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CSR 111 - You make my heart beat


Sorry, I’ve been pretty busy and just got around to even seeing the results lol

I’ll be passing over to @Keikyun if he’s interested.

Good round though, I enjoyed it.


So uh, any updates on the new round?


By the law of Scott Adams, in the book of Dilbert, you brought attention to the issue, and therefore are liable to resolve it. Have fun hosting.

Actually, I have no idea. Somebody must have a way to get in touch with @Keikyun and see if they can host. Is anything in the CSR established for an invite expiring? If so maybe @yangx2, but I think he is at school or traveling or something… Has the hosting ever fallen out of the winners bracket before?


@goblin95 @mcp928 Kei has told us in discord that he’d be hosting CSR 112 and he has been preparing all the necessary stuff for it. He probably forgot to update you guys here. Just wait a bit longer and he’ll be here with a new CSR


I confirm, I am hosting CSR 112.
Thank you, this round was great!