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CSR 115 - What if "variable generation Focus pt.3" never happened?


5.4L V6 Turbo in a Ford Focus Rival? Mines a 1.8 I4 Turbo producing 150hp, and that’s a bit much for the equivalent of a Vauxhall Astra Griffin Edition or Focus Titanium


Camblin Gallus 1.8Ti AllTrek

A crossover with aspirations for a higher class, the 2019 Camblin Gallus starts at €20.664,58 retail price with the 1.8 liter inline four-cylinder, and all-wheel drive as standard. Designed as a family car, it is rated to tow 1490kg and can carry 613kg of cargo, within its 546 liters of trunk space (with rear seats upright) accessible via a splitting rear tailgate, all the while offering a wealth of leg room front and back. And it won’t even run thirsty while doing all that, with an average combined fuel consumption of 6 liters in the real world. Available now for lease at your local Camblin dealer, for only €245,08/month!


Don’t bother wasting my time by sending me this. It isn’t worth me downloading, saving, and loading into my game, let alone something written about it.

This goes to everybody. Don’t even attempt sending me anything stupid as I’ll happily not include you in this round. This is a round for an alternative for a Focus, not a game of see who can get the most stupid car within the set budget.


Well said, hence why I don’t enter every CSR. I’ll only enter if I have a car that is reasonable and isn’t a complete and utter meme. In fact most rounds these days, if I struggle getting something to fit into the rules, I’ll just not enter instead of comprimising and getting salty when I get instabinned for a design I wasn’t passionate about.

For example, I was originally gonna enter my 1.5, twin turbo v6 into this round, but it would have ended up costing too much, so instead I designed a new i4, that I personally think is one of the most realistic engines I have created to date. To be honest I think one of the few redeeming features of my car is the rear end, but only you will see that.

But yeah, as someone who has been entering CSR since like round 40, I do admit we have had too many rounds where meme entry’s end up getting a paragraph, wasting the hosts time. Tbh, I miss the simple Insta-Binned tactic, it teaches the lesson of actually put a bit of effort into designing a car to try and appeal the buyer.

Rant Over, Mic Dropped, Im out before I piss anyone else off


Would any of my opponents be willing to give opinions on the styling of this car?
I’m not very good at making modern cars. I’m a lot better at the 80s or older
The last CSR I was told my styling was too simple. Which is fair enough. So I’ve turned up the factory rice to 150% in attempt to add some spice haha
The black car in the photo with it is my 1985 car I’m basing this entry on


Apologies for opinion, perhaps fact, in advance.
But the car displayed appears to not be in the segment we desire
Definitely says “Sport!!” in fact it may say “race”, but it doesn’t suit “Sporty” Commuter.
Another note to regard is using the Futuristic Sedan mod, which straddles D and E segment, I’m pretty sure the Focus we are meant to aim for is C segment.


Thanks. I’ll have to look into that European segment thing. I chose this body because I find it hard to make anything curvy look good in Automation. I like sharp edges (hence my strength in the 80s)
As for the vibe, I was going for a Civic Type R, WRX, sort of thing. I felt like that would be appropriate
I might try dialing it back a little haha. Just don’t wanna be too simple again


assuming you’re American, C-segment corresponds to compact here - so a Ford Focus, Chevy Cruze, Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla, VW Jetta/Golf are the types of cars you would see in the C-segment


d i s c o r d


Sweet! Thank you
I’m kinda new to the online community. So I appreciate it :+1:


Honestly, it doesn’t look like something that would compete with a Ford Focus etc. I looks more like an Impreza rival or a Touring Car. I don’t think the body helps. It isn’t a typical hatchback shape which doesn’t help imo.


The focus was a rally car, no? And current imprezas aren’t in WRC either.


Is a better 370Z is valid alternative? Or should I go back to 1.0 hatchback build?


Rules state that you need 5 full seats, 370Z only has 2 seats and a strut bar behind them.


Another way in which my 5.4L coupe is better! Still, I’m developing the 1.0 now.



was replaced by the Fiesta RS then the Fiesta though some privateers enter the RS to competitions:

Correct, Subaru withdrew from WRC in 2008 partly as a result of the economic downturn but also because it was felt Subaru had achieved its sporting and marketing objectives:


This is probably a dumb question, but we are allowed to use diffrent body types e.g sedan, estate etc? @Cheeseman


There is a focus sedan, so if I had to guess, I’d say “yes, if it fits the compact/subcompact class, seats 5, and meets all other criteria”. But I can’t say with 100% certainty.


Dear god no, the plural for Focus is not Foci


To add to Subaru’s departure, I believe a change in the rules banned the usage of different engine configurations other than inline 4 and 3, so there’s that.


It’s not in the rules. But based on one response I think it’s safe to assume it’s an unwritten one
To be honest, I was kind of confused by it myself haha
Like, I wasn’t thinking that only <2L small cars were the only cars we were making. Like, if I was in the market for a car like a Focus, I’d definitely check out the Kia Stinger
Big sedan with a powerful twin turbo V6
I thought a car like a Kia Stinger was the perfect car for this set of rules
I was originally doing that. But switched it up after learning that’s not what we’re doing