeah, but for even more than the Panthera”
“Also, only thing it does better at is power at the wheels”
“Sounds like No is echoing inside your head”
“It really is”
“Shame it is overpriced, it looks really good”

Does not pass into the finals

BurgerFahrzeuge SLF by @Mikonp7

“This burger is one of the cheaper ones on the list”
“So are its options and performance”
“Also not very reliable”

“I think that is a all about it”

Does not pass into the finals

Yaman Vestige bt @Navara

“Indestructible car, that is what they say about it”
“Yeah, i heard it damaged the testing obstacle during crash tests… Twice”
“It looks really good”
“Yeah, there is this thing… it is quite a heavy boat as of handling… also, not the most comfy here”
“Nothing for Monika i guess, plus it is quite pricey”

Does not pass into the Finals

GEC GC3 by @abg7

“I am not sure about this one… you know, with how it looks”
“They say to not judge the book by the cover… we could at least look into what they say”
“Okay… it is average”
“I take as no”

Does not pass into the finals

Rosker SI6e by @MGR_99 and @Ryan93

“We buying luxury yachts?”
“Agreed, this looks like one… and even costs similar”
“Well, but it matches up to the price with the stats, in some it even beats our top four”
“Then it is decided, this is number eight on our list”

Passes into the finals

Thanks for taking part everybody, the grand finale is tommorow when i return home, stay tuned!


I will happily accept the preliminaries and final results taking up to a week to compile in total if it leads to a more detailed verdict for each entry, and ultimately a correct result. At any rate, I do not regret going for a FWD I4 setup on cost grounds - I originally planned an RWD I6 but abandoned that plan for being too close to the price ceiling for this round (and more expensive to run, although it was faster and more fun to drive).


CSR 111 - Finals.

“Ready to go?, bro, it is tour de dealership time” Ondra asked, finishing his slice of pizza"
“Before we go, i would like to check one more car. It was not in the magazine, but it looks pretty interesting”
“Okay, on with it” Ondra nodded and Nik pulled out his smartphone.
Hessenburg M2000T Kombi bt @BannedByAndroid

“Hmm, a quick peek into the reviews says no”
“The car is very low on comfort compared to other cars in the class, and same with driveability” Ondra listed in his own smartphone “That itself is already bad enough… but it gets worse. The service costs are the highest in the class, and the engine is nothing extra”
“Then, a clear no, makes sense it was not in the magazine”

Time for the finals

It was time to get into the Isekai (now equipped with a car transporter), and drive to the first dealership on the list.

The Yamanote dealership was huge, modern, and packed with cars. You could easily spot whole rows of just one make of vehicle, and they did seem to never end.

As they went in, they were greeted by a young assistant (Ondra could not keep his eyes off her)
After few greetings and jokes, they laid out their request.
“We would like to test drive one of the E530”
“Okay guys, I will be back right away.” she smiled and went for the car keys, forgetting to even check them for licence.

Once she got back she led them to one of the E530s and handed over the keys
“Please have fun, and return the car in one piece”

The car… was a car, it drove like a car, handled like a car, and accelerated like one.
100% a car. But it lacked that special something.
After returning it to the dealership (and Ondra exchaning numbers with the assistant), the guys decided it is time for the next dealership.

This car is beautiful if anything, with levels of safety usually found in armored vehicles. However, in every other area this car is just good; nothing more, nothing less. The only notable issues that could be found were the fairly high service costs, subpar braking and a lack of sportiness. If the car drove as well as it looks, it wouldn’t just be “a car”.

Sadly, not the one

Next on the list was a dealership of Susei AMC cars, with the target car being a small, sporty hatchback called The EKO.

“We would like to request a test drive of the EKO, if possible” Nik said as they arrived on the reception
“Your papers please then, driving licence and identity” Responded the lady at the reception, and after checking them, she handed them the keys for the car.
“It is the white one in on the parking lot”
“Thanks” said the guys as they headed off to check out the EKO.

As they arrived on the parking lot, the first thing they checked were the tyres.
They were correct with their assumptions, the car head worn inner side of the tyres, while the outer one was practically new. They exchanged worried looks and got into the car.

The car felt easily driveable, yet liked to shoot the rear out when possible… somehow, since the car was not exactly fastest accelerating. Yet, contrary to it’s looks, it did not feel any extra sporty.
It felt like a bit more active regular hatchback.

