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CSR 119: The Kings of Summer, But Abridged [Submissions Closed, Semi-finals Published]


I’m selling my good old friend,

It’s a MAHG Zeta Van 3.1

Have it since brand new,full service history.

I’m retiring from clockmaker activity so I don’t need such vehicle anymore.

Few repairs done recently like coolant rubber hoses, tyres, brakes and regular maintenance.

Been parked in garage so not too many dings and scratches.

It’s the EcoFuel model with the 3.1L engine, not the smoothest but torquey all the time. 4 speed autobox.

I love how the engine revs gets quiet from 35mph, really nice for long trips.

The van drives great, drinks more than 33 mpg at 40 stabilised and I get 26.5mpg at 55.

3 seater front seat bench with “vintage” 8 track radio,air con, right hand side rear sliding door, power steering and front locking diff.

It’s got 208 000 miles on the clock but don’t be afraid about it I’ve got a dictionary thick folder full of service history.

1032 negociable


Selling 1984 Kilment Hoodoo Eco. $960
2.4L V8 still funcitonal.
Includes sport package features (spare tire, gas can, rally lights, pushcart, spoiler, roof handles)
14.3 MPG, installed a large tank for longer trips.
Seats 7. Please buy,

Please stop asking if this is a Hoodoo Sport! It’s clearly an Eco with sport package add-ons!!n






Just a bit less than 24 hours left till submissions for CSR 119 closes, guys!
I won’t be extending my deadline any longer. So hurry up!

Link To Countdown


Whelp here we go, my first entry into one of these. Edited in LibreOffice’s PowerPoint equivalent (!) so the Craigslist editing is some way off the mark in a couple places, but to quote Adele, at least I can say that I tried. :slight_smile:


1984 KGB-H Oxen Sturdy

Plenty of torque to haul from it’s 4 litre i-5, 0-60 in 10.3 apparently.
Solid enough you know you’ll be fine in a crash.
Surprisingly plush interior, 5 seats with lots of space in the back.
In good nick for a 35 year old car!

Sold for $34600 back when it was new, looking for $1195 quick sale


1982 Alba Spanne FLS - 1200$ Negotiable

-I added a mesh on the headlights because it looks cool.

2.6 Inline 5 SOHC4 on a 5 gear Manual, Does 18 MPG and is on good conditions.

Removed the back seats to use as a cargo van for a small bakery.

Tyres are on good condition, So is Oil.

Still has the old stock 8-Track.

There may be some remains of flour inside the cabin, But it’s not covered in it.

Rust is not a huge problem since the body is completely Corrosion resistant steel (i think)

Paint is from 3 years ago.

I haven’t loaded it with much more than 300 kg.

Selling at (Insert address here)

//i made those rear windows myself cause y not


Pics below


why have a cargo van when you could have something literally designed to carry bodies?


Seeing as I couldn’t post the rear view of mine in the same post as the advert (at least at the time), here it is. Granted, only so much to see, it’s a van lol

                              **1989 Saman FX1L for sale, 262,373 miles.**

I’m selling the old family van. I got it from my Mom when she got a newer van.

It’s got 260,000 miles and I’m selling as I’m moving to L.A to study in two weeks, need gone ASAP.

It’s not let me down so far. Water pump replaced 20,000 miles ago, transmission replaced once in 2006. The suspension is a bit loose these days and the car is covered with scratches, dents. The leather is still on the seats but it’s showing it’s age. A/C runs cold, power sunroof is broken but can be opened manually. ABS. Auto.

It’s an old van that runs, what more do you want? Remove the seats and carry stuff, use it as a meth lab, whatever. Selling for $600 firm to get rid of it.

I tried to make an ad in paint and couldn’t even manage that :upside_down_face:



Deadline passed about 12 mins ago folks!

Thank you so much to all of you who participated in this CSR!

I hope you guys enjoyed it. I’ll get the judgement rounds up as soon as I can.

Cheers! :smile:


Good luck everyone!


If I get instabinned again I’ll eat my hat. :man_facepalming:t4:


As a first-time participant, my target is simple: avoid the instabin. Anything else is a bonus.

Thanks for running the show, @GetWrekt01!


My design skills are mediocre at best. These challenges are a good way to get experience in making different cars for a purpose.

If you do get instabinned, there’s beer in the trashcan bro.


I knew there was a reason I liked going to the bin…


Couldn’t quite explain it myself. Just knew I always came back happy… and then it hit me…


I wish luck to everyone here! (especially myself, I’ll need it hue hue)