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CSR 119: The Kings of Summer, But Abridged [Submissions Closed, Semi-finals Published]


In fairness, you and ShinyBat literally JUST missed the finals


Situation update

So, two things:

  1. Exams are fucking my schedule pretty badly.

  2. About a 1000 word draft of the finals got deleted. Yeah… trying not to flip my table off

I know this is kinda irresponsible on my end but I really do need some rest before I can start writing the reviews all over again from scratch, unless you want me to write everything half asleep and end up ruining the finals with subpar reviews.

All I ask for is your patience and again I do apologize for the delay.

I'll see you all later with fully finished reviews of the 11 finalists for this round


I now know that my car was too expensive to actually be a finalist, even though on paper it looked like one, but it was definitely worth a try. On a more positive note, this is the second round in a row in which I’ve made it past the first round of cuts.


So apparently that’s a top-13 on CSR debut.

Man, I’ve got expectations now… that’s scary…


CSR 119: The Kings of Summer, Finals

The boys have messaged or called all the 11 owners of their chosen cars and will spend the next 3-4 days in choosing their car for their journey for the next few months. No bailing out, no shortcuts, just living on their own and travelling all around the continent in a car. They hop on to Dan’s '89 VW Rabbit Cabriolet for their first visit of the day.

Sisten Pacific TC by @CorsicaUnknown


S: Keep going… this should be the address, park right there… oh I see it!

D: Damn that thing looks beautiful in person, it’s in absolutely mind condition.

S: Alright remember, we don’t have much time. We’ll check the car around, test drive it a bit, see how much interior space is available and then proceed to the next one.

After talking to the owner about the Sisten and borrowing the keys, they’ve returned to check it out

E: Alright I’m just eyeballing it but… I don’t think there’s too much space inside it?

S: You’re probably right. Because of how it’s shaped, a lot of potential space is lost. But hey if it holds up despite being a bit smaller than the other cars, I don’t see an issue.

S: Oh no way, check this out!

After unlocking the car, Scott pressed a second button on the keyfob and the sliding door on their side started to open up automatically

D: Now that’s cool! Will it be durable though?

S: Well the owner claims he never had to change most of the things on this van. We’ll know once we have a look at the service history.

D: Hmm, Eric was right. Even thought there’s still plenty of space in it, it still feels smaller than some other vans.

E: Check this out though, no rust anywhere. I think the panels are corrosion resistant. Nice!

D: Alright let’s check the font… Hmm… Standard cloth and plastic interior, there’s a few cubby holes here and there… There’s a pretty cheap looking cassette player with no adapters… Yeah this is the absolute basic trim of the Pacific vans. Designed to be more of a workhorse.

S: Odd choice of segment for something like a dustbuster shaped van but then again, it does what it does and it looks cool.

D: The trailing arm suspension on the rear would need some tuning though, if it can just barely handle 600 kilos. Not a lot of effort but still, sort of a pain.

E: Let’s fire up the engine, see how it works?

D: Right let’s go… Oh wow that’s a rumble.

S: It’s pretty quiet but you can just hear the engine wanting to go. 3L V6, not bad at all. Warm it up, let’s go for a quick drive.

D: God it’s easy to drive. I’m liking it. It’s RWD and supposed to accelerate to 60 in like under 9 seconds… Let’s see how it holds up… Wow!

E: Its still got it! Nice.

S: Yeah that was some speed. But wait I noticed something, get it around mid-revs and keep it there, steady… yeah notice something?

D: Well that’s interesting… For something that rides so smooth, why would the engine be so vibration prone…

S: It’s not so bad that it would destroy its own internals, but that’s a noticeable amount of vibration. This is something you’d notice during a long journey on the highway. Quite efficient though, doesn’t drink much. I think the vibration isn’t a huge issue but something to keep in mind, as far as I can tell, you won’t really notice it after some time on the road.

