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CSR 118 - The Craigslist Crawl


Good luck everyone… mine hasn’t come out yet…



Big Initial D energy

Gah can’t wait to see the fate of the Honghu UH OH unfold. the first binning round has been a fun read!


Oh, a bin :joy:
Didn’t expect that really, but there was a quite strong competition, so good luck to the still in-competition people!

also, little error, in the conan review, there’s my car name ^^


oop thanks


Lmao my stupid ass forgot to send the file with better 0-60 and suspension


Yeah uhh engines are not my strongest point. I have no clue what im doing when it comes to engines. I should learn something lol


haha there was an attempt

I gotta congratulate myself for actually deciding to stick myself into a CSR though.


Honestly you had the right idea, but this round must be hard to figure out from an outside perspective. Thanks for giving it a shot.


The search continues...

@mat1476 & @mcp928 – 1998 Hanno Basan LX

Interesting, I like the look of this. It is a turbo although the ad said it was replaced a few years ago. It seems to be well rounded and with relatively low miles. I have Selene red flags firing off in my head but I’m too tempted to pass up at least checking it out.

Its worth a look.

@Nightwave – 1995 Ibis Mallard LT6

This car looks like it rolled off the line unfinished. The performance and size is enough but the reliability leaves something to be desired. I’m also not a fan of grabby brakes. It doesn’t really have any redeeming qualities to make up for the reliability and looks.


@VicVictory – 1996 Keystone Optio F32

Looks like this one didn’t evolve much past one of those early 90s aero blob concepts. It has unsurprisingly great safety ratings and a lot of space inside. Unfortunately that’s not enough to save it from the low reliability and high running costs. Odd shade of green too, but that’s the 90’s. No thanks.


@Jaimz – 1998 FM HiWay GSauto

Its not pretty, but it is a good size and one of the more comfortable cars out there. Too bad its nearly out of my reach and the reliability and running costs are not very attractive. I would consider it if it was cheaper.

I’ll have to pass.

@Nicholasrams774 – 1996 Firebird Badlands XT

Ugh, lemme restart the modem…

Well that didn’t help, oh well. Another SUV, this one is more ‘murica sized. The price is right and it’s pretty straight forward engineering meaning it’s a piece of cake to work on. The engine has some missed potential with a very low redline cutting peak power (almost 1000 rpm too low). Its also not very comfortable. I don’t think this one is for me.


@Kyuu77 – 1995 KGB Rhythm Crescendo

A boy racer that’s down with the thickness. Oh boy, a full undertray and full luxury interior ? Manual 6 speed, mildy staggered thin profile tires, and tubular headers get me a car slower than a Shromet Mystic? Sorry, no thanks.



@LinkLuke – 1995 GMI VX2 V6

Hrnng, a 2+2 small 4x4 isn’t exactly what I’m looking for. It just can’t compete with what else I’m seeing out there, but hey its cheap and not bad for what it is so maybe my stepdad would want one or something.

Passed off to someone else.

@On3CherryShake – 1993 Hokuto Excella 3.0SE

It’s a little old but uhhh…Its got a good enough engine but uhhh….I like the color but uhhh….I could see myself driving this but uhhh….that trim is fucken 10 ply bud. I could watch kids fall off bikes all day from this cozy interior. For the fearless, the safety will fuck your face up from front to Finland in a fairly unfair fashion flying into the flank of the family Farox. If I ever takes the dirt road home, Excella will figure it out. Looking all sporty with that big ram air intake but you’re not foolin’ me bud. Wish it weren’t so fuckin mediocre, bud.

Nice execution, you’re doin terrific.

@mart1n2005 – 2000 Knightwick Buzz 1.8 DX-Lux

Ah a 5 door hatch, not something I set out to look for, but the idea of one sounds nice. The Buzz seems to check a lot of boxes. It’s a good size, its drivable, comfortable, and the interior is spacious enough for the family. The reliability is mildly concerning, but I feel like I can’t pass this one up.

Let’s check it out.