However, the decision was made once the car was brought to a stop.
Just after a while of fun driving, the tyres were considerably worn.
The car would change tyres as socks, and that is a no.

It’s quite reassuring that this car is very good when it comes to safety, since safety is exactly what you are going to need when you inevitably crash it into a tree (other static objects are available). Whilst the car does have a fairly high top speed, the slightly underpowered engine doesn’t get it there with any urgency. That doesn’t really matter though, when you consider the rather dubious reliability offered.

It was time to return the EKO and go for another on the list. The Huangdou.

Not the one


The dealership was similar to one of the Yamanote, a big, modern building with company name and logo on it. Rows of futuristic-looking chinese cars were lined up outside, and the building itself gave off pretty futuristic, yet subtle feeling.

“One test drive for the Haiyang please, i called earlier about it” Nik announced himself at the reception
“Yes sir, your licence please” “Mhm” “Here are the keys”
Nik happily took the keys and went to the test drive vehicle.

Upon pressing the gas pedal, it could be called a big disappointment. The car went in “slowly but surely” pace, and was not nearly as exciting in handling and general driveability as it looked.
“That’s not it, right?” Ondra asked from the passenger seat “I know you are used to four seconds to hundred, but this feels slow even for me”

After slow, yet very comfortable ride, they returned the car and keys and proceeded towards the next dealership.

Upon taking the Huangdou out for a test drive, it immediately became apparent that it had little in the way of acceleration or speed; the lack of acceleration not being found in many of the other cars being considered. On the plus side, it is quite cheap and good value for money, especially when considering the comfort and space offered. Service costs are low and reliability fairly good also.

Other than that, the word “decent” pretty much sums up the car better than anything else.

Not the one

Next on the list was the dealership of RCM.
Saying that it looked like literally any other dealership of current era would be redundant, so we just skip it.

The same procedure again, licence please, keys and up for the ride.
It was just the fourth car, but Nik already had it in head like on repeat.

The car they were to drive was a slightly dull-looking gray sedan.
But the first problem came up without the car even moving.
The seats, the whole interior in fact, felt like massive downgrade from other cars
They took it for a quick round around the dealership, but soon returned it, almost feeling relieved.
“This should have not been on the favorites list” Ondra sighed, stretching
“Agreed, but at least you see that nothing beats personal experience”

This car is the sole reason that the Huangdou isn’t the slowest car here, mainly because this car is exactly as slow as it. On the plus side however, it does offer levels of safety to rival the E530. Handling is also very good, possibly one of the best handling cars here. Whilst this car may have some of the lowest service costs of any entry, the lack of anything known as “comfort” lets it down massively. This may have been excusable were it not for it costing just as much as the other cars.

No, this one is not The One either

The next dealership whas the Milae one.
Change of the general style was pleasant, but the procedure was the same.
At this point, jokes on “Papers please” started to appear.

During the test drive, the car handled well, but liked to oversteer when given the chance.
It was very comfortable, which was a pleasant change compared to the earlier car.
Decently fast, and overall a good car.

But after a while, something unpleasant started to happen squeak squeak during hard braking.
And once the automatic transmission started to misbehave during some situations, it was clear that this will sadly not be the car that will go home with them.

It was once again time to return it and go look into another dealership.

The auto transmission really lets this car down when it comes to sportiness; though it does allow the driver to deal with the oversteer without changing gear. As a result, the driveability isn’t terrible, but it isn’t excellent either. However, the speed and acceleration on offer here is more than sufficient compared to some of the other cars. Comfort isn’t great, but it isn’t anywhere near as bad as the RCM. This combined with the fairly average level of safety definitely make this a good car.

Still not the one

@MGR_99 and @Ryan93
The next dealership was the Rosker.
It left lasting expression on both, compared to any other dealership, this one felt like you are in some sort of millionaire club, even though you are buying a 36,5k car.

The approach to the test drive was also very different, way more professional than in the other dealerships. Both Nik and Ondra almost felt ashamed they did not come in a suit.

The car itself also felt way different during the test drive. The three-liter engine mated with seven-speed automatic transmission ran very smooth that the only real letdown was the open differential. The car cut corners only on the road, the whole car felt very well-made.
However, the rear-wheel drive and over-steering handling, combined with powerful engine made it a car for someone with experience behind the wheel.
The interior was very comfortable, and so was the suspension.
This car could easily be a limo.