E: I guess you guys were right about it being a workhorse van under the shell of a much more premium, ahead of its time van. There are some quirky stuff here and there but in the end it’s still missing some creature comforts.

S: Yeah, I’m not throwing this out of the list though. It’s still a good, cheap and safe option… Just maybe not the best one.

KnightFreight Packer HD V8 by @mart1n2005


E: Nope not this one, the next block…Yep I see it. Awh look at that yellow haha.

S: Yeah that’s a big yellow heh. Jesus it looks so 80s, I don’t know why but I really do kinda like the looks of it.

D: Same, let’s get the keys and check it out quickly.

Few moments later

D: Right, first thoughts, it’s massive. I mean it better be, these things are rated to carry up to 2 tons, even with stock suspensions.

S: That’s a lot. Let’s actually check the engine first, I’ve heard stuff about it… Oh wow… that’s a unit.

D: 4.3L V8 with pushrods and very early SPEFI, no wonder the engine likes to break at times. It might drink a lot of fuel though, I don’t think we can go far with this without swapping the engine.

S: Fair enough. Let’s check the inside… Hmm yeah it’s roomy for sure. Could probably fit a super king sized bed and other various commodities easily.

E: What do we do with this bench seat though? Sell it perhaps?

S: Yeah that’s not gonna come in handy for us. We’ll sell it and get some faux leather seats fitted on or something.

D: Let’s go for a drive… Hmm already I can tell it’s much smoother than the Sisten. The throttle response is sluggish though, but that’s fine, it’s not like we’re racing it.

S: Floor it, should be a good 12-14 seconds… oh nevermind… huh the engine has some guts, 11 seconds is not bad at all.

D: Yeah that’s fine, the ride is surprisingly good as well. It’s nothing like the sisten but it’s good enough, and I can imagine it being even better with load on the back. And damn, the fact that they managed to make this van carry 2 tons shows their engineering prowess.

S: Yeah, we might get an air suspension kit for the rear, and it won’t even hurt the pocket because this van is so cheap heh.

E: I think we’re forgetting that this is a very old workhorse with not much safety ratings and also it has no ABS system at all.

S: Yeah those are big caveats. And Dan seems to be struggling with steering the van a bit.

D: Yeah it’s not that easy to drive. It’s manageable but not easy. Will need a fair bit of aftermarket parts if we decide to go for this.

S: I mean yeah of course, it’s only 600 bucks! We’d be stupid not to get this if there were slightly better options available at a much higher price. We’ll keep it in consideration.

Bogliq Bazaar 3100 by @HighOctaneLove


S: Dan, have a look at the map and see if we’re in the correct place.

D: Yeah we’re in the right area, just keep going… there! God it’s a gaudy white haha.

S: Yeah that’s one really white van. Seems kinda barebones, it’s another panel van after all.

E: So far we’ve seen panel vans only, let’s talk to the owner, he’s selling a relatively new van for cheap.

A few moments later

S: Right soooo first thoughts… it’s fairly large. I like the interior, not fully barebones but not too much either. Seems solid to me, they didn’t skimp on the build quality.

E: There’s no rust around, good stuff. The owner said that it’s a higher trim from the base model.

S: That explains it, this one’s turbocharged too. I wonder how well that 4 banger is set up. I read a few reviews saying that the engine likes to move a lot at low revs.

D: It’s pretty spacious though, almost like the Knightwick van. Let’s see how it runs. starts engine

S: Hmm, give it some revs… oh yeah that’s vibration alright. The sisten vibrated alright but at least that one was manageable and wouldn’t be noticed that much. This one on the other hand, is shaking harder. Probably too much boost feeding through the engine?

D: I mean it’s no race car but look… if I rev high… yeah you can feel the rattle as the turbo kicks in.

S: The ride isn’t really smooth either. Maybe if the rear is carrying weight it could get better, but it’s nothing to write home about. Surprisingly good fuel economy though, according to the average fuel consumption calculator.

