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CSR 115 - What if "variable generation Focus pt.3" never happened?



CSR 115 - The Preliminaries

Some random day in June 2019
Somewhere in Southern Spain probably on my laptop
Some weird alternate dimension where Automation cars are actually real

It’s me. Hi. It appears the time has come for me to pick another car out of the many wonderful entries you’ve sent to me, thank you all very much. Well, that is the ones that actually could make cars that meet actual regulations but we’ll ignore that problem for now. I’ve taken in the information and I am now going to visit my favourite car information website km77.com and spec the cars up to your suggestions in order to see if they would be suitable for me. Here is to hoping I can find something that would appeal to me and get me away from this vicious loop of only owning Ford Focuseseseses…

Shall we get going then? I’m going to break this down into a simple PROS and CONS system for what I like about each entry and what I don’t like and see if it is worth taking for a spin.

Please note, I might be a bit too brutally honest here for some. Please don’t take it personally.

@Vena.Sera423 - FWM-Howl Amavi GS

I mean… I don’t think it is completely hideous
Fantastic safety technology

Although a sporty design, the front looks like one car and the back looks like a riced out early 00s car
Engine is too powerful and large for a young person like me to reasonably be insuring it
Pretty awful fuel consumption
Absolutely apalling standard equipment list
Pretty limited cargo space

Final verdict: :wastebasket:

@Mythrin - Ceder Foré Mk6 1.3 Entice

Thoroughly modern and cohesive design all around
Reasonably potent and small capacity engine gives decent performance and should be easy to insure
Fantastic running costs
Reasonably practical
What appears to be a good reliability record

Could be offered with slightly more tech
Safety rating isn’t exactly the best
Will I like an automatic gearbox?

Final verdict: Test drive!

@Niveon - Camblin Gallus 1.8Ti AllTrek


Design seems to be a bit all over the place
Really rather sluggish
Fuel economy could be better
Larger engine means more expensive to insure (although lower power helps a bit)
Safety rating isn’t the best
Inferior reliability
Could do with some more tech

Final verdict: :wastebasket:

@LinkLuke - LLA Blanco Mk7 ST4

I’m going to be honest I’m drawing a blank here, too

Far too powerful for what I’m realistically looking for (insurance problems)
Could’ve done with some more tech
Pretty terrible fuel consumption and servicing costs
Looks rather awful with its massive headlights and the entire back end was quite the bold choice

Final verdict: :wastebasket:

@Lava_Cake - Bauer Illiad Vt

Very quick without being unreasonable with amount of power or sticking a huge engine in it
Fantastic interior and brilliant technology
Very spacious
Decent modern design, but…

…I’m not the biggest fan of the look
Pretty terrible reliability
Overly expensive to service
Some questionable engineering choices

Final verdict: :wastebasket: but very, very close to getting a test drive

@Rezn.TM - Masada Inertia RP

The rear design looks mostly modern and sporty
Impressive safety technology

Possibly just a touch powerful and rapid using a slightly larger than desired engine
The front design doesn’t match nor is as modern as the rear design
3 doors is really rather impractical for me
Maybe a just the slightest touch on the small side

Final verdict: :wastebasket:

@Jaimz - DMC Vyper

It isn’t a snake in the grass… supposedly
Interior materials are nice

A lot of poor decisions were made when designing this car resulting in something pretty hideous
As much as I love the idea of power, this is too fast and is going to kill my wallet to insure
Speaking of killing my wallet, it also has diabolical servicing costs and bad fuel economy
Really rather small boot
There are also some questionable engineering choices going on here

Final verdict: :wastebasket::fire:

@mart1n2005 - Courageux Quinze GT-Tech

Adequate performance
Should be affordable to insure
Running costs are acceptable
Impressive safety technology
Relatively spacious and practical
Plenty of standard toys

It’s missing a door handle :man_shrugging:
Even though it is a solid car, it looks like a facelift of a car that came out 10+ years ago

Final verdict: :wastebasket: if only just

@DoctorNarfy - Shromet Parvus Coupe

Absolutely exceptional safety rating and safety technology
A true modern design with standout presence and a definite wild-card in this
Strong performance without being over-the-top
Immensely spacious
Very good levels of standard equipment
Suprisingly affordable to run, if only just

Do I really want a coupe SUV?
Reliability record isn’t exactly brilliant
Probably still would be quite expensive to insure

Final verdict: Test drive!

