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CSR 115 - What if "variable generation Focus pt.3" never happened?


EFI Najimi.

A 5-door hatchback designed to bring you to your destination safely and comfortably, starting at 249,99€ monthly.



Ceder Foré - 1.3 Entice 8 Speed Auto


1.7T I4 207hp 214 ft-lbs


In 2017, Kimura unveiled the 10th generation Kimura Auburn for the 2018 model year. With many versatile engines available worldwide, the 2018 Auburn was designed to epitomize the balance of comfort, style, and sportiness.

Below is the official website for the US-spec 2019 Kimura Auburn Hatchback, accessed on June 2019. The Hatchback models start at a higher trim in the US than sedan models and are priced accordingly.

The submitted car is the European “Sport 1.3t” trim, equipped with a 6-speed manual.

Upon Closer Inspection


Featuring suspension tuning derived from BT Racing, a 5-star NCAP safety rating, and an-all new turbocharged 1.4 litre I4 that sips a best-in-class* 5.0 L/100km, the BT Motors Ibex XSR proves that fun and practilcailty can go hand-in-hand.

Shown here in signature “Failrace Orange Metallic” with optional 18-inch wheels and a 6-speed manual


SBE15 S trim with Aero package shown

Additional Visual Material


Huangdou CC allure 1.5T Sport

I should be studying

inline 3 powerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr



GEC GC2 1.2

A reliable and economical package that can be yours for just €204.50 per month.


Renwoo Mingle

Developed on the track, driven on the streets

Lease for 240.97€


The third generation Maesima Prova was released in 2016, building on the success of Prova nameplate to become critically acclaimed. Available as a sedan, hatch and coupe, in most markets the range consisted of Xz, Tz, ST, STz, ST-R and now the Activ-E. Offered with a choice of four-cylinder engines that give you spirited and engaging driving performance that will give you satisfaction every day. The Prova is always innovating as only this year unveiling Prova became the companies first electric vehicle with the zero emissions Prova Activ-E.

Model Offered

Prova Hatch Tz 2.0 ActivBoost-E 6MT
Just €237.40 per month


New Haneu G30

Haneu presents the new generation of G30.

G30 is availabile in many variants ( sedan, hatchback, liftback) and trims.

Trim Brief
FE All the essentials, and then some.
LXS Adds alloy wheels, DTC® transmission, and other features.
EX Takes things up a notch with more tech and premium features. (Active safety.)
GS LINE Offers more sporty style, inside and out with more sporty driving experience.
GS A Hot version of G30

G30 has four exciting engines to choose from. The GS trim offers an exhilarating turbocharged engine with independent rear suspension, sport-tuned dual exhaust, and 18-inch wheels wrapped in grippy Michelin Pilot Sport summer tires for serious thrills.* Are you more of a traditionalist? G30’s got that covered too, with a 1.4L 4-cylinder multi-port injection engine option with advanced technologies that help boost performance and are designed to help improve fuel efficiency in a variety of situations. FE and LXS come with a 1.5 NA engine making 105hp. EX and GS line come with a choice of 1.4l Turbo Petrol or a 1.6l Turbo Diesel for those who need some extra efficiency. Fitted with 17-inch alloys and independent rear suspension.

Model To Go For

Haneu G30 GS line

Availabile to leas from 176€ a month.


2019 Albatross Turlock 1.8T

Redefining Cheap and Cheerful.

Lease from only €157.79/mo.


Merciel Kerak

Live life to the fullest

Only €246.18 a month.


Looks better than the actual CH-R lmao


2019 Warren Pulse Hatchback

Quick, fun, but economical with it’s 206 HP 2.5L i5 engine from PMC.
Engineering: @mcp928
Design: @mat1476

Lease yours for just 203.77€/mo.




Deadline closes in 24 hours. Submit your cars soon in order to participate!


Tengu Ara “Sport” - When speed isn’t the be all, end all.

Monthly instalment starts from €638.69 for 3 year plan.


Introducing the 2019 Letto Aggressivo, powered by our AlSiV6LS-16DETT that makes 116.9 HP @5600 RPM & 123.6 lb-ft @4600 RPM. It gets 6.35L/100km paired to our 6 speed DCT (guaranteed to be more reliable than our competitors) & got a 0-100 km/h time of 9.5 seconds. With a MSRP of €20,576.16, it can be yours for 36 monthly payments of €249.14 with a amount to pay of €8,968.94 after the lease is up if you decide to keep it.

Other Angles


RIP, DQed because I used Regular (86 AKI/91 RON) instead of Premium (90 AKI/95 RON) Fuel