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CSR 119: The Kings of Summer, But Abridged [Submissions Closed, Semi-finals Published]


looks longingly at the beer in the bin

Later, my precious… later…


No, this is not a meme entry. I think that the calculator did not work. I do not have Exel, I have Open Ofice Calc by Apache. Maybe that is the reason.
Oh crap! I got disqualified for a stupid reason.


That was the only way I found to stay on the price limit.
Originally, it would have a i6 engine with some +3 quality parts and double wishbone suspension on the front. And also, premium interior and standard safety. But I had to sacrifice everything.


Alright, let’s see… Oh… Ohhhh…

Eh, the V8 was likely the biggest cause… Along with the headers, but I kinda stick those on everything. I’m surprised the price point wasn’t mentioned though.

Oh well, back to work!


camera’s broken :sunglasses:


You kinda did meme this one pretty hard to be honest. -15 all around, is reason enough for the guys to bin your car. 0 prestiege also means that general perception of the car is “it’s disgusting”. Like, your average mail van has a prestiege of 10.

I actually had a hard time getting my price HIGH enough, and my car isn’t even THAT old.


I’m pretty sure this is just a classic example of Hanlon’s Razor. He’s probably just new to the game.


You based your price on automation? Lol, that would explain everything


Yeh I’m thinking they built the van down to $7000 cost on the game instead of using the calculator


You weren’t supposed to have a budget of $7000 in game…
The calculator decides what your car’s used price will be.


Maybe next time we need to supesize;

Use Calculator for price




types 7000 into ordinary calculator

7000 = 7000

“Guess i’ll need to get down to 7000$ in Automation anyway, then…”

This is not meant to be offensive.
Post will be deleted if it is to someone…


There have been many errors made in the name of just this CSR, let alone the 118 before that I missed. But this has surely got to be one of the most amusing ever.


These things happen. Live and learn.


I’m gonna be honest, I initially literally just wrote the price of my car according to Automation in the actual price output area. I immediately Ctrl-Z’d it though, since I realized that accidentally writing in there literally murdered the whole formula.


Hello, here to give you guys a situation update.

Due to some IRL stuff, the prelims may be delayed a few hours. Could be 4 or could be 16. It depends on how much sleep my tired body needs right now after a whole day outside home. But the more it’s delayed, the more chance of getting all of the reviews at once and also, the finals won’t be delayed than the standard schedule.

Sorry for the delay and hope you guys understand :slight_smile: Thank you.


Thanks for keeping us informed - figured RL stuff may have happened when yesterday came and went without an update. And with 28 surviving the bin round, it’s a busy preliminary stage!


CSR 119: The Kings of Summer

The Prelims, pt1

The boys have assembled in Dan’s basement once again. Scott and Dan went out earlier today to drive to a mechanic to fix Dan’s laptop. The wifi connectivity is back again and they don’t have to depend on Eric’s iPad anymore. The snack pile is even bigger for today. After all, the real search for the perfect car for their journey has just begun.

Scott: S, Dan: D, Eric: E

D: Yo Eric my laptop’s fixed dude!

E: Ah nice! We can look at more fucked cars from the bigger screen now.

D: Shut up now. I think we went through the shite pile yesterday. Today’s ones should be better.

S: Let’s get on with it, we have a lot of cars to look at and not a whole lot of time. Remember that we need to keep in mind that what we can modify of the cars and what we can’t. That’s a big factor.

D: Alright it’s plugged in! allcarsclassifieds69420.com here we come again.

MUD Maxivan Panel @abg7


S: Hmm, we’re starting off good today. It’s an MUD panel van. I’ve heard these things are quite durable and capable workhorses.

D: Ah yeah this website says they’re rated to carry around 1600 kilos. Servicing costs may be on the higher side though.

S: I mean hey if it doesn’t break too often it’s fine. It’s a BOF design though, won’t be as tough as a unibody van. It’s quite large though and I’ll give it that. Has more than enough room than we’ll probably need.