@balkanski_brat - Fugitso Leopard SX

Absolutely fantastic design with aggressive parts and brilliant yellow paint
Very strong performance without being excessive
Affordable to run
On the cheaper side to lease
Fair amounts of interior space and boot room

Could’ve done with a tad more equipment
Maybe just a tad too powerful?

Final verdict: Test drive!

@Lazar - EFI Najimi

Exceptional modern design that is really rather striking
Offers plenty of standard tech features
Much like most of these hatchbacks, offers decent interior space

Too much power and performance for what I need or would want to pay for
RWD and staggered tyres is not a budget-friendly solution
Reliability record could be improved upon

Final verdict: :wastebasket:

@EddyBT - Ibex XSR

Absolutely ideal amounts of performance from a fantastic engine
Brilliant levels of standard equipment
Very impressive safety technology
Impressive reliability record
Great amounts of room on the inside

I’m not being blown away by the way it looks

Final verdict: Test drive, just! I just wish I was more excited by the design

@Xepy - Milae Vertex SCE15 S Aero

Very punchy engine offering very satisfactory levels of performance
Extraordinary reliability record
Thoroughly impressive fuel consumption
Very affordable lease
The design certainly has some hits…

…but there are certain parts I just find that are a miss huh (but it’s mostly nice)
Really rather miniscule boot
Possibly a little bit too much performance
Could also get away with some more standard tech
I’ve noted it down as the “lean, mean, min-max machine” for some reason… hmm…

Final verdict: :wastebasket:

@yangx2 - Huangdou CC Allure 1.5 Sport

Lovely little warbly 3-cylinder engine offers really decent performance
Impressive interior quality
Equally impressive standard technology
Oh boy, it’s even got impressive safety tech as well
Exceptional fuel consumption and affordable servicing
Looks like a really rather reasonable crossover

CONS yes it actually has them
This is really rather small in size. Like really it is a short little city car on stilts
Tiny baby wheels don’t look sporty
Why would I want a tiny little crossover when I can have a more spacious, lower-riding hatchback?

Final verdict: :wastebasket:

@CriticalSet9849 - Shunga Kaisei 1.5 Spec S

Another fruity little engine that offers very pleasant amounts of performance
Impressive fuel consumption and affordable servicing
Generally spacious inside
Affordable leasing

Is this Donald Trump? It is orange and it looks like it is trying to say Chaaaiinaah to me
It has the face only a mother could love
Wait did I just refer to the same issue twice?
Lacking in terms of standard equipment

Final verdict: :wastebasket: :cn:

@abg7 - GEC GC2 1.2

Simply mind-blowing running costs thanks to incredible fuel consumption
Exceptional record for reliability
One of the more spacious hatchbacks I’ve had

It looks about as exciting to look at as going to the dentist or getting a colonoscopy
Woefully underpowered. Horrendously so. Mega slow.

Final verdict: :wastebasket: :sleeping:

@Mikonp7 - Renwoo Mingel or is it Mingle? Mingel? Minge? …no

This tiny little engine is absolutely awesome in theory
A very impressive set of materials used on the inside
Competent levels of standard tech
Great range of safety features

Pretty miniscule inside due to the rear-engine setup (which also isn’t ideal)
Small engine gives small engine performance. It’s a bit slow
Tiny, tiny wheels make me feel sad
Considering it is slow and has a tiny engine running costs aren’t exactly great
Considering it is small the lease could’ve been cheaper
The design is a very mixed bag

Final verdict: :wastebasket:

@Rk38 - Maesima Prova Tz 2.0 ActivBoost-E 6AT FWD

I mean just take a moment and look at it. 10/10 (except those 16" wheels they look basic af)
Just the right amount of performance to feel brisk without being stupid
Very affordable to run thanks to good fuel consumption and servicing costs
It’s yet another spacious hatchback, wouldn’t you believe it?

The nice performance comes from quite a large engine which could be an insurance problem
Would be even better with a few more toys as standard
Safety could be improved just a little bit

Final verdict: Test drive, but only because the looks make up for the shortfallings… just.

