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CSR 124 - Quibbles and Facets - Finals


With this heavy round, I really understand if it takes some time…


Round 1 - Part 2

“We’re live, can everyone hear me?”

donutsnail: first
Simmer22: yep
Chiefzach2018: still here, never left
Rezn.TM: we still doing this?

“Second verse same as the first, lets see what we can find today.”

@desperatedonut5 : Check this out, this is cool and rad and stuff


1996 Taimania Keijidosha TurboX Special Edition

“Is this real life? So…Taimania made a kei-sized car…without a kei engine…with GT fender flares…180/190 tires, and the power doesn’t even come on until 5600 rpm? No way”


Desperatedonut: oof
Human89845524: :oof:
Maxbombe: ouef




Canyonero 12000XXL

“Most un-american thing I’ve ever laid eyes on…hydropnuematic suspension? You’re gonna make the eagles cry.”

(better than expected and looks pretty good but…nah)


S31: wow this is roomy

@Falling_Comet : ooo Chaz I found something nutty

Yama Sharyo G4 CM

“Ok lets see what we’re working with…
Nice truck. Thick but not too fast. Berfect length. A nice 80cm ride height. Eh could trim down the fixture count but we’ll work on it. Yep…I’d say that’s a pretty good truck.
I’d rate it…8.5/10
Good job kiddo.”

TheRoadRunner36: Chaz going the Chad route rn

@Simmer22: too much chungus


Halcon Salvaje GT

“Look at this, a perfectly reasonable sports car…with gUlLwInG doors? Groovy. I appreciate seeing an appropriate amount of power as to avoid making a pretty death machine. I could see what the Salvaje is about."

OME:its just a sports car, Chaz wouldn’t be Chaz driving something so pedestrian
Vouge: idk I like it

@OME: Chaz needs a Haiju K3T

Bermag Kanin TRI18 4S 124 of 500

“I uh…hmm…but why? Its quirky because its fast part 2”

(biiig turbo cliff, where does the driver sit? Kitchen sink car)


tzuyu_main: each stripe adds 5hp

@Ryan93: oh dude Bermag Kanin TRI18 4S!
MGR99: what about a Bermag Kanin TRI18 4S?

@MGR_99 : ah ninja’d

Bermag Kanin TRI18 4S 124 of 500

“Can I afford a 1 of 500 road going version of a rally car? Apparently so thanks to you, and the performance backs up its looks. Its not exactly what I had in mind when I started this, but its too good not to at least take a look.”

BootlegScarce has entered the chat

@BootlegScarce : ITS A ME-

Miku Cosmo Super Mario Edition


(comfort too low)


BootlegScarce has left the chat

Boiled_Steak: git got son

Knugcab: How about something reasonable

@Chiefzach2018 : sure thing

Motorpop Go Type C Pikachu

Kursk: Copyright noises

“Ok I can’t uh…use another franchise to be the face of the channel but good try….weird they used some sort of hot hatch type thing and not a city car to evolve into a pikachu”


Nightwave: get the pikachuuu

Hshan: Chaz: sees 170hp
also Chaz: panik

@CorsicaUnknown : I found the quirks and fea- I mean quibbles and facets you like.

Kadett Beatbuggy

“Gloriously hideous, fantastically bodacious, marvelously splendiferous, sparring the abstemiousness of nineties design philosophy, the conglomeration of details brings the sesquipedalian loquacity in myself to the forefront. This is good.”

Titleguy1: yuhh get into it

@Nightwave : needs more quirk

Ibis Grackle FPF

“I’m uncomfortable”

(sorry this one is just rough all around)


Mad_Cat: Cetos.

@MasterDoggo: I’m sorry for this
@GetWrekt01: I’m not

Vector Avangarde Typhon

“I don’t know what to think of this one…what year is it again? 1998? Looks kinda…cyberpunk? Let’s see, semi active suspension, very advanced engine wow, rather plain interior for what seemed like a shooting brake GT to me.”

(A for effort but the design felt very forced and the engineering a bit too minmaxy for a round like this)


Maxbombe: Chaz the past 20 minutes – “Give me something quirky, wait no not like that”

@Vouge: d d d dustbusterrr

Forea Protostar 3.2V6

“You can never have too many lines on a van. Lines are better than stripes at least. Whats in store for me with a Protostar then? Oh nice a casual 152 mph top speed. I guess it was successful but it would’ve been easily undercut by the competition.


Abg7: The Protostar was indeed a fast van, but the cost of its tires and brakes made it more expensive to maintain.

@Abg7 : The Kestral is a more expected source of top speed thrills.

MAD Kestrel GTS Spider

“Close your eyes and think of every 90s sports car you saw on video game covers and movies, put them altogether in one car and open your eyes. Same car? It is for me. That’s not a bad thing though. Its fast and curvy looking with a nice soft top look…but I’m not looking for just a sports car.”