E: It’s rustproofed quite well too, there’s some saving. I’m concerned about the fuel econ though, it’s not written anywhere…

S: I’ll message the owner

few moments later

S: Uhhh… wow… 27 MPG for a 2005 van and guess what it’s not even slow.

D: That’s going in the shortlist haha.

Passes through!

Independent Ecoliner by @Admiral_Obvious


S: Ooh it’s a dustbuster design. I like it.

E: I see these ones all around here. Pretty prominent fleet vans. Probably a good sign.

S: It’s repainted, don’t see any visible rust. Also a BOF van and doesn’t carry as much as the Maxivan.

E: I’d think it wouldn’t have more of its life left than the Maxi too, considering this is almost 22 years old now…

D: Yeah it won’t be as reliable, but hey this one’s cheaper to maintain. Gets only about 20mpg though. That ain’t bad but yeah not as great.

E: I’m not sure, it looks like a great deal overall but does it suit our needs?

S: Uhh are you idiots looking at the price?

E: What… OH! Just a thousand bucks? Yo nevermind this is a grand deal!

S: For that much money left if we buy this, we can probably replace rear suspensions, do some extra modification here and there and maybe slide in an engine swap.

D: That’s a yes then, putting it on the shortlist.

Passes Through!

IMC L150 Club Van by @Spot


D: Oh hey guys, we’re forgetting something… brings up a newspaper cutting

S: Yo look the Church van hehe.

E: That brings back bad memories… If we buy this first thing we’re gonna do is completely repaint it.

S: Let’s see… it’s a V6 model with AT and 8 seats…

D: More seats is fine, just more stuff for us to resale to add in to our budget. Not sure about the fuel economy though. This website reports 18mpg.

E: Ehhhh we can get around that if it’s cheap to repair and doesn’t break down.

D: Nah the user reviews are quite good actually. Service costs aren’t the too high. What IS concerning though is the 3/5 star safety rating even after being this big.

S: Hmm that’s weird, it’s huge. Even if it’s BOF it should be sturdy enough. Probably cheaped out with the body and safety department.

D: Uhh…

E: Yes?

D: This one has non-variable power steering, which is fine on its own but also, no ABS…

S: Hmm, I don’t think that’s very safe considering the weight it’ll be carrying. No ABS may be fine for our dads, we haven’t reached that stage just yet.

E: I mean…

D: The acceleration is apparently dismal according to this review. Also it’s pretty much half our budget.

S: I’m not too sure abot this, even though it looked quite good at first…


Shuriken Masakari TrayChop @That-S-cop


S: Oh hello there! It’s a chopped truck!

D: Damn I haven’t seen too many of these around, and definitely not a chopped one.

E: I was no t too keen on it at first but it’s actually pretty big, there’s enough room to set up a good prefab shell.

D: There’s enough budget to build a decent prefab shell, and even some light modifications to the truck heh. The owner is barely asking for anything at all.

S: It’s a stupid powerful turbo straight six. Fast and efficient. It originally gets something like 19 mpg but how much would it get after the chop and setting up a prefab?

D: So this forum user shared his experience saying it went down to as low as… wow… 22 mpg!

S: So it’ll be around 20-21mpg after setting up a shell, it won’t be as heavy as the original Masakari rear portion after all.

D: Check this out, it’s rated to carry as high as the Church van but also doesn’t cost that much per year.

E: Hey it’s safe with a 4/5 star rating as well, and it’s completely corrosion resistant. Very reliable too. The engine needs some care but Scott’s an expert with engines.

D: Going in the shortlist then.

Passes Through!

Kiran AeroVan 2.5 Premium @Hilbert


D: Oh boy this one’s a good one, I know for sure.

S: Huh yeah you guys used to own one of these, but the FWD model I think.

D: Yeah dad had it as a cheap alternative to go on family trips. Serviced us well until we bought the SUV. This one gets fuel economy ratings as good as the maxivan, but the yearly servicing cost is way less. It shouldn’t be even $700 overall.

E: Oh wow, it’s pretty safe too, being unibody. And also this is a full passenger van. Leather seats, modern interior and shit. Once the unnecessary stuff is out this should be quite rugged.