E: It’s a good car and it’s newer, but I think this is a happy medium between the Sisten and the Knightwick. And it’s really weird that an almost 25 year old van rides smoother than this.

S: Yeah, it’s not completely out of consideration though.

D: Alright enough of this, let’s get some dinner.

Shuriken Masakari TrayChop by @That-S-cop


D: Ahhhh I’m full, let’s have a look at this one and call it a day?

S: No, we need to look at one more after this. Let’s try not to waste too much time… yeah that’s the house, park here.

D: I don’t see the truck… Oh wait there it is, I see it now. God it looks so cool!

S: Jeez look at those massive fuel tanks. If we buy this, we won’t have to worry about fuel for days!

E: And it’s not like it drinks a lot either, reasonable for a 4x4 truck.

After talking to the owner and getting the keys

D: Hmm, there’s not much to talk about the outside. It looks good, rugged, there’s already some useful accessories and utilities around it.

E: Thank god they’re selling it for this cheap, leaves us a lot for building the camper shell.

S: Oh hey check this engine out, it’s a turbo boosted straight six. The owner also said that the ECU has been modified, hence why it pulls significantly faster and doesn’t consume a lot of fuel.

E: Hmm, let’s see… interior seems fine. Not as barren as I originally hoped, in fact this is good actually. Just need to throw away the bench. Looks like it’s rustproofed very well, probably outlast an entire apocalypse. Let’s start the engine.

D: Oh yeah this is waaay smoother, I can barely feel any vibration even when I’m revving it.

S: Yeah this one seems to do better. I can’t find a flaw of it. It seems to do what it’s supposed to do. And it’s fast too. This is one of the best options of all we’ve seen so far. I like this a lot.

D: Same. Let’s hand the keys over to the owner and have a look at the bus perhaps?

S: Sure! I’m eager to see the bus.

Kazuki-Jino TourMaster XL Turbo by @TheTechnoVampire


S: Right this one should be easy to find… should be right around… there it is!

D: Oh yeah that bus is an absolute unit

E: We can have like 6 people living in here comfortably haha. If we end up buying this, it’s gonna be one nice and comfy journey for sure.

S: Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We’ll see.

Getting the keys from the owner

S: Right, first of all, I absolutely love how it looks. It has a very clean look to it. Not way too much going on and the owner hasn’t replaced or sold parts at all. It’s just that good from stock.

D: What was this for before he decided to sell it again?

E: Carrying employees of the company he owns. They recently switched to newer buses of the same make so they’re selling the old ones.

D: Right let’s get in, I think you can see the engine from inside.

S: Oh wow this is a lot of space. There’s some rust around it but nothing too much, we can take care of that. But just look at all the stuff inside it… it’s gonna become a blank canvas when we get rid of most of the interior.

D: God this thing was ahead of its time. The interior is filled with high end tech stuff. Nice!

S: I’ll try driving it… hmm it’s kinda hard but not as hard as I hoped. It’s fine actually. Oooh look at the economy calculator though… the running costs are going to be pretty high. I’m not sure if we want to put up to that.

D: I mean it seems to do what it’s supposed to do just fine, so why not. Besides the ratings say it’s very reliable, so it won’t break down.

E: Remember that this runs on premium gas. Nothin wrong with it, just pointing it out.

S: I can imagine roaming around the country in a bus like this, would be so cool haha. And that 5 cylinder engine sounds sooo nice. It runs smooth too. Not too many complex parts so easy to fix for me. We can definitely consider this one.

The next day

Aeros Medium Postal Van by @Echowaffle8


S: Okay so… the postvan for sale is a real thing and someone is really selling it for under a grand.

D: In person, it doesn’t look bad at all. Would make for a great project van thing. And these things are rated to carry a lot of weight, over 2.5 tons.

E: It’s out of the 80s though, not as safe and the engine kinda breaks. It’s pretty durable overall though.