@vouge - Haneu G30 GS line

Fantastic compact engine is able to provide perfect amounts of performance
Stellar reliability record
Incredibly cheap to fuel and affordable servicing
Lease is exceptionally affordable
Looks absolutely brilliant

A little bit down on standard technology
Maybe the boot could be a little bigger

Final verdict: Test drive!

@zschmeez - Albatross Turlock 1.8T

Impressive, punchy performance
Really rather exceptional fuel consumption
It is another practical hatchback
The lease is stupidly affordable

There are many reasons why it is affordable…
Although not ugly, the design is rather bland
Performance might just be a bit too much and could increase insurance
Lacking a bit of standard equipment
Room for improvement on the safety rating

Final verdict: :wastebasket: but only just cheap but doesn’t quite make up for the cons

@MrChips - CMW CR140 Modern Line

It’s another one of those warbly three-pots again with decent performance
Fantastic interior build quality
Very impressive fuel consumption
Sharp, modern, cohesive and aggressive styling
Offers a truly different proposition of a spacious RWD “driver-focused” sedan

Could’ve done with just a bit more standard tech
Will the dual-clutch gearbox be a bit jerky?

Final verdict: Test drive!

@goblin95 - Tengu Ara Sport

This thing looks like it is a full-on hot hatchback with its mega-sporty styling
Perfectly adequate amounts of power and performance
Impressive interior quality
A great array of standard equipment features
Another stellar reliability report

It may look sporty, but it is just sporty slapped on top of a rather meh design with some weird proportions
Premium inside, sporty outside, performance is no more than adequate. Identity crisis? What should it be?

Final verdict: :wastebasket: if only just

@thecarlover - Solo Wave

It may look a little bit average but that paint job is absolutely fantastic
Sufficient performance from an engine that isn’t too big
Impressive safety technology and a remarkable safety rating
Fuel consumption and servicing costs are nice and affordable

Once again, I just wish it had a little bit more standard tech
It might just be a little, tiny bit sluggish compared to the rest

Final verdict: Test drive!

@donutsnail - SAV 96s

Just the kind of punchy performance I was looking for without being a problem
A very impressive standard safety kit accompanied by respectable safety ratings
Rather an affordable lease

I think there must have been a major incident in the design lab because this looks like a mess in places
I sound like a broken record but there is a distinct lack of toys for me to play with
The running costs aren’t exactly the cheapest

Final verdict: :wastebasket:

@Repti - Rhisuki Sanda Dash

A very smart and modern design at the front of the car
Sweet N/A engine that revs high sounds like the perfect engine, and it offers good performance
Safety ratings are exceptionally good as is the available safety tech
Affordable servicing
One of the more spacious hatchbacks sent

It may be smart and modern from the front, but the proportions on the side are weird and the back is not it
Sweet N/A sounds like a good idea, but it returns some rather poor fuel consumption
Repeat after me: it lacks in standard equipment

Final verdict: :wastebasket:

@Navara - Yaman Whisk SE

A nice, punchy engine with very respectable performance
Impressive fuel consumption
Reliability records look very good indeed
Possibly the most practical hatchback of them all
Very affordable on lease (less than stated on the ad actually hmmm)

As much as I love the performance it’s probably a little bit too much from an engine that’s a little too big
This design, although modern, is too bold for me at the front and really bland at the back
Something about lacking equipment again

Final verdict: :wastebasket:

@nialloftara - Centauri Commune GTS

Umm… well I suppose it’s cheap to fuel and lease.

Vents and other design elements everywhere that make no sense making it look really hideous
Far too much power from an engine that is way too big making insurance a big problem
Can you believe that this car also suffers from not having enough standard tech?

Final verdict: :wastebasket:

That concludes all of the valid submissions

This leaves me with quite a few cars to go out and get a test drive for. In fact, that is a total of 8 cars so I’m almost certain to find something I like from this. Surely, right?

Congratulations to:
You have progressed to the test drives, where you will have me go around testing your vehicle and thoroughly making sure that I roast the living shit out of you, moan about something that could only be a first world problem, and ultimately still pick a Ford Focus anyway. Maybe not though, something might just be worth it as well.

Once again, thanks for participating! and with a bit of luck the absolute shitstorm that’s been going on here has ended, too!


