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CSR 118 - The Craigslist Crawl


For Sale - Electi Jaguar LX 3.0 Auto

This car has served me and my family well over the last 4 years, never left me stranded, but it’s time for an upgrade so regretfully it must go.
All wheel drive, a very confident and easy drive no matter the weather, suprisingly frugal for such a large engine. Gearbox smooth as butter.

Imported 05/09, all duties paid (got receipts), new tyres on 04/19, cambelt done 11/17, new brake pads and wiper blades.
FSH, PAS, Xenon lamps with washers (all working), comfortable interior, power windows, aftermarket stereo, towbar fitted.

171.490 miles
$2100 O.N.O

More Photos (image heavy)


(Low-effort ad begins now)

One-owner, low miles. Selling my father’s 96 Keystone Optio as he no longer drives and doesn’t need it. Originally purchased by him in '96 as a special order with the F33 sport package. This means it has the 182 HP 3.3 liter and Sport-matic transmission, not the base 2.9 liter.

Leather, sunroof, power everything, cruise, original premium stereo. Has the trunk-mounted CD changer, but it doesn’t work anymore.

Runs and drives well, AC blows cold. I just drove it back to Cleveland from North Carolina with no issues (other than the CD changer). Has all maintenance and repair receipts since new. New within the last year: Battery, alternator, tires.

$2000 firm. More pictures available on request.

1996 Keystone Optio

condition: good

cylinders: 6 cylinders

drive: fwd

fuel: gas

odometer: 165,931

paint color: Deep Mint Metallic

title status: clean

transmission: automatic

type: sedan


Less than 6 hours left until entries close!


I know what I’ve got, son.


That’s hot


1998 Hanno Basan by mat1476 (design) and mcp928 (engineering)



Pics below


1 hour remaining

good lordy thats a lot of entries

ALLLLLRIGHTY THEN...Entries closed

Prelims mass binnocide coming soon


[gir] I’m goin in the bin! [/gir]


ahh. my turbo engine choice may backfire horribly here… I hope Yall do well


prays for no binnerino for my schporty hatch



(A bit late Ad, the car was sent on time)


I’m more interested in the 96 XJ you have listed in the bottom left corner.

@ everyone else
Since this is the calm before the storm, would it be appropriate to post one of those mechanical problems videos given the CSR is Craigslist shopping?

Good luck everyone.


55 entries lets goooo

This is a lot to cover in a short period of time, so I’ll try and give everything a fair shake. That said things might get blunt. Nothing personnel, kid.

@Cheeseman – 1995 Evgenis Basilisk Wagon

Wow that’s a long boi. It looks decent and understated though besides a little rust. Looks very comfortable and safe with its size. I’m a little concerned with reliability, but the prospect of an AWD wagon as nice as this is too good to dismiss.

I’ll save this page.

@Grandea – 1993 Hornet Seliph 2.7

It’s cheap, but I can see why. The years haven’t been kind to the steel frame or the body. Its surprisingly quick compared to the other cars I’ve seen so far. It has a sporty suspension and brake setup which must really hurt comfort. The poor fuel economy doesn’t help either.


@DoctorNarfy – 2001 Shromet Mystic Sport MK3

It might not be the car I want, but it’s the car I deserve. It’s a solid simple no frills car that is a good size and should be easy to maintain. There isn’t anything that makes me excited for it, but it would get the job done. Oh, and its purple.

I’ll keep this one in mind.

@Elizipeazie – 1996 Anhultz Minimas VIII-CX

Nice quirky little coupe. It has a lot of miles but the Minimas is more bulletproof (ugh I hate that word Jay Leno says it all the time) than just about anything out there. It makes good gas mileage too. Its small and a bit barebones, but it could be doable. It would be nice if I could find a newer one.

Yeah I could be down for this.

@EnCR – 1988 AMB T140

Looks like a decent enough car, but it’s an ’88 and it better be rock solid with that many miles. It is cheap which helps. Besides the miles, the major downside to this car is that it’s a RWD car that’s not very drivable to begin with let alone in the snow. Its safety also isn’t the best. Maybe a newer one would be a better sell, but this one ain’t it.