@titleguy1 – 1997 Kimura Auriga LC 2.3 [A] (SD) [FL]

Holy shit, could I find a car more average than this? It looks better than most of the entries, but otherwise every. single. stat. is middle of the road. There is something to be said by Kimura’s lasting appeal by just being there. I wouldn’t regret buying the Auriga, but it wouldn’t be something to write home about either.

I’m binning about half the field right? There has got to be a cutoff somewhere. If the Shromet isn’t the car I deserve, then the Auriga certainly is.

@MasterDoggo – 1996 Olsosson 1225

OH GOOD ITS ONE OF THOSE ADS. The car though, it might be a good idea. It’s a reliable enough car that it should be in decent condition despite its mileage. There’s not a spot of rust on it from what I can tell. Olsosson 1225s are super easy to drive. I don’t see any weaknesses besides the lower safety ratings.


@Mikonp7 – 1995 DeerAndHunt Hawg Base MKII

Errruughghgh hell yeah it’s a HAWG :muscle: . Why buy any of these pathetic road dwellers when you can crack open a can of Mango Bitchslap :tm: , drop the top, and go wherever you please? The world is your road.

Huh…its actually good? Neat, a viable SUV. Its cheap and pretty decent looking all around. Let’s see how this one drives.

I’ll make a call.

@ST1Letho – 1998 Kurokama AdvanZ 1.9T 98’

What is this now? Looks like an Ascot on stilts but styled like a crossover that is 10 years newer? The engine is full of technology, pretty much everything possible by 1998, and from what I’ve read, it’s been a DOHC 4v with VVL since 1984…or is it 1996? Can’t trust wikipedia I guess. It seems to be a car too ahead of its time but too quirky for today, at least for me. Despite the crazy ride height, it has less body roll and stiffer dampers than most other cars I’ve looked at. On to the next one.


@NormanVauxhall – 1996 Znopresk (CM20) Zenit 2.0 Prime

A Žnoprešk here in Ohio? Neat! Or would it be a ZM? Either way, this looks like a fun car to own. Its not the nicest car here, but $1150 sounds like a steal. On paper, it sounds like a well balanced FWD car that should be enough for my needs. I do wonder if a car like this would be hard to find parts for, but I have to see what Žnoprešk is all about.

Looks like a bargain.

@Petakabras – 1992 Valere Folgore

Yooo, did it come from the factory with all those vents? It’s a sporty coupe with suspension that is too tight. I doubt this one is still running with the stressed engine internals. I’ll pass.


@yangx2 – 1996 Honghu Beifeng 2.3L

Huh, a Chinese car in Ohio? Oh wow, and its really good! I like the cars in this body style. It’s a good size and practical, but sleeker than the average 90s blandmobile. It appears to be one of the more comfortable and drivable cars out there at this price range. It doesn’t have too many miles and looks to be in good shape. Reliability is not great, not terrible. I want to check this one out for sure.

I’ll make a call.

@Spot – 1999 Contra Lancet ES V6

Its kinda bleh looking, like most cars I should be looking for anyway. Really though on paper, this hits everything I need. Its not the most exciting car I’ve seen today, but it looks like a responsible purchase.

Lets see if its still available.

@Ryan93 – 1992 Kotashi Exori GE-S

Hmm ok, it’s a coupe but big enough to be doable. Its very cheap and would be easy to service despite its high miles. The springs are a little tight and the safety isn’t the best, but it looks enjoyable to drive. If I could find a newer one around that would be ideal. This one is still a good deal for the price though.

I’ll shoot an e-mail.

@vouge -2000 Forea Inca LE

It is indeed a car. It looks like a good regular car on the outside and it’s a good sixe for me. The engineering is solid overall too. It is a turbo, but the reliability doesn’t suffer much from it. The turbo could be better utilized though. The compressor and intercooler are too big. These are relatively minor gripes though as the complete package hits all the right marks.

I’ll save this page.

@undercoverhardwarema – 2000 Pegasus Courier

It’s a “Different kind of engine” with performance intakes and and all aluminum bock and head in a little sedan. Its also a manual. Solid suspension tune, but there isn’t really anything else to put in higher in the pack and the looks don’t do much for it either.