Maybe he won’t like anything and this round will end up with him buying another Focus. Anyways, congrats to the finalists! This looks like it’s going to be a close one


I mean… my Amavi has a face only a mother could love. :stuck_out_tongue:
Didn’t pass prelims again. Oh well, a fun CSR none-the-less. I just made my car too much like the Focus ST engineering wise so that is why it will be expensive insurance wise and with fuel. I average 25-30mpg Highway in my ST.


Ah being american bites me in the ass again, I never remember those pesky insurance rules about engine size and power in europe.


I feel ya… I think the Spanish would sh*t a brick if they saw Americans using 2.7L inline 4s.

But I though my 1.8 was pretty small lol


Once again (and as usual) I missed this subtle point about EU vs US cars, I made a Focus ST for a guy wanting a Focus SE. Should have used the 1.5L I originally prototyped, but no “there is no replacement for displacement.”

“Can I get a Mulligan?” - Martin Winterkorn

Congratulations to the finalists.


Whelp, thats what I guess for trying some fancy suspension tech/differential. At least I was close. Good luck to the finalists.


My entry had the opposite problem - ignoring the bland styling for once, it was actually too underpowered (and hence slow) for the buyer’s tastes, which vastly outweighed its strengths of excellent reliability and low cost (to buy and run, helped by very low fuel consumption). In short: Too much head, not enough heart.

As for the remaining eight entries… Good luck to each and every one of them!


The Amavi is an American Spec Focus ST
hence engine is too big and too powerful for him to insure in Europe.


I’ll take the “eh”, I had trouble fitting it within 250 and had to compromise. I’m also not very experienced with modern designs.


CSR 115 - The Test Drives

Another random say in June 2019
Multiple dealer locations in Spain
Still in this wack alternate dimension where I actually can drive Automation cars

The day is here. 8 appointments have been made with 8 dealerships to go and test the cars that I had chosen. An advert for a Ford Focus appears on my phone, but I quickly close the browser and pretend I didn’t see it. The Focus calls to me, but not this time. I hop into my other Focus and head off to see these cars.

Quick note, couldn’t be bothered with doing extra images for this round because I wanted to get this out ASAP and my game’s running sloooooow

@Mythrin - Ceder Foré Mk6 1.3 Entice

A very smart and well-presented Ceder dealership comes into my view where I can immediately see a number of Forés in various different guises and colours. Upon entering, I am greeted by an equally smart and well-presented salesperson who points me towards the Foré that I will be test-driving in the exact engine and drivetrain specification I had requested, perfect for getting a true feel.

Heading out onto the open roads, a solid punch of the throttle immediately gives fair results, although the automatic gearbox doesn’t quite have the immediate response I was hoping for. Gathering speed at a reasonable pace, I turn towards the motorway for a quick cruise towards another exit leading to some twistier roads. The automatic gearbox smoothly slots itself into eighth gear and cruises along very gently, returning fantastic fuel consumption and becoming a very impressive cruiser, assisted further due to some really rather supple suspension. Overall, a very pleasant initial experience.

With the bendy roads now approaching, my focus immediately turns to how well this car would drive. Flinging the Foré into a corner that would probably be deemed unreasonable in normal driving, the Foré happily turns in and remained very composed, but isn’t exactly blowing me away with its capabilities. It seems like a solid car to drive and isn’t necessarily disappointing. The patchier surface of this road is being dealt with mostly very well, although the rear suspension can be found to get a little more unsettled at times.

Now back at the Ceder dealership, I’m left with a mostly positive experience of the car. That being said, the handling was nothing more than composed, the automatic gearbox is not as engaging as a manual could be, and there is a distant lack of toys I would like that aren’t on the car. Do I like it? There’s not a question about it, I like the car. Is it the one? We’ll see

The Ceder Foré remains a contender.

@DoctorNarfy - Shromet Parvus Coupe

Doubting as to why I would even consider a larger, coupe SUV in the first place, I drive up to the Shromet dealership which has a massive array of various crossovers and SUVs parked outside, proving that the trend is very much a reality. In an attempt to not allow my views on this kind of cars get in the way, I meet the salesperson who I had been speaking to in order to arrange the test drive and we head off in the Parvus Coupe.

