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CSR 115 - What if "variable generation Focus pt.3" never happened?


mine is under 30. it can be achieved. try putting some quality points on the exhaust
on the other hand, my hard time was getting those 250 monthly payment


What’s your car cost?


it´s around 30k. but the calculator gets also emissions, prestige, sportiness and reliability to get the monthly payment


Trim emissions can be higher or lower than engine emission, it depends on both the engine emissions and your car’s fuel mileage, which in turn depends on weight and gearing of the car.

Lets say we had two cars, one is 10 MPG (A) while the other is 20 MPG (B). Both cars have the same engine, which outputs x pollution per gallon of fuel burned. If both cars travel one mile, car A will output more emissions than car B, despite both having the same engine.


I´m new here, so I need a bit of help
Which programs do people use here to design the advertisements?


Photoshop, or if I’m lazy, I just write a script in the caption underneath the images.


you can use things like Photoshop, or GIMP and Paint . NET

Please dont be that guy who uses MS Paint lmao


I thought paint was only meant to be used for drawing penises in the classroom computers
Good ol´ days


If you are new and don’t have a lot of experience working with those more demanding programs I would advise you to just use mobile photoshop apps. They are decently easy to work with and end result is quite nice.


I wonder how many of us are biased as Foci owners.


usually I use a built in MS 3d Paint just to insert my brand badge with a few texts and that is it. I don’t know how to use PS as well as CSS font for the Discource :stuck_out_tongue:


The ST’s and Ecoboost engines are basically my inspirations for FWM.


This round is now open to submissions!


As for the value in the row marked “Fuel economy”, what unit is it in? I think it’s in liters/100 km, but I could be wrong.


It is in L/100km


The 2019 FWM-Howl Amavi GS

The Amavi LX’s more affordable and sportier brother. The GS uses a 2.0L Turbocharged engine with aggressive styling and sport tuned suspension.

(I’m going to edit this later, I have a hectic schedule.)


'19 LLA Blanco Mk7 - ST4

The New ST4 Package

  • New St-Eco 1.6 turbo engine
  • 6 Speed Manual
  • Electronic driver assists
  • Active Suspension with full electronic adjustment

For the cheap price of €239.58 PCM
LLA - Putting The Pleasure Back Into Driving


Quick question: Faster is better, right? I’ve got something seriously quick but it’s basically just that.


For this challenge, you can do what you want but I think its a good idea to benchmark against OP’s actual car (a Focus 1.0 litre ST-line)


Because the numbers have aligned so perfectly, the monster will be the entry (with no hope of victory):

KGB Leviathan
Fast, reliable, affordable

5.4L V6 Twin Turbo
430 hp @ 6600rpm
531 lb-ft @ 2400rpm

0-60 - 4.9 seconds
184mph top speed

RRP €30240
(Also available for €250 per month on finance)