@abg7 - 1993 HAM HC6

Looking this one up, seems like they went ham on the safety features. The design isn’t as ham-fisted as the other cars. The comfort and decent price hammer home how viable the HAM could be. The ad didn’t ham it up so I hope its not a sham.

I’ll keep ham on my mind.

@Human89845524 – 1992 Trident Enigma IV 2200 SLE Turbo

A studio shot? That can’t be the actual car can it? The reliability is suffering from an overly complicated older turbo engine that could use a smaller exhaust and lower redline among other things to improve reliability without sacrificing its potential. The front and rear suspension is also very disjointed. At least the drivers behind me would have plenty of reading material with that badging.


@Arn38fr - 1996 Decarlis D40 Traverse

Hmm, seems to be a lot of technology in this thing. Still, It has relatively low miles, it’s pretty large, and it would definitely do fine in the snow. The interior seems upscale too.

I’ll keep this one on the backburner.

@Bmaggiori - 1997 Tahan ELX

Is this really a ’97? Seems a bit more modern with the edgy vents and thin profile tires. It has ok specs at a glance, but the brakes and suspension look way too sporty for my use.

Nope. :wastebasket:

@HybridTronny – 1993 Atera Furano LS

This car is radioactive. That’s the most violently white paint I’ve ever laid eyes on. The car itself doesn’t have any major problems, but it is just outclassed by other cars in every category.

I’ll have to pass. :wastebasket:

@BobLoblaw - 1991 Petoskey Scylla

Oh cool a Scylla this cheap!? Oh nope its not the LMC Scylla, it’s a Petoskey Scylla, yay. Its…a car. The Petoskey is cheap but has a lot of miles. Looks to be in decent shape, but its specs are unremarkable all around, especially with comfort and fuel economy. It might not be a bad deal, but I can do better with my budget.


@chichicoofisial – 1990 AHB - Porro L120A

Yikes, that’s a lot of miles. It seems to be in very good shape considering what its been through. The car is a perfect size for what I’m looking for. I’m not crazy about the orange, but the premium interior is a plus. I’ve never had an I5 before so that would be a first. It looks somewhat sporty but its not very fast. Overall the stats seem great, but wait, there’s more. The entire bottom of the car has an undertray? There is no front sway bar. Peak power cuts off at the redline. That’s a no from me chief.


@Boiled_Steak - 1990 Aria Suzuka SZ

Fuck yeah a Suzuka SZ!! Haha, no way that’s happening. I don’t think it needs much explaining. Fun fact: it’s the only fully clad undertray in the field (unless someone really messed up and I missed it…Edit: There is at least 2 others, RIP). Might be a cool second car someday.

Commited Dodge Stealth :wastebasket:

@CorsicaUnknown – 1995 Kadett Beat GX

It’s a Kadett Beat. I still see these around, and this one looks to be in good enough shape. The styling is a bit strange in that it’s a 90’s blob wrapped in 80’s trim, but I’m not really in a position to nitpick with this budget. I should be able to save a lot on gas and regular maintenance with something like the Kadett. It does everything else I need it to.

I hope this one is still available to check out.

@Hilbert – 1996 Kiran Jidosha 2.2 ES

Hmm, its reliability is low enough for me to pass, but also performance intakes and its suspension…



@GROOV3ST3R – 1999 Electi Jaguar LX 3.0 Auto

Another expensive one. The Jaguar looks sporty but its 5v DOHC engine’s redline is too low and the grabby brakes are too much for the car. The biggest downside to this car is its poor safety rating. It’s not worth as much as what the seller is asking.


@DukeOFhazards – 2002 OMW sabel X

This looks familiar. It’s a little newer than most of the other cars ive seen so far. The engine is a bit strange with individual throttle bodies. Its slow but reliable and cheap to maintain. It’s also a bit overbudget which doesn’t leave me much room for repairs. It’s not bad, but the OMW won’t be able to compete with some of the better entries.