Once inside, I am immediately questioning whether I realistically require a car of such dimensions, since this car is simply cavernous on the inside, even impressing with rear headroom which I assumed would be pathetic like is the case with most cars of this kind. Heading out, I once again allow myself to “give it the beans” to see what it was capable of, realising that this lardy car still has plenty of punch, to the point where I’m not sure whether a car of this size and power is really necessary. Out onto the motorway, I stick the resonably smooth shifting manual gearbox into sixth and settle down to see what it feels like at a steady cruise, noticing that the car sits at lower rpms and remaining comfortable and stable, much to be expected of a car of this category.

Concern begins to grow inside me as the bends quickly begin to approach as my expectations of a car of this style in a bend aren’t exactly allowing me to expect impressive results. After a few bends I am getting to know the capabilities of the car which, for an SUV, are very composed and stable. But do I really want something that is good “for an SUV”, or do I simply want something that is good? Although the handling isn’t to my absolutel liking, the manual gearbox and the high-revving and very flexible engine are very enjoyable, making me realise even more how fantastic this combination could’ve been in a regular hatchback.

Now back at the dealership, my mind is set. Although this is a sensational cruiser with great amounts of standard equipment, impressive engine, loads of space and reasonable running costs, it just feels too big and doesn’t quite feel like the way I would want my ideal replacement to feel. This is a very solid coupe crossover thing, but this isn’t want I want.

The Shromet Parvus Coupe is no longer a contender.

@balkanski_brat - Fugitso Leopard SX

After my expectations of moderate disappointment were met with the Parvus Coupe, I arrive at the Fugisto dealership where I hope the running theme of expectations does become true as the hopes are high with this car. Inside, a great selection of really smartly designed cars can be seen as well as the person I had come to meet who points me in the direction of the Leopard SX they have prepared for me to take out on to the road.

Aware of the stellar performance figures of this car, I do not hesitate in allowing my lead foot to smash the accelerator pedal and pull away like a madman. And then launch mode activates. This has launch control in a not-hot hatchback. Why? Quite a bit of wheelspin later, making me realise that launch mode isn’t exactly perfect, I’m very quickly finding myself gathering speed at a rate of knots all insurance companies would likely flag as unacceptable for a person my age, but I quickly dismiss this “issue”. Out on the motorway, the Leopard is a very comfortable car with supple suspension once again and a hushed engine that could be even quieter if the car had a slightly longer sixth gear, but overall very reasonable.

Given the impressive performance and standard launch control, my expectations for handling are very high. Entering the first corner, initially bites very strongly but begins to roll quite substantially, remaining composed nevertheless. Pushing on to the next corner, I push even harder and find the car bites very well, rolls substantially and then… the back starts to swing round until the ESP kicks in to spoil the fun. Understanding what is happening and realising turning ESP off may lead to an accident when reaching the limit, I immediately stop pushing as hard and head back to the dealership.

My mind is also set with this one. Although this is a very smart looking car with great performance and a more affordable lease, the lack of toys and the fact the car simply is far too supple for its own good make me realise this car just wouldn’t be for me. Firmer suspension and some wider tyres could easily make this car an absolutely fantastic product.

The Fugitso Leopard is no longer a contender.

@EddyBT - Ibex XSR

Realising which dealership I’m heading towards, I begin questioning whether the following car was even worth me taking out on the road. I still am not won over by the way this car looks and having seen a couple in the flesh now, my opinion remained the same. In an attempt to not let the looks get the better of me, I decide to simply give the car a very thorough looking over before confirming that I would like to take it on the road, since if there was anything else I don’t like about it my decision will be made there and then.

One very thorough looking over later and I find nothing of issue. Nothing at all. The immediate feeling of disappointment for not finding anything makes me realise that maybe this car no matter how good it drives still wouldn’t be for me. Ignoring the “warning signs”, I decide to give it a shot and take it for a short spin regardless. Aware of what I’m looking for, I immediately head towards the motorway and find the car to have the firmest setup yet, if not uncomfortable, but also not the most hushed cruiser with a constant droning coming from the engine sitting at over 3500rpm at 120kph. Not the best cruiser.

As soon as the twistier roads approach though, the firmer setup and wide tyres let their magic do the work, providing excellent driving characteristics offering loads of grip, not too much body roll and stable composure, but the firmer suspension can get a little unsettled at times over bigger bumps.

