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CSR 115 - What if "variable generation Focus pt.3" never happened?


Because you’re being deliberately obtuse.


Let’s not clutter the CSR with unnecessary petty talk, take it to DMs…


Read the word “away”.

Tempt away from the Focus, not replicate the Focus.


This is just getting stupid now. Either this stops or I’ll call the whole thing off. I’m not going to waste time I could be using on something more productive for crying out loud. Get a grip or don’t say anything. Don’t like it? Find something else to do.


“The golden rule is: If the rule is not written, it does not exist, and any entry that doesn’t violate a written rule is legal”

There’s no need to get so mad, mate. You never said it had to be “C segment” which is something someone living outside of Europe would come up with on their own anyway.
It is 100% acceptable for people entering your competition to ask questions about the rules
It was certainly not clear to me and clearly a couple of others, considering you had sportiness as a top priority, you said you “like a very broad spectrum of cars” and “a low slung coupe sounds like a great idea… but I am taxi and often find myself filling my boot with stuff”
I certainly read that as “a Kia Stinger is perfect”
If this is not the case and you simply made a mistake on the rules, that’s fine! That’s what we ask the question for. There’s no reason to get mad. No one is attacking you


Normally, I’d approach this more kindly, but I’m not in a good mood and you seem to be getting worked up over a very valid point (I see the irony) so kindly get your head out of your ass.

CSR is entirely at the host’s discretion. If (s)he doesn’t like your styling, it can determine your win/loss, and that’s unpreventable.

So if someone sends in an entry with a 5.4L V6 and mad aero to compete with turbo 3’s and 4’s, it’s their decision to consider it either a joke or a WILD misunderstanding of the goal. And in this case, I’d agree.

Now I can only hope this ends it and we can have a CSR rather than a debate


Coupe Agility

SUV Utility

Shromet Style

This is the Parvus Coupe, and with driving dynamics like this, you’ll never want to get out.

Lease from €240 a month.*

*Vehicle shown, Parvus Coupe RC with 1.5L Turbo & 6 speed manual. Options may influence price further. See your participating Shromet Dealership for information.

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170 HP


€205 A MONTH



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Just another quick note oh boy is this becoming not enjoyable now and sorry to keep bringing it up but even when I ask people to stop they decide to continue

Any person who has continued to argue after I’ve asked everybody to stop will be completely banned from submitting an entry this round and any future round I host. I don’t want to cancel this whole thing as it is unfair on everybody else but it appears some people clearly don’t get the message after I’ve clarified everything three times now. I think this is probably the best solution.

For the last time, this nonsense stops now. I’m looking for something similar to my current Focus. Something of similar size but can be of any suitable body shape. If I have to say that again I certainly will be stopping the round where it stands.

Thank you to all those who have submitted so far, it is greatly appreciated and it is rather disappointing that this thread hasn’t been able to have any focus on them so far. Please, keep on submitting and we can hope for a great quality round.


Life Isn't Meant To Be Boring.



I detected rising levels of distress in this thread, and will duck in only to say one thing:

Just because an entry conforms to the rules doesn’t mean that it will be selelcted. If it is clearly less suitable than 40 of the 50 other entries based on the stated preferences, then you really should expect to get binned right away. There is only one winner. If you’re not targeting the brief, then what are you really doing?

sometimes there is a laugh to be had by bring facetious but this is a delicate art. Not all people are good comedians, some people really can’t read a room

To reiterate: “what the car needs to be for me to even look at it” is not the same as “what I will seriously consider buying”. And the customer only buys one product.

Please don’t reply to this. I’ll know you understood this if Cheeseman doesn’t can the entire round.


Draconis Vyper - E218 pm


Oh lord, did we both make “Bauer” brands?


Naw don’t worry, I usually just use brands for one car for a comp or whatever. Sorry, didn’t know you already had a company named it!


Please keep replies to the thread directly related to the competition and it’s entries. Any posts that aren’t from this point on will be deleted without warning. I’m not gonna go back upwards and clear out unless directly requested.


Act before December 23rd and get a special lease deal of as low as $202/mo!
Also known as, “I made changes to the car after making the ad!”

Hokuto Heavy Industries (北斗重工業)

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Decarlis D30 GP Line

More photos

2019 Fugitso Leopard SX

The ad says the lease is 202 euro per month but you, my dear Mr.Cheeseman, may actually qualify for a 200.87 EUR/mo lease*!

*yes I made the ad before finalizing my tune

Engine: Inline-4, Twin-cam, 1.6 litre, turbocharged, GDI - 180 hp, 7000 RPM redline
Drivetrain: Transverse FWD, Manual 6 speed