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CSR 113: Here come the Imports!


man, and i thought mine was a bit too 90s. this is just a different type of futuristic


What the last picture reminds me of lol


1985 Cascadia Garu GT-C

It’s time to take a drive in the next generation of Cascadia sportscars! Using the cutting edge RCM Alu4 engine producing 130 hp, the Garu has all the power it needs to hold its own on American roads while still returning 22 MPG. The GT-C trim offers all the touring comfort you could want without sacrificing handling, and all for $23,300.


Well done! Futuristic, but still believable.


Yours for just $20,600


Introducing the Letto Aquila 68 Carro, a 4x4 wagon powered by our ALI6LE-26ST Engine that makes 140 lb-ft@3400 & 111hp@5800hp & mated to our Hydro-Turbo 521 3 speed transmission it is capable of 13.3L/100km (about 17.7 US MPG or 21.2 Imperial MPG). It can be yours for just $25300:

                                 Premium Everyday 
                              Sporty on the weekends
                                 Nagoya Osprey XS

Featuring for North America, a 2.5 liter Box 4, 5 speed overdrive transmission, and AM/FM cassette, all for AMU$19,900


1985 Seishido Eccelsa 2.0 GLS

($8.549 = AMU$17.500)


I’ll write the preliminaries over the weekend. Expect them hopefully by Monday.


Sorry for the 13 minute overtime submission, my PC decided to straight up die 20 mins before the deadline and it literally takes forever to get it back up and running.

I wasn’t aware there was another 80s CSR up untill yesterday, so i’ve had roughly 24 hours to put this car together. I just hope I didn’t spend too much time on the Design in comparison to the. Since it’s already overtime I’m not going to have a very put together ad at the moment, so I hope the car does the talking.

Introducing: The 1985 Vitesse Elysees 2.0 RX, The stylish premium compact car from France Fruinia Imported to Gasmea for the Consumers that want something European.

It has a 2.0 Liter Longitudinally Mounted Inline-4 Producing ~115 hp and a Very Reasonable Fuel Economy of 22 US MPG.

Can quotex build a car in a day? Yes, but he probably shouldn’t :eyes:


This looks like an insane amount of effort. Just, wow!


Geschenk LaneMaster Turbo Pistol

another late car hopefully it passed

Compact inline four powerplant producing 200 HP such a small size with great power has earned the name
Turbo Pistol
German Engineering, Designed in Calfiornia.



Kurokama SC-AE 1.9T

Welcome to the future

“Roads? We do not need Roads

Performance, Practicality, Reliabity.
The car is all of our motto
With a powerful, yet economical one-point-nine turbocharged engine which we believe is future of car engines. Pracicality of a wagon enhanced by our new four-wheel-drive system with viscous differentials.
And reliable, rust-proof chassis and panels.

The SC-AE is the car that will take you anywhere you want and need, fast and comfortably.

More pictures


This was one impressive CSR
A lot of works of art


so nice…

but 200hp with an inline 4… dunno about the niceness of that…

when i got a 194hp 3.6L inline 6


I made sure the lag is not tooooo bad.
idk maybe I might still get binned however.


Why’d you get binned? Unless you completely butchered fuel economy somehow, I doubt having 200hp will affect Dan’s view on it. In fact, he’s probably gonna be entertained by a sudden surge of power. I just hope you didn’t make it too gutless before the turbo spools though.


Turbo engines (particularly those from the 80s, when the technology hadn’t matured yet) also come with a reliability penalty, especially if the engine in question has an alloy block and/or a 4-valve DOHC setup. So although I did use DOHC with 4 valves, I stuck with an all-iron construction and kept it naturally aspirated. And I also found out that the all-alloy version I was planning would have given my car too little weight over its nose - which would have made it more prone to oversteer than I wanted.

Edit: My car is front-engined and RWD, not mid- or rear-engined, but even so, changing the block and head material still affects weight distribution.


are you saying… yours are NOT front mounted???


True, with front-drive cars it’s nice to have a little weight up front to give you traction. It does take a bit to tune the suspension properly with the weight distribution off but it can be done.