Now back at the dealership I take one final look at the car and reflect upon what I found. The simple answer is no. I still don’t like the looks that much and the car would be annoying over long distance. It may drive nice, but it doesn’t make up for its other issues.

The Ibex XSR is no longer a contender.

@Rk38 - Maesima Prova Tz 2.0 ActivBoost-E 6AT FWD

I know what’s coming. The Prova is such a stunning looking thing and I truly hope it is going to be as good to drive as it is to look at. Arriving at possibly the most well looked after dealership I have seen yet, I am greeted by possibly the most professional and kindest salesperson I have ever met. The salespeople are as good as the designs, so surely this must be an amazing car? With zero hesitation, I quickly hop into the car.

Seconds after the engine is fired up, I give the car everything it has got which leads to a mixture of four-cylinder racket from the engine and absurd amounts of wheelspin as if the car simply can’t cope with the power it has. After a few moments of concern begin to leave me, the motorway onramp appears and I swiftly enter, slotting the car into sixth gear and finding this car with the small alloys to be extraordinarily comfortable and smooth. Perfect for long distances then, but my concerns now lie with the bends.

After the tyres nearly wanted to commit die when putting 160bhp on the road, my thoughts begin to drift into worry when the first corner approaches, leading me to enter at a slower speed than normal but still with a great deal of pace, only to find this car does not like going round bends. Understeer? Plenty. Grip? Lacking. Body roll? Abundant. Hotel? No, this isn’t a meme. After many minutes of sheer disappointment, I head back to the dealership.

Simply put, the beautiful Prova is ruined by a very, very lacklustre driving experience. This does not want to be pushed, it wants to sit on a motorway at cruising speeds and stay there. Forever. I don’t always want to do that. Sadly, this meant the Prova wasn’t the one.

The Maesima Prova is no longer a contender.

@vouge - Haneu G30 GS line

Bearing in mind I was hyped for the Prova and also for the Haneu G30, I am hoping this car doesn’t suffer from the same fate. The Haneu G30 just had something about it that was very appealing. Arriving at the dealership, which again was a nice, clean and professional atmosphere, I’m pointed immediately towards the G30 they had in for test driving. It doesn’t take long for me to hop in and drive away.

Aware that the car has a dual-clutch gearbox, I pull away gently hoping that the car wouldn’t be too jerky and thankfully it wasn’t. Besides, I don’t do much town driving so it doesn’t bother me much. Now heading into the open roads, I allow the engine to stretch its legs. The dual-clutch gearbox kicks down hard and fast and the little turbo engine springs into song and moves the car along at great pace. The motorway is right ahead, the gearbox selects seventh gear and everything settles down, although the engine does still tick over at more revs than ideal and the suspension is quite a bit on the firm side.

Given the experience so far has been mostly impressive, I rapidly turn off the motorway and head towards another stretch of bendy road. Ploughing towards a bend at a speed to make the salesperson very nervous, I fling the car in and the car simply complies by gripping, turning, not leaning too much and carrying on. The G30 is extremely nimble.

Back at the dealership, I notice I’ve finally found a car I really struggled to dislike. It looks good, drives well, has very resonable performance, returns fantastic fuel consumption, is spacious enough, reliable… It ticks all the boxes. Yes, it doesn’t have all the toys I want but it is cheap to lease. This is a definite option.

The Haneu G30 remains a contender.

@MrChips - CMW CR140 Modern Line

Ultimate driving machine? Something like that anyway, it sounds like what I want. The CMW dealership rapidly comes in to view where a lot of cars I couldn’t possibly afford sit outside. I feel as if I’ve come to the wrong place but a CR140 is certainly within my budget. Entering this premium environment, a well-dressed salesperson gently guides me towards a large SUV and then takes me off to test drive the CR140.

Once inside, the exceptionally well-built interior immediately jumps out to me, but then so does some of the tech that it doesn’t have. Firing up the warbly little 3-cylinder engine, which was a little rough but nice nevertheless, I headed off with my foot flat to the floor, allowing the dual-clutch gearbox to fire me quickly between gears. The motorway is here, the car rapidly chooses the highest gear and settles down nicely, although that 3-cyllinder hum can still be heard with it being a bit more noisy than other engines tested. That being said, the CR has comfy suspension and cruises along very pleasantly.

