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CSR 113: Here come the Imports!


It’s all about the feel of the car. I never really judged two cars exactly the same, always by what they were, and how I imagined he’d like them to feel. If it’s a sporty coupe, Dan expects more power and style. Either way, if the engine produced enough torque down low and the gearing was short enough to throw him back in his seat, he never really pushed it to redline. The winning car went from 0-60 in 10 seconds and that was on the slower side of the list. If he really needed to rev the engine out to get the car to move, redline mattered more.
Lastly, there was hardly ever one issue that was a deal breaker for Dan. It was the culmination of things that cars did or didn’t do. So, if Yang’s car was just as good as it is right now, but had the Horizon’s redline issue, it may still have won. It was just a list of the grievences he noticed during a test drive.


Congrats @yangx2, I find it hilariously ironic that the proud American boomer is driving a Communist car during the 1980s, a rather contentious time for the Cold War - although at least PRC itself had time to improve its relations with the US during the Nixon administration in the early 1970’s


It’s the part of him that thinks my-lenials are ruining this country with their entitlement, but God help anybody that dares touch his social security! It’ll be fine for a couple more years until nothing happens in 1989…


It’s time for George!


@DoctorNarfy is there any reason you skipped me in the finals or did you just forget?
I didn’t use any mods or anything
It’s just my first competition so I wanna know if I screwed something up


Yes hello

First of all, congrats @yangx2 for winning!

I should be able to host, but it will be Monday before I am able to get anything up and running for CSR114.


Yeah. Dan judged my car as a “sports” car even though it was a personal luxury car, and was mad at it for going 0-60 in 10 seconds.


Luxury cars aren’t slow, they still need some poke.


Personal luxury cars were often extremely slow at this time. It was right after two fuel crises. 10 seconds is obnoxiously fast in real life, and “fair” by other entries standards, and my fuel economy was pretty good, even compared to many smaller entries in this challenge.

Dan expected a muscle car because of the body. He didn’t realize the point was it was comfortable, efficient, and handled well. It wasn’t meant to tear up the dragstrip. And he was also really really weird for the time, because everyone thought front wheel drive was amazing and modern, and rear wheel drive was old fashioned.


CSR114 is now live!