S: I heard that it uses the Iron Duke engine or something similar, in that case, definitely will need to swap it haha. The rear suspensions might need an air suspension swap too, to make the ride smoother while retaining the carrying capacity. Let’s get int.

D: Right away, I can tell it’s really not that long, but boy is it wide. I’d say that we overall have enough space here. The interior is pretty barren though, but that kinda helps us. No rust around the van so that’s nice.

E: Let’s drive it… oh… hmm…

S: And we thought the Sisten and the Bogliq vibrate, This one feels like it’s gonna tear itself apart. Definitely can’t run on this engine.

E: everything else seems to be fine, lot of room, rustproofing is done, driving seems is fairly easy. But I think it had a worse safety rating than the Knightwick.

D: It’s not a bad deal at that price point, but I’m not entirely sure. Its running costs are cheap and that’s a big plus point, but we still need to upgrade it and replace parts in some areas.

Albatross Kirkwood Four by @zschmeez


D: Alright we’re finally here, time to have a look at the Kirkwood. I’m excited for this one.

E: Quick, just talk to the owner and get the keys. I can’t wait to check it out.

Getting the keys

E: Alright time to fire this baby up!

S: Hold it Eric, let’s have a look at the outside. Hmm… some rust here and there, will need coating and stuff and insulation but nothing too bad. The suspension is a trailing arm system so it’s tuneable enough. Should carry about 800 kilos while keeping the ride smooth.

E: Can we get int now?

S: Okay fine, Jesus calm down.

E: fires up engine Ahhhh yes listen to that.

S: The boxer sounds sooo good.

E: Hmm this thing is fairly easy to drive. Not nearly as easy as a few stuff we saw earlier but it’s decent. The engine is pretty smooth. Brakes seem to be working just fine.

D: It has a near 5 star safety rating right?

S: Yep, and also one of the most durable van and engine combo of its time. And hey check this out, the interior isn’t entirely plastic.

E: I’m definitely in love of this one, I think this is a strong contender. Let’s hand over the keys and go for the next one.

Huangdou GX6471H @yangx2


S: Okay time to look at the Huangdou. I swear to god, looking at that fascia makes me thing it’s going to gouge my eyes out and eat me alive but at the same time, I like its Chinese utilitarian van look.

D: Same haha. It’s kinda hard not to like vans of this type. They’re so practical and durable. And god they’re easy to drive.

S: Everything on the outside seems to be fine, there’s basically no rust that I can see. May need some rubberized coating and insulation. Will need try and make the chassis a bit rigid though, the safety score kinda concerns me after all.

D: Right let’s start it up… oh baby!

S: That’s one peppy straight six. Rev it… oh yeah, that’s smooth.

D: Did you know that these things are rated to carry 2 tons?

S: Really? Doesn’t feel like so from how smooth the ride is! That’s really cool.

D: Driving it seems to be fairly easy. I’d go ahead and say that this one is the most easiest to drive of all the vans we’ve driven so far. The price seems fine for a van that’s just 12 years old and is holding up so good.

S: It’s an AT 4 speed too, less effort when driving in the cities. Although I’ve heard that the brakes might go a bit screwy at high load. We won’t be reaching anywhere near the 2 ton weight mark so I’ll ignore that. I’m liking this van so far, a lot.

D: Me too, how many more to go though?

S: Only 3 left.

The Top 3 Are Coming

Kuma BO-X4 3.0 SUPERWAGON by @Xepy

S: Okay so… this is the house of the guy who’s pissed about his ex-wife right?

D: Yeah, and there’s the Kuma… Oh look at it! It’s so nice in person.

E: There’s so many factory offroading bits here and there. Good enough for me. And it’s a hi-roof too.

S: Let’s get the keys and try it out.

Insert getting keys line

D: Okay first of all, absolutely no rust anywhere. Nice! It’s a V6 though just like the Sisten, and that kinda worries me.

