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CSR 112: A Railroader's Shooting Star


I have a suggestion for CSR that might ease this issue in the future:

In other (unrelated) competitions elsewhere I’ve seen it done where the rounds are staggered alongside each other, rather than one after another.

For example, the winner of CSR 112 would host 114, and in the meantime, CSR 113 would be underway to determine the host of 115. Basically, every winner hosts not the next round, but the one after. Not only would that allow a winner more time to come up with a theme, but once submissions close, there would always be another round open to start working on.

I think that could relieve some of the pressure from running this stuff, as it can be pretty time intensive, and I imagine many of us have other commitments without a ton of free time.


I would have never built that neat little micro van without this competition, and I have that for the game, so ty.

  1. Take care of yourself! Been there, done that, and it’s nothing to take lightly or ignore.

  2. Even though I never submitted (because of visual design concerns), I would like to thank you for an interesting ruleset, for which I did still create a model that would have qualified. How well it would have done as the sole FWD pickup offering, who knows. :slight_smile:


One Honda Ridgeline is enough (unfortunately we have the Ram Promaster, filling in the FWD van segment too). casually “boos” to all FWD. Front engine with rear drive all day every day (exceptions only for 4x4, and AWD with FR layout) :slight_smile:


I remember this comment from CSR38, over two years ago:

It reminded me why so few pickup trucks are built on FWD platforms - they simply don’t have enough load capacity for the utility role.

Edit: @mcp928 you should treat a FWD car converted into a ute as a coupe with a much larger trunk than usual - where the rear seats used to be.


So… you are saying this wouldn’t count? Even if I use a AWD TDI wagon for a donor?

I know it would not be a “real” truck, but it would make a good buzz about/errand runner, even if it is FWD.

edit: @abg7 That is a good description. The Smyth conversions are mostly a novelty, they should be good for around 400KG in the bed, but I would not use one for a utility vehicle on a regular basis. I just think it is a cool kit car.


Dodge Rampage
Sure, it’s no Econoline van, but it was cool in the day. Oh, and then there’s this:
When I worked at a NAPA store they had a whole fleet of these for running parts.


The Transit/Tourneo Connect is probably one of my favourite small vans on the market. Hot Wheels even did a customised one for one SEMA show that was supposed to be a model with a trailer like a Trackin’ Truck, but it got dropped down to just the van as a basic model.

I’ve been wanting a modern Transit Connect to be a body in Automation for a long time now.


This is true… don’t know why it hasn’t been offered yet myself.


I actually work at a Ford dealer, and have had the opportunity to become very familiar with the Transit and Connect. I have compared them to a Express City, and the mini Pro Master (we get used cars), the mini transit connect is by far better made. I’m not bragging on Ford (ask any mechanic, we don’t talk up brands, just favorites). Generally they have the 2.0L N/A gas, and we basically don’t see that engine for service (in any vehicle). Worst issue they have is oil leaks, but no mechanical issues. The front suspension is very stout, and the rear is a basic torsion arm. The platform is similar to the Escape/Kuga, but the Escape frame is so thin and weak by comparison.

Best description, the Transit Connect is the only mini (small) van (commercial vehicle) you can get today. Ironically, the same job has me HATING the full size Transit. In the interest of avoiding rant I’ll stop there. I miss the Econoline for the full size van, an E-150 with a 3.7 (or even a 3.5 Eco) and the 6R80 would make an excellent vehicle. But no… Transit…

Word of experience, the old square body Connect, just don’t. The new (current) ones are much better.


I use to work at Ford also. The Transit Connect is pretty good for what it is. Probably the most popular in today’s utility van market. My dealer also had the Transit Connect as a customer shuttle.


This was what I had in mind doing this exercise. It was actually a half-ton rated ute, and I can tell you from experience… with good reason. With some creative impromptu bed stakes, we moved almost a full cord of wood in one trip. Weight wasn’t an issue, either. Considering how small it is (and that it got 30+ MPG), not bad at all. Well, other than the Chrysler build quality.


CSR 112: [Ute Discussion Thread]




Just to stir some conversation while Kei recovers:

As letto pointed out a Coupe Utility (ute) is commonly a single cab with attached bed. However, both the Chevrolet Avalanche with a single body and four doors, and the Ford Sport Trac with a 4-door cab, and separate bed are called SUT or sport utility truck as opposed to the more traditional SUV or sport utility vehicle. The Hummer H2, with its under 2’ bed was also available in a SUT configuration, but not convertible like the Avalanche.

How would these vehicles fit into the Ute family? Speaking of Hummer, lets throw in the H1 too since the rear doors can be replaced with panels (see M998 2-door) for a longer bed on the same body tub as the 4-door open top, or turtle back configuration (the H1 wagon was civilian sales only). Would the H1 count as a Ute, or does its military status make it a specialty vehicle? What non-American Utes can the throw in here (I know they are more common in Australia, America gave up after the El Camino, and Ranchero).


No one here is mentioning the best truck, the Chevrolet ssr


Cadillac Escalade also had a SUT: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cadillac_Escalade


It’s a Dual-cab Ute, mate! :stuck_out_tongue:



So as per the discussion in the Discord thread it came to my attention that there was a hold up.

I’m not sure what kei decided to do in the end, but in short I figured that holding things in limbo would only drag things out. So I suggested a 48 hour ultimatum where if no results were posted and the round decided somehow I’d just make the executive decision to close it. In these situations we used to hold a poll to decide the next round but we may do it differently this time, hopefully we won’t have to cross that bridge.

At any rate I’ll just start the 48 hour timer now.


Announcement regarding CSR:

I decided to cancel it. Seeing as rl things get in the way, and how it turned out so tedious to judge… it’s officially done for.
I am sorry to wasted your time.
Thank you for entering.