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CSR 112: A Railroader's Shooting Star


Introducing the Genericar Delivery!

I'll be honest I made this car for a video in 1 hour and convieniently challenge existed.

Also I really need a better company name.


1984 Chupacabra Santiago

Bed cover available for $80 US.


How about Highland for a company name?


Entry is now open!

Suggestions closed. Rules are now final!


1985 Kiyume Runner Flexyline

“You always get more in a Kiyume”


The 1985 model year Knight-Freight Packer medium sized delivery van from Knightwick Motors

Model shown below is fitted with optional 3.5L V8 and 4 speed automatic gearbox

Promotional shots of model with optional colour coded bumpers

Model with Britrak livery


Get Sherbet Van for your service.



The latest iteration of the Arkadus Amigo is a step into the future, whilst not forgetting the tried and reliable methods of the past

Featuring game changing technologies like Multi-Point electrical fuel injection and Galvanised partial monocoque chassis, the Arkadus Amigo is a true beast of reliability.

The advanced new fuel injection system compliments a solid iron block 2.5 Litre 4 cylinder, putting out 115 British horses at 5000 RPM and 142Ft-lb at 2500 RPM. It uses the tried and tested Direct Acting OverHead Valve system to reduce moving parts and therefore wear, as well as completely forged internals.
This engine will happily run on either Superleaded 98 or Unleaded 95, to futureproof your Arkadus van fleet.

Weighing only 1333 Kilograms, this van is capable of carrying up to 2050Kg in the rear, as well as two happy workers. This is achieved by using the latest in chassis construction techniques, using a partial monocoque for enhanced rigidity as well as weight saving.

The Arkadus Amigo is designed from the ground up to be a reliable, dependable machine; and the Workvan package comes with no frills, nothing to break and go wrong; at a price you can’t beat.




KGB Heavy Industries proudly presents the brand new KGB-H Ursus Hi-Capacity.

Delivering 165 lb-ft of torque @ 2500rpm through our brand new 2.8L SOHC Inline-4 engine to the rear wheels, the Ursus is comfortably capable of hauling 2820kg.

On this model we are dedicated to ruggedness, keeping parts simple and accessible to ensure ease of servicing and minimising risk of failure. The interior is designed for maximising long-distance comfort as simply as reliably as possible, premium materials dressing every surface.

The ursus is endlessly capable in the right hands, can your company’s demand keep up with it’s potential?

RRP $15,000


Refreshed for 1985; The LAIN 1200-2

With a capable 2L I4, the improved 1200-2 is sure to impress, with tantalizing features including (But not limited to):

  • Electronic Fuel Injection
  • Partial Aluminum Body Panels
  • ABS
  • 4x4 Drivetrain with Manual Differential
  • Galvanized Steel Chassis
  • Over 3000L of Cargo Volume
  • 0-60 MPH in less than 14 seconds
  • Light weight meaning impressive MPG
  • And much more!

Visit your local LAIN dealer today to see why people just love the 1200-2!


1985 Huangdou GX629

5.22 metres of communist fun


The BF Boyd Highroof uses an inline six to power the front wheels for more predictable traction in any environment.


1985 Atera Daisen Van


1983 Pemhall A50 Mk2

The 1983 facelift includes:
Electronic fuel injection
Updated styling
Increased load capacity
More powerful and efficient engine
Improved safety
Average combined MPG estimates: 21.8 MPG US

Thatcher Approved

Thatcher approves of this vehicle

(Yes i know this is a 1985 challenge but the facelift came out in 1983 in my lore)


'85 Gordan SSV-Mk3

Gordan Backstory

Founded in 1915 Gordan was a British specialised vehicle manufacturer. Having various success in the early 1900’s with their trucks and vans they became rather successful. In 1970 they were aquired by another British Auto-maker LLA, in attempt to compete with Ford and Leyland. This was when the Special Service Vehichle (SSV for short) was concieved. Finally reaching production in '72 the SSV has gone into service all over the world, thanks to it’s 4x4 powertrain and reliable engine options, from a small inline 4 to the meaty v8

The MK3 SSV shown above is available from £14,500 per unit. Each comes withe the Fuel Injected LLA Bampton V6, 4 Wheel Drive, Beacon Lights, Power Steering, Roof Rack, Sportlights Front and Rear, Winch and 4 seats (2 Full in front + 2 Folding in Rear)


1985 Morton Maxivan

Model shown below is 2.4 Auto, starting from 14,700 pounds sterling.

Make your job easier with our all-new Maxivan, in stock at dealers across Great Britain now.

Standard features include:

  • A reliable and economical 2.4-litre SOHC inline-4 capable of using 95RON (unleaded) or 98RON (leaded) and delivering 118 horsepower to the front wheels via either a 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic gearbox.

  • Fully galvanised ladder chassis with corrosion-resistant bodywork for unrivaled longevity and durability.

  • All-new Morton Transverse Commercial (MTC) platform with transversely mounted engine and fully independent front suspension for improved comfort and drivability over traditional dual live axle platforms.

  • Over 4,000 litres of cargo space with a load capacity of 2 metric tons ensures the Maxivan can swallow even the largest, heaviest loads with ease.

Please contact your dealer for further information, including test drive inquiries.


Low effort ad for a low-effort car. I may or may not edit this to be a little mor eintricate if i feel like it.

The Anhultz Dione XII Entrante.



*Automóviles Hispánicos Bloosear official release. Not intended for virtual recreation/usage.

We’re happy to announce a very special vehicle for us, something so cheap but so practical it’ll be the last automobile that you’ll ever need. We present to you…

As you’ve read, it’s a derivated vehicle. It doesn’t mean that it’s as small inside as a subcompact and big on the outside as a van, but totally backwards.
The M2 was a concept in our office, not meant to be released, but we liked it so much that we started working on it. As you can clearly see, it has more than enough space in the trunk to hold anything you need to put in, while also having the small and agile base of the Vimen. The still lasting basic materials of the inside have been arranged in a different way, to make the interior more inhabitable and easier to repair in the unlikely event that something breaks.

Powered by the Q14MPiSO4 or the Q20MPiSO4, it’s plenty of power to deliver. When paired with the PSM217 gearbox, the smoothness of the ride and comfort makes this van a paradise to be in.

M2-1400 specifications

1399cc 68hp 117Nm engine (Q14MPiSO4)
5-speed manual with overdrive (PSM217)
B-Sidejection Multi Point EFI (developed by Bloosear)
Double Wishbones (front suspension)
Torsion Beam (with stabilising bars and self-levelling height)
Progressive strenght springs all-around


The 1985 Hokuto AdVance.

The van you might need for when you need a van. Featuring an 2.5L I6 and some styling, this van is good for putting things in and driving them about. Purchase it.