E: Let’s start it and see if it’s as much rough… Wait that’s not bad.

S: Nope, it seems to handle the vibration better. Not as good as the other engines we saw today but good for a V6 of this displacement. Try driving it around.

D: Hmm… picks up speed just fine, kinda drinks but not too bad, seems to drive like the Kirkwood but this one has 4x4 so it’s fine. Although I have to say, the gearing makes the car wheelspin a bit. That’s some power going through the drivetrain. The brakes are absolutely perfect, not too much but just enough.

S: It’s a bit noisy but as an offroading van that’s pretty alright. I’m not certain about the load capacity though. It’s not too bad but there’s barely any room to tune it to carry less weight while offering a smoother ride.

E: I mean not that the ride isn’t already any good, it’s decent in my opinion. And besides this is probably the most durable van we’ve seen so far, both the van itself and the engine. Not to mention it’s the safest as well.

S: Fair. I’m liking this one a lot though, perhaps we might go for this one if we don’t like the other two. But oof, it’s about 6200 bucks, if only it was a bit cheaper.

Cascadia Moonliner 4WD by @thecarlover


S: Yeah the house should be just around the corner aaaaand… okay park here, I see it.

D: That looks pretty clean from here… oh wait I can see some rust from the underside.

S: Yeah I see it too. It’s nothing bad but yeah something worth noting. I like the looks of it though, all those offroady bits really appeal to me a lot. I like the overall look of it, it’s just so well designed.

E: Oh man I hope the modular roof doors still work, that’d be amazing… oh man check out the rear!

S: Yeah it’s nice. Such a beautiful looking van overall. I dig it. Now let’s go get the keys…

This is getting repetitive

D: Right, this one has a larger stroke V6 as well. I’m guessing this will be a bit jittery like the Sisten and the Kuma.

S: Probably, I’ll fire it up… hmm… I don’t feel it that much. It’s still there but… eh it’s okay it’s an offroading van, it’s not 100% about creature comforts. Same for the Kuma. Besides V6s are a bit vibration prone anyway. I’ll give this a ride around the block.

D: Oh man it feels so good back here, the van rides good for sure. This is too good for a van with coil rears! And boy the interior is good. It feels nice and cozy. I didn’t even realize how big it is from the inside.

S: I’m pretty happy here as well, and damn this thing goes. Fuel Consumption seems to be very tolerable and will be better after some tuneups and getting rid of unwanted stuff.

E: I think the biggest party piece here is the modular roof. I’m loving this. It even has a perfect 5 star safety rating.

S: I think this had a bit higher running costs than the Kuma right?

D: Yeah, and slightly less durable as well. But this one feels nicer to me. And besides this is 2 grand cheaper than the Kuma and the Huangdou.

S: Same here, I’m leaning towards this one now more. It looks good, does everything perfectly, rides well, carries a whole ton too. Definitely a prime choice now. We have one car left though, let’s see how that one holds up.

Kotashi Dangan Sport by @Ryan93 @MGR_99


D: Oh man, when it comes to looks, I get confused between this, the Cascadia and the Kuma. All 3 look so good and unique even when they share the almost same body style.

S: Indeed, that smoked glass on the front, the headlights, the nudge bar, the rear general design and of course that awesome looking asymmetric hood scoop. This is just perfect.

E: What were the reliability ratings?

D: Slightly below the Kuma, above the Cascadia. The engine is of the sport variant so it’s more peppy than durable as they say, but apparently it’s way more reliable than most other van engines we’ve seen so far. Better than the Kuma and Cascadia but below the Huangdou.

S: Safety ratings weren’t bad as well, near 5 star. You know what let’s give this one a test drive, I have a feeling that this might be our future journey mate.

Keys keys getting keys yada yada keys

S: Alright, firing up the engine… ohhh listen to that rumble!