The ultimate driving machine now approaches the bends, and with a quick flick of the steering wheel the RWD car just grips and goes without complaining, leaning too much, understeering, oversteering or anything. A truly pleasant drive that was made better when I realised just how little fuel the car has been getting through.

Back at the dealership, I really began to struggle finding issue with the car. Yes, the car is down on tech, but everything else is sublime. I have no doubt in my mind that this car could seriously be the next one sat in my parking space.

The CMW CR140 remains a contender.

@thecarlover - Solo Wave

After two very positive experiences I’m heading off to the Solo dealership where I’m going to be greeted by a car I didn’t even have such great expectations for. That being said, I walk into the pleasant dealership and I’m shown a very vibrant looking Wave in the spec I liked and head out for a drive.

Upon pulling away, I immediately notice that this car is just quite a bit weaker in terms of performance comapred to a number of the cars tested today. It may be a touch on the slow side and the engine doesn’t want to rev much, but it has enough performance for 99% of situations and I know insurance won’t be upset about that. Firing through the gears of the slick manual gearbox, I give it all it has got up the motorway onramp and settle the car down for a cruise, where the Wave calms down and gently rides along making it fine for long distances.

The twisty bits are here and with a bit of luck the Wave will be as fun in the corners as the colour options are. It isn’t. The first bend is showing me a whole world of lacking grip and safe understeer that other cars have managed to avoid. I suppose, at least, that the car remains really nice and flat in the bends, but the drive is anything but engaging.

Now finishing the final test drive, I’m back at the dealership where I’m certain this wouldn’t be for me. It just feels a bit too slow compared to the rest and doesn’t drive how I want it. Add this to the fact it isn’t hugely well equipped and the engine didn’t like to be revved out, it just doesn’t appeal.

The Solo Wave is no longer a contender.

For those who unfortunately didn’t make the final cut, here are the standings:
8th: @EddyBT
7th: @Rk38
6th: @thecarlover
5th: @balkanski_brat
4th: @DoctorNarfy

This left me with three choices: The Ceder Foré, the Haneu G30 GS line and the CMW CR140.

The Ceder Foré is a perfectly good car. It does everything it needs to do very well and I cannot fault it for that. But this car is no way anything special. No aspect of this car necessarily impressed me more than any other, it is simply a very respectable all-rounder. When you compare this car to the Haneu and CMW, it just leaves you thinking that it could’ve gotten away with a bit more flavour and spice and still remained an option. Couple this with higher leasing costs, and it just doesn’t seem as appealing of a package as it did originally. It’s clear, this car isn’t the one.

But how do I choose between the Haneu and the CMW? Both of them offer very similar packages and both of them have very little that separates them. Yes, the CMW has a better interior, more comfortable ride, and is probably a better motorway cruiser, but then Haneu doesn’t exactly have a terrible interior is still good enough for the motorway. Both cars feel awfully similar to drive around bends though, except one is a sensible FWD and the other is a more exotic RWD. It’s tough.

The CMW definitely offers a more interesting package, so it would seem like the obvious choice, but then there is the factor that the Haneu costs €50 per month less to lease. Is the CMW worth the extra money? That is what I’m struggling to work out. Ideally, if the Haneu was offered with more equipment, a better interior or something and still managed to undercut the CMW I wouldn’t have any doubt that it is the car to go for. But like this, I can’t say.

This has been going back and forth in my mind for days. Ages in fact. Do I want to spend a bit less and get a very compelling product from Haneu, or spend a bit more and get a CMW? More affordable but not quite as good, or better car but more costly not just to lease but to run. I just don’t know.

A lot of time passes. One minute the CMW seems to be best, then next it is the Haneu. I realise I want to start valuing my head over my heart. I’m not entirely convinced the CMW is worth the extra money, and what is to stop me from getting the Haneu and saving that money for something on the side in the future. It made sense, and my mind is set.

Congratulations @vouge! You and the Haneu G30 GS line are the winners of this round of the CSR!

Now let’s see if you’ll be permitted to host

Thank you once again to everybody for participating. This was a fucking salty enjoyable round for the most part and it was a very tough choice between the top two. So much so I nearly called a tie. In that alternate universe I’m sure I am very happy with that Haneu, but in reality I’d still stick to the Focus sorry not sorry.

AND NOW a quick word from this round’s sponsor

All the salt companies out there / “Turning Point Automation”

Credit to @Dorifto_Dorito for this image.

