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CSR 113: Here come the Imports!


1985 Honghu BF766

What is the communist I have never heard of the communism we are the socialism

Why do I still try


From England, the Vincer 320 LXi


I like the rover-esque styling and it’s really impressive with how simple means you gave the car a lot of credibility. I wanted to let the Reliant 320 more or less like this but failed.


Yaman Trace HT, 1985

Boring Car


1985 ACA Traveller

Buy smart, Buy American


1985 EmmsWorth Regina ZW

It’s a car, it’s a van… It’s a WAGON!

I don’t know, actually.

Huehue show butt


US-Exclusive 1985 Tanaka Crezta 2.5 L Royale

More 80s Japanese Boxiness...


Turból Preveza 2.8 LE

Traditional luxury with modern twists.

The Preveza Landau Edition ups the ante for midsize luxury sedans.

-Four wheel independent suspension
-Four wheel disc brakes
-Alloy wheels
-Electronically controlled console-shift automatic transmission with overdrive
-Electronic multi-point fuel injection and turbocharger


1985 Ninomiya Trinity F

Sense of luxury and modernness. With a high-grade audio system and and an EFI engine. Starting from 26,000 AMU.

More Pictures!


More Pics


Razor Bluejay Break

European styling, Japanese reliability, American comfort. Just ignore the warning lights.


The 4th-generation Rigore Angeles, introduced in 1981, was facelifted for the 1985 model year with new engines and a digital tachometer. The advertisement campaign heavily drew inspiration from early 20th centry French Art Nouveau and German Plakatstil art movements to emphasize its European-inspired design, although it was styled, built, and assembled in America.

More Photos

Rigore Automotive Historical Collection

1985 Rhisuki Kuesa

Some more 80s

Windshield Wiper-less Edition (original pics)

Rims changed


I’m going to get so binned this round lol. But here it goes anyways. Perhaps the dude decides he wants a premium/luxury car on the spot if the price is right, idk.

Introducing the brand-new Boulanger Corinthe Cutting-edge technology at your fingertips (ETSI 19 version now available for $26,000 MSRP)

There are times in life when you have to make decisions. Many such decisions boil down to “do I put in the minimum required effort to deal with this problem, or do I go the extra mile and do things WELL?”. When making this car we thought it’d be insulting to offer you 4 wheels that merely get people from A to B. No, no, you deserve better than that, much better. In an era of so much technology, it’d be preposterous to offer something so utterly basic and mediocre.

So we gave it our all, and here you have it! The new Boulanger Corinthe, for anything you might need. At last, this sleek design is now our first car available in America with stylish composite headlights, which combined with the beautifully sculpted body make for a head-turning vehicle in a sea of genericity. But there’s so much more than merely the looks!

The engine, newly developed for this car, is our most advanced to date. 16 valves, multi-point electronic fuel injection, and turbocharger, all of that ensures good fuel economy for these times of rising fuel prices, without sacrificing power. And, all of that in a compact 1.9L package that does so much more with so much less. We just don’t need to give it a larger engine!

This car will also show you a whole new level of driving comfort. Spacious interior with comfy leather seats, VariSteer variable power steering, and of course: active hydropneumatic suspension which ensures a ride like no other, gently soaring over any bump you may encounter. A unique experience, you can have what is practically a luxury car, for a very reasonable price.

Ask for a test drive at your nearest dealership, and see for yourself: it is worth every dollar to go for the uncompromising option. There will be no turning back. Book a test drive today!
Other pics


1985 Albatross Ventura

It's a FWD V8 Personal Luxury Coupe. How Original.

I know the body’s an anachronism but I had already done design and I didn’t want to start over so here it is.




1985 Atera Kobe Coupe


Hey guys. This is my first time entering a comp in years. Is there anything I should know? General Rules? Naming criteria? etc?
What’s the “Minmax” thing that’s banned?
sorry for so many questions. I just don’t want to waste the host’s time by getting it wrong
Here’s the car I’m working on for this


General rules are pretty much summed up in the OP

Minmax = things that fit the ET/PU/cost limitations but not realistic for the time period

When naming your .car file, you name it like so

Model - CSR 113 {your username}
Trim - {whatever car name you want}
Engine family - CSR 113 {your username}
Engine variant - {whatever engine name you want}


Minimax refers to choices of tech or use of quality sliders to get good stats in a way not true to real life. Putting certain sliders to -15 and others to +10 would be considered that, or combining a premium interior with no radio, using race intakes on a road car, a V12 FWD economy car, etc. It’s somewhat subjective; you can ask on the discord if you’re unsure about a particular example.

As for the naming system:
Car family name: CSR113 - (your username)
Car trim name: (your car’s full name)
Engine family name: CSR113 - (your username)
Engine trim name: (your engine’s full name)