D: Yeah that sounds nice, how’s the throttle response?

S: Not as sluggish as some of the other vans and… hey I can barely feel any vibration.

D: Yep, this engine is way smoother. Not as smooth as the Huangdou but it’s a close one. It’s pretty efficient too, people have reported getting up to 25 mpg with this thing. Quick too, under 11 seconds after stripping unnecessary parts and tuning the engine a bit.

E: The safety ratings were a bit low, right?

S: Just below 5 star safety rating, which I’m not worried about at all. Can also carry over 900 kilos. Running costs are very close to the Kuma, if not lower. What gets me is though, how does this thing have leaf suspensions and still be smoother riding than most of the vans we’ve driven so far.

D: Yeah it’s pretty comfy back here. This one’s a bit bigger than the Cascadia I think. Are you okay with it being manual though?

S: I mean it has cruise control system like most other vans we’ve liked. I’m fine as long as I don’t have to short shift a lot anyway. It’s also actually rather heavy, heavier than the huangdou I think. But drives fine, kinda like the Kuma and the Kirkwood.

E: Oh apparently this has dual air bags. For something that’s 20 years old, that’s nice. Variable Hydraulic power steering too so great for highway driving.

S: Ouch apparently it has some steering issues but only when I’m not putting the throttle down harder.

D: Could be due to the 4x4 drivetrain. I’m sure nearly all 4x4 vehicles we’ve seen have some sort of weird handling somewhere. And dude I can’t shut up about the ride, this feels amazing.

S: It really is, makes you wonder that how they made such a versatile van that can do both city driving and offroading. And it costs only $700 more than the Cascadia!

S: Well, gentlemen, we’ve seen all 11 cars now. And after seein the last van, I think we’ve made our choice.

D: Yeah, out of all the awesome cars we went through so far, this is what, I think striked us the most. Let’s buy it from the owner right now and get to work. We’ll be done with it within 2-3 weeks from now, and be on our journey.

E: Let’s go then!

A few weeks later

Scott, Dan and Eric have bought the van of their choice. Out of all the vans/cars they drove for selection, this van seemed to tick all the boxes perfectly. It didn’t excel in only one side but did well in all of them they cared about. And as a bonus, it looks damn good. They’ve worked endlessly on it for the next few weeks and now it’s ready to take them to their very own journey.

So, the winner of this CSR Round is:

The Kotashi Dangan Sport by @Ryan93 and @MGR_99, for conquering all the segments I’d be looking at in a balanced way, without sacrificing or compromising in other places.

Followed by:

  1. Cascadia Moonliner 4WD by @thecarlover

  2. Kuma BO-X4 3.0 SUPERWAGON by @Xepy

  3. Huangdou GX6471H by @yangx2 smh a CSR where Yang didn’t get a podium impossibru

  4. Albatross Kirkwood Four by @zschmeez

  5. Shuriken Masakari TrayChop @That-S-cop

  6. Kazuki-Jino TourMaster XL Turbo @TheTechnoVampire

  7. Sisten Pacific TC @CorsicaUnknown

  8. Bogliq Bazaar 3100 @HighOctaneLove

  9. Tie between: KnightFreight Packer HD V8 by @mart1n2005 & Aeros Medium Postal Van by @Echowaffle8
    (in case hosting duty gets passed on by this far, Mart1n gets it first, followed by Echo)

And that concludes this round of CSR. Thank you so much for participating you guys. This being my first ever CSR, I was unsure of being able to organize it properly. But other than some minor setbacks, it seems to have gone down very well. I’m proud of myself and I’m happy about all the beautiful vans (and trucks and buses) you people have made with such effort. Thank you all and have a good one.

