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CSR 119: The Kings of Summer, But Abridged [Submissions Closed, Semi-finals Published]


1990 Independent Ecoliner

Fleet van, recently repainted, includes original interior. Engine is in good working order after recent tuneup. Asking price $1000 exactly.


'96 Conquerer


Dan and Scott decide to head over and talk to Dan’s cousin to make sure he can help them with modding-out the van when they buy it. The cousin invites them in and they sit down in the living room to have a chat about what they are planning on buying and what they want to do with it. Not too long after, Dan’s uncle saunters out of the kitchen with a scrap of paper in hand. He says, “I was overhearing you guys talking about buyin a van and, uhh, I just happened to see this ad in the shopper for an old van. I used to own a couple IMC’s and they were always good to me. Took em’ up to Canada hunting and shit. I’dunno if you want this one, but here it is.”

Dan’s uncle hands him the newspaper clipping.

(Here's some real photos)


1994 Atera Taikan Super Luxe 4x4

More pics or closer pics if you will

  • Middle row comes with captain’s chair
  • Removable seats
  • Working AC
  • Comfortable ride
  • 2.2L Inline 4, 5- speed manual


First-time CSRer here - am excited to enter this, and have an entry partially complete awaiting some tweaks!

(And also one note of clarification. The spreadsheet specifically mentions the model year; is that correct to be distinct from the trim or engine year for pricing purposes? The entry I planned was a '91 engine update to an '87 van, with the “in character” (?) story that it was a mid-cycle refresh to a more efficient engine following the rising influence of environmentalism following the '88 heatwave/drought.)


Ah yes this is something I should’ve noticed when finalizing the sheet. You’re supposed to put in the Trim Year there if it’s an older model with a facelift. Thanks for noting.


Thought that would be the spirit, even if the letter implied otherwise. Didn’t want to cheat or anything :joy:

I’ll get back to working on tweaking this thing…


1990 Shuriken Masakari

Not stock… clearly
You are allowed to send a truck… so why not something special?

Seller: Cliff Hill


pictures from a recent weekend trip, we had a Trayon set up at camp

This sort of truck in real life would be selling for $18000-$32000

Comet-Bar Off-road Accessories
TV & Movie Car Challenge (Round 4): Comet-Trails, Finished

Just to clarify, but would AWD be considered 4x4, so would Chunky Offroad tires on AWD be OK?


i guess no


laughs in H-Trac with A/T tires


Not at all. AWD will not be considered as 4x4.


Avantii Campava

More images


I even made an ad in paint!

yes, I am aware of the few spelling mistakes I made, I'm not Spanish


2000 Aanholt Versatile Custom even made an ad for it. Price is actually around $4000



For Sale: 1990 Katsuro Ace Pro Premium Edition

The original Model was introduced in 1985, as 9 seater passenger transport van that was pretty basic. The premium edition was a special edition introduced in 1990 as a 6 seater premium transport passenger vehicle. This edition came with a 3.0 litre straight 6 engine that puts out around 150 hp, and 160 lb ft of torque and an awd system with a manual locking diff. It’s mated to a 4 speed auto transmission with overdrive, premium entertainment and adequate safety systems and power steering.

The Premium edition also came with a patterned steel wheels, upgraded rear and front bumpers with fog lights, a sunroof, roof bars and side steps. Asking $1425 o.n.o.


2005 Bogliq Bazaar - $6000

Bought it new in 2005 and it has never let me down, I’m selling because I’ve just upgraded to the latest 2012 model. During the 7 year warranty period I’ve had no problems (other than the usual Bogliq stereo recalls etc.) but I don’t forsee any dramas now the warranty period is over!

Reliable, easy to drive and frugal; This van’ll be your faithful companion wherever you go (unless it’s mega offroad, lol)

Call me on 555-2020 after 5PM or text me and I’ll get back to you ASAP




1996 Darvin Windjammer C/V - $3500 obo

Red '96 Darvin Windjammer cargo van for sale. Right hand drive version (not imported!) with a 5-speed manual and 2.1 liter V6 under the hood. This one was used for running material and parts around an aerospace plant. Low miles (119k). Brakes recently replaced, air blows cold, radio works great. Power steering, manual windows. Original manuals in the glove box, along with maintenance manifest from the company that owned it. Runs and drives great, and gets about 28 MPG on the highway. $3500 obo. More pics on request.

I also have two other '96 Windjammers for sale, both white RHD. Former rural mail delivery vehicles.
1st one: strong runner, but lots of body damage. Driver’s window doesn’t work, nor does right sliding door. Tires will roll and hold air, but I wouldn’t drive on them. 162k miles.
2nd one: 306k miles on chassis. Doesn’t run, hole in the block. Body in very good condition, looks like it has almost new tires.
There is enough between these two to make one great van, with lots of spares leftover. $2500 firm for the pair, will only sell together. You will need to tow them both. Can send pics on request.

(Meta Note: The red van is the actual submission, and the competition price, +/- $60. The other vans are for flavor text, and not targeted to this buyer.)


Attention Attention!

The used van calculator has been updated to be more forgiving to classic vans. This update affects your vehicle only if it’s Pre-1976. Have fun re-tweaking your vehicle now if it was getting astonishingly high prices before.

I would also like to thank @Centurion_23 to help me fix the calculator and try and help it make more accurate. Absolute madlad!

The link to the file is same, just make a copy of it or download it:
Used Car Cost Calculator for CSR 119

I repeat, this only matters if your car is Pre-1976

If you’ve already submitted your car and it’s pre-1976 you’re allowed a resub

Another quick change would be, instead of a model year restriction from 1965-2005, it’s now a trim year restriction.