I’ll pass on this one. :wastebasket:

@Executive – 1999 Excel TE 1.8L Auto

Yikes ok, I see why they are trying to sell it. The engine is oddly tuned with VVL profiles very close to each other and way too low of a redline when the internals can handle more stress. It seems to want to be sporty but a 0-60 mph in 12.9 seconds and -15 aero quality aren’t doing any favors.


@donutsnail – 1995 Turból Adelante VSEi

Woah ok, I feel confused just looking at it. Is it photoshopped? It looks like a stretched 4 door sedan but dressed up like its sporty. The specs seem solid enough but the tune is a bit too quirky for me with the very low cam profiles with VVL and the negative quality safety.

I’ll have to pass on this one.:wastebasket:

@fromaj – 2000 Qevo Qadet Q160

I’m seeing a pattern of blindingly white paint for some reason. Anyway, it appears to be reliable and drivable enough. The interior looks cheap though. It still only has a cassette player in 2000? What other features would I be missing out on? Elsewhere the car is decent enough but it doesn’t offer anything most of the other entries do.

:wastebasket: panda

@GetWrekt01 – 1998 Vector Horizon GX

I almost didn’t click on this one because of the price. It looks pretty good so I’ll see if its worth it. It’s a very comfortable and drivable car. 27 mpg sounds good, but it takes premium gas. That’s not something I would expect a car like this to need. I only need 4 seats so the fact it doesn’t have 5 seats like most of the other cars doesn’t bother me. Overall it seems like a good complete package if I can swing it. As of now so much as a broken turn signal would have to wait.

Let’s see if its still available.

@conan – 1995 Mitsushita Jesta Si Automatic

Look at meee JDM broooo. Nah, this isn’t what I’m looking for. The engine is too racey with VVT, VVL, and tubular headers. The 3dr hatch is too small and the tires look thin. For a light hot hatch, it seems strange to me to see premium entertainment, advanced auto transmission, and advanced safety features.


@Fabelhaftigkeit – 1996 Daylilly–Interstate–255 AWD

Ok maybe craigslist isn’t working out the best, so lets try something else…Hmm this one is expensive. I’m not sure I trust its in very good shape either. I haven’t had good luck with dealers. Strange I never realized how many inline 5 engines are out there. It seems to have very middle of the road stats besides its bad reliability reputation. Also its loud af from the factory, so that’s a no. I’m gonna stick to craigslist.


@goblin95 – 1996 Lavish Serenity

I think my internet is slowing down…oh yeah that’s a boat. I don’t mind the size. It has enough power with a very large I6. I actually sorta like the color, but the rims look aftermarket. The Serenity seems to be relatively reliable and safe. The brakes concern me though. They have a 50/50 bias and look rough, spoiling some of its drivability and comfort. The fuel economy is expectedly not the best. I’m not sure about this one but maybe seeing it will change my mind.

It’s a definite maybe.

@Centurion_23 - 2001 Pemhall Ascot

Ok, this looks like a sensible choice. Its big enough for me and it’ll do for the odd family trips. Should be reliable and cheap to maintain. It makes me more confident that it is a later year of the model. It’s a little slow and rusty, and the biggest downside is its safety test scores. Otherwise, I think I could seriously consider the Ascot.

I’ll make a call.

Phew… Part 2 will be up soon :tm:


Ah, damn ya can’t drive a rwd car? Welp… Guess i will sit and watch.


No binny binny for me this time let’s gooooo :joy:


I dunno, RWD in snowy conditions doesn’t sound like an easy task.


Just to clarify, RWD itself can work but you had one of the worst drivabilities in the bunch. imo drivability ties in with comfort too. It wasn’t a terrible car though. In fact a lot of good cars have or are going to be binned.


This is my main reasoning for going 4x4, it just provides a little security in most conditions, and fit well for my entry as I feel AWD wouldn’t fit. Aulthough I get the feeling that the winning entry will be an AWD one.