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CSR 112: A Railroader's Shooting Star


1985 AAU JY615 sold internationally as the M2800 GV via the Anikatia International Vehicle Export Corporation better known as Chalyang Export. It is was a forward control passenger and cargo van and it was powered by the MCP-D1I6GE2799N-GJH-H a 2.8-liter 6-cylinder petrol engine that made 105hp from the same engine venerable Maesima MCP engine family that notably powered the Maesima NRZ sports cars detuned for utility duties. The JY615 replaced the eariler JY614 which itself replaced the original JY73.

Britrak livery


Neko SX-1 2-VD

Move everything, everywhere


1985 NCP Shuttle Utility

The finest utilitarian Soviet engineering, now available in the UK for only £10,100.


1985 Warren XLT Utility Van

Powertrain by @mcp928
Design by @mat1476

See more


The 1985 Earl Prancer Van
Now available in the United Kingdom, assembled as a CKD in Little Whinging, Surrey.




Due to unforseen situations, arrival will be delayed.

Tochigi Express Railway is very sorry for your inconvenience.


Looks like a lot of entries for this round. Good luck to all!


Do you know how to drive a car? Because if you do, you absolutely know how to drive this truck. Unlike many other offers in the market, the new Boulanger Dakar makes driving a pickup truck a breeze. The automatic differential ensures traction to overcome any obstacle thrown at it, while presenting no problem when driving on a road and needing no extra input from the driver. Our VariSteer power steering ensures comfortable, almost car-like handling; making it easy to steer at low speeds to maneuver, but also enhancing stability at highway speeds and eliminating steering wheel jerkiness.

So is it a car that looks like a truck? Wrong! The Dakar is more than capable! It weighs only 1200kg thanks to the advanced chassis, but it is rated for 1250kg, more than many people will even be able to fit in the bed! It truly is an all-around work vehicle, perfect to gain a competitive edge for your company.

There are many who have misgivings about the price. But try it, and we can assure you it will be more than worth the difference. Sure, you could buy a slightly cheaper truck that is pretty much 4 wheels, 2 solid axles, and a basic frame that will rust in no time. With the Dakar you’d be buying quality, you’d be buying a rust-resistant vehicle that can do the same if not more. You’d be buying solutions instead of years’ worth of grumbling with an unruly vehicle.

New 1984 model. Available in double and single cab, both 4x2 and 4x4
Pic of the rear


1985 Rhisuki Bouken Delivery


The Rhisuki Bouken B20 Delivery is a van based off the Boouken truck. This means it utilizes the 2.0L Rhisuki Boxer (UB201) for maximum reliability and constant torque delivery. Along side the engine is a 4-speed manual transmission designed to get optimal mileage (23.7 mpg(US). It also has the benefit if being paired with the Bouken’s optional 4x4 with manual lockers for difficult situations where 2 wheel drive would get stuck.

The Bouken’s solid rear leaf suspension allows 1039kg to be loaded in the back. While it may be tight on space due to it’s size, it allows for greater gas mileage and steering ability in tighter spaces, especially with the addition of power steering.

Comfort is not an objective when it comes to the Bouken. The interior is rather basic paired with a very standard 8 track and FM/AM radio with dual speakers. While it is not the finest interior is assures maximum affordability when it comes to buying as a fleet. Suspension was designed to assure that the ride at the very least is not unbearable at the very least.


Any ETA on the results?


This is the railway, it’s always delayed unless you’re in Japan (and we’re not…)


I took this to mean that the host has a lot more work commitments than expected, and as such needs more time than usual to compile all the reviews and results.


Yup, I totally get that but we’ve had absolutely nothing for 6 days.

@Keikyun - Do you have any idea when we can expect something?


I don’t know how many entrants we have but I think it’s about 40 - that is a lot even for CSR. The problem is that the requirements were rather loose compared to the last rounds before so more people entered.
As a CSR host you must be very nitpicking to find a winner and throw many good cars in the trashcan without hesitation. Something I could not do and he is maybe facing this problem right now. Imo the time requirements for a CSR host are too strict. One complete week should be the regular case for the host. Nevertheless it would be nice to have the hall of shame this weekend as sorting out cars not being compliant with rules is done very fast and easy in comparison.


I think generally speaking we’re a pretty lenient bunch provided you keep up communications and let us know what, if and any, delays you face. Just saying “it’s delayed due to” we understand that this is a video game and that real life comes first. I don’t think anywhere is the one week rule set in stone, it’s just a rule of thumb. If a hosts anticipates needing more time, they’re pretty free to add that time. And if the delays are unexpected, thats fine too so long as we have contact with them that they’re working on it and not dead.



Due to irl issues… and my mental health… delays continued.

I am really sorry to disappoint you and waste your time, but I felt it would probably extend indefinitely.
Thank you all… I suppose.


dont worry man, treat yourself to a nice break


No problem, it’s better to have an increased delay for when you’re comfortable doing it, rather than rushing out something you don’t even want to do. Reviews, and all writing really, I think rewards a healthy mindset and doing something at the right time, which is exactly what you are doing. That right time just happens to be later.


I love how supportive this community is.

I’ll jump on the band wagon: take your time. This can wait — mental health can’t, I know that for certain. Take care of yourself, Kei :heart:


Don’t worry man, in the end it’s all about you. Get well soon Kei!