S: The rated load capacity it low though, but okay seeing it has all around independent suspensions that’s fine. We can just tune it to our likings in the workshop. The ride should be pretty smooth with how it’s tuned though. Electric power steering kinda turns me off but after judging everything and the budget… Yeah I think this one is absolutely good to go!

Passes Through!

Aanholt Versatile Custom by @Fletchyboy100


S: Yo guys check this out, somebody listed an entire LDV.

D: Huh what? This should be interesting.

S: Gets about 23 more or less mpg combined, front wheel drive, it’s only a decade old, it’s fucking huge and well within our budget… what more could we ask for?

E: I don’t know man, this won’t be cheap to run.

D: I’m down for tolerating service costs if it doesn’t let us down and does our job nicely. Look it’s pretty safe too. These things don’t ever rust according to the reviews and the turbo engine is peppy enough.

S: See I’m okay with the rather slow pickup speed. It will probably need some extra care. But I’m fine with that as long as it doesn’t break down, which it won’t. Yeah I’m down for this.

Passes Through!

KnightFreight Packer HD V8 by @mart1n2005


S: Oh uhhh… hmm…

D: It’s one of those BL vans dude, I kinda like it what the fuck?

E: It looks kinda nice. Too old though. Is it good?

S: Well I know that these vans are rugged workhorses. It’s the engine that worries me. Not powerful, neither efficient and definitely not reliable enough for us.

D: Service costs would be very low though, and hey it carries as much as the LDV but also offers an okay ride.

S: Oh god I just saw the price…

E: Bro it’s $600? Hah I don’t think leaving this out is even an option now.

D: With that kinda budget left we could do all kinds of swapping we want without spending a whole lot. For the budget of one of the vans above we can make it full custom and possibly even better.

S: If you can get your cousin to hook us up with a used Honda engine for cheap, we can have a look at this for sure.

Passes Through!

Bogliq Bazaar 3100 by @HighOctaneLove


S: Another new-ish panel van, looks quite good and clean.

D: This one is pretty much on par with the Maxivan we saw first. I’d say they’re even direct rivals. It’s not as high load carrying as the Maxivan but it’s still decent and can be tuned, considering it has beams on the rear.

S: Service costs are lower and fuel economy is almost exactly the same. Price is quite close too. This one however, is unibody and has a few quirky features up its sleeves. Good stuff. This one also has no rust around it at all. That saves us from tons of effort. Dammit it even has a 5/5 star safety rating.

E: I can see this and the Maxivan putting us in a dilemma very soon hahahaha.

D: Ya bet. We’ll see.

Passes Through!

Darvin Windjammer CV by @VicVictory


S: Yes! A hi-roof minivan. I like this one with it’s Corsa/Starlet headlights heh.

D: This one, according to the reports, very reliable, easy and cheap to service like $550 range, good fuel economy and can be even better with light modifications, and 4/5 star safety rating. Any reason you guys can find it shouldn’t be in the shortlist?

E: I can’t think of one. Rides smooth, this one has its coils pretty loose but I think it can carry way higher if tightened. Don’t think that’s necessary though. It’s so roomy too. I’m falling for this.

S: The variable power steering is intact so yay for highway driving…Yeah add it to the list. This is great considering it’s half our budget.

Passes through!

Trimbo - GL87M by @chichicoofisial


E: Guys! I know what you’re gonna say but pleeeeease can we have a closer look at this?

S: It’s just at our peak budget Eric…

D: Not to mention it’s from 1967. Great reliability reports though apparently.

S: Hmm… factory boxer engine with everything else stock. A bit slow and drinks a bit but… hey all things considered this might just work?

D: I’m just surprised that this is as sturdy as some 20-25 year newer vans. And damn look at those windows. The whole van looks so nice from all sides. Eric you might be in luck.

E: It’s so cheap to service too, parts are very easy to find on the market. Also we won’t have to do a whole lot of modifications to it since these things were already kinda campervans from the factory. And hey look Alu body, no rust.