@Mad_Cat – 1994 PAZ 3606 2400A

What year is it? Looks like something that’s been updated since at least the early 70’s but never replaced. It’s cheap and slow, but probably durable. It’s a little worse than many of its contenders in a lot of ways even though it’s not tuned too poorly. I guess you get what you pay for.


@Xepy – 1998 Kuma AN GT

Oooo this looks fun. It’s a little too small but there are still 4 seats in there. Its FWD and extremely drivable, so I’m not too worried about an econosports car in the snow. It makes good gas mileage and its very reliable. I’m hard pressed to find any faults on it besides the size, but hey its my car first, not the family car.

Yeah this looks like a good sporty option.

@thecarlover – 1995 RCM Atlantic Borealis LX

Rust and leak free? That’s a big doubt. It is a good looking wagon though with AWD as a bonus to driving in the weather. The interior is also solid with good speakers. Its a well put together wagon all around.

I’ll check it out.

@TheTechnoVampire – 1994 Kazuki 2200-Ri


Wait thats not it…here we go:

Wasn’t this a starter car in Need for Speed Underground? Its another hot hatch – straight pipes, long tubular headers, MANUAL…and there’s no way I’m driving out to Bin City to look at this.


@ProfessorP3PP3R – 1990 Silver-York Sovereign Brougham

This one broke a few records, none of them good :joy:. Needless to say, I’m not willing to trade a luxury car for an older, slower, more expensive luxury car.


@Tzuyu_main – 1999 Seikatsu StarCruiser 3.5 QuadraDrive Wagon Standard Spec

Well this might be the best looking SUV I can afford right here. Its AWD, reliable, and the fuel economy is decent considering its size. Unfortunately, its I6 engine has lost potential with the redline cutting peak power. The mildly staggered tires make it more expensive than it needs to be as well as make it impossible to rotate tires. Sadly, I think I have to pass on this one.


@variationofvariables – 1988 Quezon Laguna 2.8 B 4AT

Yeah no…this isn’t what I’m looking for at all, but thanks for getting this song stuck in my head again.


Edit: Sorry everybody I really should have proofed the post itself more, here’s a missing entry:

@GassTiresandOil – 2001 Armor Sentry

Armor Sentry huh? Toughest name in the bunch and its made of 10 ply. It seems to be shoddily built all over with liberal use of negative quality. I’m cheap but not that cheap. VVL is unnecessary since peak power is cut off at the redline anyway. At least it looks inoffensive.


@Fletchyboy100 – 2002 Brantan Centaur VS

A silver wagon with a stern look, this one seems to be tuned sporty with its overkill brakes and slightly tight suspension setup which are hurting its drivability and comfort. The engine uses VVL, but as such low cam profiles it needs premium gas. The negative quality and somewhat low reliability aren’t confidence inspiring either. The manual transmission is the nail in the coffin. The low miles were unfortunately too good to be true.


Phew ok, now to actually compare the surviving cars to each other…tomorrow.

You're binning your pals in your CSR round the other day...



As for the finals, well, pitter patter.


I don’t see my entry :pensive:


one min i think i lost it in some confusion, ill edit it into the last post in a bit and let you know


:grin: gratzie.

PS… look at me waving my hand to be binned… when will I learn?.. :sleepy:


Ah, I allowed one resubmission for naming issues and such but I missed yours because: image

Also, your safety didn’t meet the requirements either. Sorry you didn’t get the chance to fix these things.


I’m not sure what happened with those honestly… might have missed those in the rules due to being a tad busy. But if that means I’m disqualified then it is what it is. Thanks though. :ok_hand:t4:


I didn’t see my car in the list either. I was sure I named it correctly?

Oh, nevermind. Just checked my history and apparently I didn’t even send it in. My bad


I believe that maneuver is called “Self-binning”


Nope it was my fault, I made the ad and everything, it was supposed to be in the first part and I guess I deleted it without noticing? I edited it into the second part. Please let me know if I missed anyone else’s.


I ain’t in there either… I know it wasn’t edited into a craigslist ad tho.


I’m on it, missed this one entirely.