Again sorry not sorry but if you’re gonna shit on my round I’m gonna shit all over the place, ok.

I think this just about summarises this round. Until next time!



That image is absolutely golden and it’s a good round yeah and good cars yeah


Well done Vogue!


You don’t @ the winner, that’s been a rule forever, just saying :eyes:


Now this was one of the closest and most compelling rounds of CSR we’ve ever had in a long time, and despite plenty of controversy, it still ended as it should have - with a truly worthy winner being crowned. What I most definitely agree with is this:

My car, on the other hand, did pass the initial technical inspection, only to be binned in the preliminaries for being too bland and slow, as I had stated previously. I didn’t get too salty over that one, though.

And well done to vouge for claiming a deserved win against some very strong opposition! Let’s hope the next round, regardless of its theme, is at least as good as this one - hopefully, by then, far fewer entries will be DQ’d for failing to meet regulations, and there won’t be as much saltiness either.


tfw I’ve been doing that for a while now and no one said anything otherwise :sob:


I think it’s time to make a design that’s different than what I’ve been doing since CSR 93. :cry:

Anyways, congrats to my fellow finalists and of course a massive thank you to Cheeseman for dealing with the insane amounts of salt in this round.


Congrads to the finalists and @Cheeseman for hosting this one. It was a really interesting round.

Broken Relationships Can’t Be Fixed

I am just going to clarify things out here.
If you are thinking that I am Oslo, yeah you are right. Am I ashamed that I am that same person that most people on this forum disgusting and a total cheater? Yes I am. If I could I would go back and erase everything. I would really like to make my name clean.

The Situation. I have reached an agreement with admins about my situation. Currently I am on a thin ice. I am allowed to be on the forums and take part in challenges. This is my one and final chance to prove I can be a respectful person. I know that some people find my situation to be a big disrespect to the forums and discord server. I guess some find this a bit dumb, that I am banned from discord but am not banned from forums. I get where you are coming from so I respect your opinion.

The “Thrills”. Can I justify my acts? I would say that I can. Best I can do is to try and describe what was going on in my mind when everything started. It was a low point in my life when I had some problems with my friends and depression was starting to get through. I wanted to let some steam out so my fake accounts were made. Those fake account represented “masks”. Because I was ashamed of myself and my acts, I made alt’s, to hide behind them. Now I am feeling much better and have come a long way. I see myself as a more mature individual now. Hopefully I managed to paint a somewhat understandable picture of what was happening in my mind back than. Does this justify my acts? NO, it does not and I am aware of that.

The Change. The question for many is if I can be trusted again. I would say that you can trust me now and that I won’t make another acc ever. However, I know that to may people words I am saying are just empty lies. So, I am asking for a chance. Will you give me the chance, I don’t know. I still haven’t lost faith into people.

My Views. I guess that some will say that it is irresponsible from Cheeseman to giving me a chance to host since I was a multi-accounter. He is just doing his job so please don’t be salty on him. If you think that this CSR round was terrible because of the multi-accounter winning and the initial salt I would say you are wrong. Every pot needs a twist to here is a good one. Honestly this was a good round. The judging was fair and kept brief. It is a handful to host a CSR (saying from experience).

The Final Question. Will I host next CSR. Right. I am not going to decide on this one. However, you (the community) will. I will leave the poll up for 24h for you to vote if you would like me to host next CSR.
In case you are able to trust me with hosting the next CSR, no worries I won’t enter a car I made.

The Salt. I am not posting this to make myself feel better. I am posting this to apologize to everybody that I have may offended and as a request for forgiveness. Hopefully this post won’t receive too much salt. If you think I cheated in this one too, I haven’t because there is no point in doing that.

The End. If you have anything to say to me or have any questions just go to my pm’s I don’t want this CSR to be about me.

Onece more thanks to the all contendors and to the host of this challenge.

Thank you for understanding.

Are you giving me your approval to host next CSR?

  • Yes
  • No

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Since the poll is going nowhere @MrChips take it away if you can.

For all who hoped for some salt yeah sorry.
And for those who are convinced I will continue to cheat. Just ask yourself. What am I getting from that.

I just hope that everybody doesn’t hate me.

And sorry for waisting your time with the poll everybody.