S: Which we’ll definitely need heh, if we keep the stock reaer suspensions they might travel through our arses. I’ll keep this for now. Roaming around in something so cool would be pretty darn nicel!

D: Scott, are you sure we want this though? This is our first ever conversion job. Maybe not start with something so pricey and old?

E: But… It’s so beautiful I mean look at it!

S: I hate to say this but yeah man, we’re just starting out. I don’t think this one is good for us. But hey I know someone who’s looking for something similar. I’ll hook them up with this.

I hate to say this with every bone in my body but :wastebasket:

DM L3100 DTV by @EddyBT


S: It’s an L3100. Another common fleet van. And I know for a fact that it’s quite nice where it needs to be.

D: It’s even got some quirky features for its time. Almost got a 4/5 star safety rating, almost. Pulls through okay-ish but fuel economy is not that great. Pretty reliable and very cheap to fix though, so it makes up there.

S: Oh yeah I’m definitely liking this. See how big it is from the inside? This is the perfect van for days, considering it’s only $2500.

E: Owner did a power steering upgrade, probably that’s why the economy went to shit. Nice to have good power steering though, economy can be taken care of. Put it on the list, Dan.

Passes Through

Aeros Medium Postal Van by @Echowaffle8


S: Hahahaha what the fuck?

D: Bro I don’t think any public info to this shit is available, let me hit up the forums.

E: Wait we’re considering a mailvan?

S: Why not? These things are purebred workhorses. You know how wide they are? They might not be long but there’s more than enough space for us to live and put whatever we need just because of how wide it is.

D: Check this out, decent reliability reports, as low as 400 bucks per year service costs, 3/5 star safety, carries 2.5 tons and completely corossion resistant body and chassis.

S: It might need an engine swap though, and we can definitely do that. It’s barely 800 bucks for a van this good by its own. It’s quite old but hey if it works good it’s still fine.

E: I’m liking it now, it’s kinda unique. Shortlist it is then.

Passes Through

Kazuki-Jino TourMaster XL Turbo by @TheTechnoVampire


S: Hahahaaaaaaaa as if the mail van wasn’t enough!

D: A fucking bus dude, I can’t take this. Let me load up the figures.

E: Well it’s gonna be costly and the fuel economy is gonna be shit. That’s out of the way. We should allow this to be on the shortlist only if it does better in other places.

D: Well it’s over 7 meters long and the room inside it is massive. Not to mention you can sell all those seats to loosen up the budget. It should be lighter overall considering we’re putting in DIY light stuff in. The original interior in these buses are heavy as fuck.

E: That should pretty much help with running costs. Oh what’s that? Carries almost 3 tons, ride is smooth and drives exceptionally well… huh this isn’t bad at all.

S: It has a 5 cylinder turbo engine Eric, sure you don’t want this?


Passes Through

Morton Grandeur by @CriticalSet9849


S: Hey hey momvan bro haha.

D: Good lord does it look quintessentially mom-van-ish. It’s hi-roof too, perfect.

E: Check the reliability and running costs records, I think this one might be good.

D: Cheap to run, decent fuel economy, powerful engine, doesn’t carry as much but that’s a multilink rear suspension oh god it’s fucking fancy.

S: Good for tuning, not so good for overall maintenance but hey if it’s cheap everywhere else, fine. Electric power steering though, ouch.

D: But it’s big, and gives us head room. How’s the rust?

S: Mhhh… not much, easily fixable. Oh hey the interior looks pretty damn nice. Is that leather? Yeah that’s real leather…

E: How even…

D: Boy is it safe, perfect 5/5 safety ratings! I don’t think we need anything else for now.

Passes Through!

S: Right I’m tired. Let’s leave all this for now and play some games. We’ll get back to it in an hour or two. Dan get the food I’m fucking hungry!

And that concludes first part of the prelims. Stay tuned for part two!


I am so loving the variety of approaches to this (and how many got an initial pass based on doing their interpretation decently or better). I think that reflects well on both the entries and the challenge itself.


No surprise here. I expected nothing less from my big white workhorse - and am now eagerly awaiting the next set of reviews.