Honorable Mentions time

69 Reliability Awards

Conquerer V8 Injection,
IMC L150 Club Van,
Bogliq Bazaar 3100,
Aeros Medium Postal Van,
Kazuki-Jino TourMaster XL Turbo,
Turból Romero Hearse.
Pipi Loders Eco

Best Styling/Design Awards

In no order:
Cascadia Moonliner 4WD,
Kotashi Dangan Sport,
Kuma B-OX Superwagon,
Huangdou GX6471h,
Shuriken Masakari Traychop.
Sisten Pacific TC.

Most Reliable

Huangdou GX6471H,
Kotashi Dangan Sport,
Cascadia Moonliner 4WD,

Most Broken Entries

STAG Highway

Now that CSR 119 is finished


This is all a lie the STAG Highway by Mikon won


What. A. Round. Well done to Ryan_93 and MGR_99 for winning, and also to @GetWrekt01 for coming up with one of the best rounds we’ve had in ages! No question, this round has set the bar very high for the next one.


Wow, I’m genuinely flattered by this. Thank you so much @abg7 :smile: I’m glad that you guys enjoyed this round. Hopefully there will be a sequel to this round, with more classic vans in mind. Think VW T1, Mk1 Hiace and Ducatos


Thanks for this aswome round, nice job everyone :slight_smile:
BUT MGR and Me have a little problem…

  • Wait until the update has arrived and the mods have been updated and we host
  • Let someone else host and hope they can get the CSR done before the alleged update arrives

0 voters

Thank you for voting and we are waiting for your decision. :slight_smile:
(@Ryan93 and @MGR '99 )



@Ryan93 and @MGR_99 sorry to bug you two bois but I think you guys should get on with starting the next round if you guys want, since the next update isn’t coming by the time even the next CSR ends.


It’s a really tough call because the CSR period will most likely be in open beta time?

But one this big probably wouldn’t become the stable version for quite a while so yeah I think we get a CSR 120 in on 4.17. Plus ending an era on #120 is just too perfect IMO :slight_smile:


Okay, we want to host.
We are working on the story and rules for the CSR right now, though it may take some time to put our ideas down into a csr format.
It could take more than 24h hours to do, if this is alright with everyone.


I will happily accept such a long wait if this results in a more convincing and compelling premise for the next round, even taking into account the fact that this is your very first attempt at hosting.


If MGR_99 is as good as an author as he’s a fixture designer, I can’t wait for #120 !!


6th, I’ll take that very happily,
Masakari might be used in further projects
Next up, either a facelift or a Comp Truck.


Tie for 10th, my best CSR showing thus far!

To celebrate I’m going to drop the .car file for the Aeros Medium Postal Van, as well as show off the rear of the van that wasn’t super visible in previous pictures.

You are going to need Venom’s box truck mod for the base vehicle, as well as the fire truck mod by “The Stig Is A Spy” for the rear lights, Felgen’s Swedish Popup Headlights mod for the fuel filler door, the two patchwork mods by Chickenbiscuit and cRiMiNaL, jettacar’s North Carolina license plate mod, and the “Drift’s Mod Pack” by Venom for the front mirrors.

Enjoy the mail truck! CSR119_-Echowaffle8-_Aeros_Medium_Postal_Van.car (48.9 KB)


Ya know what
May as well chip in with sharing the Masakari.
CSR119-That-S-cop_-_Shuriken_Masakari_TrayChop.car (103.3 KB)
Whatever the hell you want to do with half an SUV is up to you.
Chicken Biscuit’s Patchwork
Dogtape and Negatape (both sets because frankly there is a chance I used both)
Criminal’s Emergency vehicle fixtures
Towhook loops, one of the mods with the U hook.
Drift Bash bars
Auxiliary Lights.
Bumperbar revamp
Bumperlights for old bumper or something… used for the Bullbar indicators
GT Pack.
Off-road pack… the ones with the big boxes

Gee this small thing managed a lot more mods than first expected… and I might have forgotten more


How did you make the grille and headlights?


what in the hell you have just done


Please don’t necro old threads. If you want to chat about stuff like this, use the Discord.