While it was clear that this car will not be Monika’s new car, a small man-to-machine promise was made between Nikolas and the car. “I will return for you”

This car is able to achieve a level of speed and acceleration much higher than most of the competition, though only with the right driver; so sadly not much use in this instance, as Monika just won’t enjoy driving it. Similar comfort to the Huangdou, which is more than sufficient for what Monika needs. The car is also fairly reliable, which means the slightly above average service costs aren’t much of an issue.This one is also on the more expensive end of the scale too.
Overall, should the open diff and oversteer be sorted out, the car would perform much better.

Not the one

The Anhultz dealership was well known to Nikolas, time spent there when he was on the racing academy, always buying new parts there after he took another car, or sometimes a fence with him when he lost control over the car. Sweet memories.

Back now, he was greeted by name by the receptionist.
“Your keys nik, and don’t crash it” The receptionist smiled and handed his old friend the keys.

The car felt familiar to him, the sharp handling which just screams “kick it!” anytime the rear differential locks. Overally, the car was balanced, swift, handles sharp, and is decently comfortable.
Nothing like the Rosker, but good enough.
The economy it got was a pleasant surprise.

But then it is the same again, for Nik, a good car.
For Monika, possible nightmare to drive, if this should lock on her during a slide, the subpar safety would make quick process with her.

Again, this car has similar levels of comfort to the Rosker and Huangdou; little to complain about in that regard. Slightly below average when it comes to reliability, so there’s definitely room for improvement there; the acceptable service costs do offset this somewhat. The same can also be said for the safety, which is subpar as well. Some of the best economy stats in the competition here also, which is a bonus. Overall a decent car, but has some obvious shortcomings in certain areas; better value for money would do this car some good.

Still not the One

The last car on the list, and the top one on favorite list.
A FWD combi known for excellent handling.
The BTM dealership was right ahead of them.

The large glass building was visible even from across the street, and the rows of Pantheras made Nik wonder which one will go on a test drive with them.

Then the standard procedure came. Papers please.
Nik took the keys and headed towards the designated car.
The sleek combi was looking great already from a distance, and it was only better close-up.

The two-point-two liter inline five started to pleasantly purr after Nik pressed the start button and the screens came to life. The car was extremely comfortable, and accelerated fast as soon as the gas pedal was pressed, and the handling was responsive and agile, not oversteery, not understeery, just on point.
When the test drive was meant to be over, they almost did not want to leave the car.

It was clear that no matter the driver, this car quickly becomes one’s favorite.
And so the choice was made.

This is the one

So many places to start with this car, but let’s choose handling. It’s great, can hardly fault the handling at both high and low speeds. The economy isn’t the best here, yet is more than acceptable in this case. It’s extremely comfortable as well, which makes for a relaxing and easy driving when combined with good handling and a smooth 6 speed advanced automatic. Just like with the economy, whilst not the best, safety is definitely not lacking when compared to most of the cars. However, the geared diff and good handling allow for sportiness where needed, which is a welcome bonus here. Only thing that could definitely be improved is the moderately high service costs. With all this being achieved in a car that doesn’t break the bank, it’s easy to see why it’s the right choice at the end of the day.

Standings :

  1. @EddyBT
  2. @MGR_99 and @Ryan93.
  3. @Elizipeazie
  4. @Xepy
  5. @Keikyun
  6. @yangx2
  7. @Falling_Comet
  8. @thecarlover

Thanks to everybody who took part in this round.
Also, I want to say sorry to @BannedByAndroid. I hope the late review did not bother you too much.
(but that is why we pm hosts on discourse, not discord)

(I will follow up with some epilogue soon.)

CSR 112: A Railroader's Shooting Star

Whew, talk about going out with a bang! I was sure I was going to get instabinned for using partial aluminum panels. Gg to everyone, and thank you Letho for putting in the time to host this round for all of us! Hopefully I’ll have time to participate in the next one.

Of course, hosting will need to be passed down as time is something I do not have much of currently. MGR host? :eyes:


MGR passed hosting to me via Discord.

and i will pass it to @xepy
(even tho i started setting up the riles and such)

i prolly won’t be ablt to find the time for hosting (especially considering that i don’t want it to be as mediocre as CSR 77)