CorsicaUnknown: yooo Racing Ambition

@Aruna: This is cooler

Arion Magnus (USDM Spec)

“Like the Kestral but with more brute force and color. Weird looking, especially in the back, but a product of its time. Cool but its too much car for me…and the tires.


@Darkshade-AP_Autos : Lets bring it down a little.


Astro Mamba Sport

“You know I like automotive aberrations but some of this stuff…I just don’t know how it ever got produced.”

(environmental resistance too low, among other things)


@yangx2 : Automotive aberration you say?

Innis Chief Tillamook Half-Tonner BR Sleeper

“I’m getting exited again. Aww yeah look at this, we don’t get anything like this in America. It would be perfect for long road trips as lot as you pretend you do not see the fuel gauge. I’m not really seeing the downsides here, great find!”

GassTiresandOil: Chaz the type of guy to pass up on a Stella ST-8 for a pickup truck because the truck has stripes.

@Variationofvariables : too big

Yuro 3500 Aerotop Hermes R

“This looks sweet, it’s a group B car right? Wait…why was it garbage offroad though? Geared LSD, interesting…aww look at that cute V8. Seems like a handful to own. bummer”


DoctorNarfy : needs a MENgine

@Hshan how about some French history

Famal GR

“I um, aughh wow that’s a design. Some interesting stuff going on with the platform, hydro suspension, boxer engine and such. I don’t think I can get over how much of an absolute unit it is though.”


@Petakabras lame, Chaz needs something cooler

CBR Vesania

“Psst, excuse me, your engine is showing.”

(price too high, missed the prompt)


Xepy: don’t race for pink slips in your dad’s car against this thing. I bet you there’s 100 grand under the hood of that car.

@GassTiresandOil : this is gonna take forever if people keep suggesting this stuff

Durendal Spirit SCX

“Feels like another kitchen sink car. V8 with premium interior, offroad sensibilities, viscous LSD, useless rear bench “seat”. Not sure whats happening here but I don’t think its for me.”


Human89845524: Chaz will never be happy

@Fabelhaftigkeit : We just haven’t found the right sports car for a boomer


Daylilly Wildcat GTO

“Remember what I said about the Kestral? yeaaahh…I’m not sure y’all know what I’m looking for, this is too much for me. Are…are those cooling flaps?”


@ST1Letho : we gotta keep it quirky
@Chichicoofisial : and full of features.

AHB Burdel BRS Multichrome

“Huh neat body panels and a very 90s design and a what the heck is that under the hood? 2-265 horsepower in a fun little quirky car? I see. How did they engineer this quickly enough for 1994?”


EnCR: its like 2 different cars

@knugcab : I mean…maybe?

IP Boulevard Star AWD

“I don’t know chief, an MPV with 4 seats? Its cheap but also looks off, that’s a lot of badging”


knugcab : maybe not

@Stryder237 : More mpv

Zihatzu Apollo MEZ

“mmm corrugated metal…lines everywhere…holy defroster….hey at least its gear limited to only 135 mph.”


@Human89845524 : try this out

Trident Sterling V10 TTAWD



“I’m kinda losing faith…any other suggestions?”

@tzuyu_main : oh my I came back after like 30 min and still not seeing anything good, uuhh how about this?


“We’re back. Ok we’ve got some cool 90’s retro styling on a low power offroader. Relatively cheap but with some handy features to make it more comfortable and easy to drive. Yep sign me up.”

@S31 : 60 hp Chaz…good luck on the highway with that. Maybe this instead?

MAHG Upsilon Homologation B '85

“Huge pushrod I4 holomogation car, this one with a premium luxury interior option…interesting. Hmmm honestly its not giving me much wow factor and the engine seems strange for what it is. Its quieter than my Jinhe.”


@Boiled_Steak : haha hot hatches go brrrr

Novak Caccia V6

“Its quirky because its fast #83 …but at least this actually feels coherent. Sweet hatch but I’m not really looking for 90’s hatch with near supercar performance.”


@mat1476 : hey remember when you were asking for a boat?

@mcp928 : look no further

Warren PMC Portland V10

“oooooo a Portland, except its got a wait for it…V10. Just a monster engine and it still hits 60 mph in just under 9 seconds haha. It looks just peak early 90s America. Yeah let’s see what this has in store.”

@Kursk : my parents named me after this company

(the morphs keep resetting on me, sorry)

Kurskian Cassowary | Hector Edition

“That’s sus on many levels. Extreme group B type beat. Small V8 with a big torque cliff, but it is indeed quirky because its fast.”


@donutsnail Welp

Boulder L150 StepSide Road Train

“This looks badass. It also doesn’t really make a lot of sense. Luxury interior, gobs of power exploiting emissions loopholes. Seems the driving experience let down the looks.”


@TheRoadRunner36 : Lets change gears

Arak Apricia Spyder

“This would be fun. Blastin dunes with the bros in my sports car. Looks like a very capable offroader, reliable, surprisingly nice interior, and the styling is sure different. I’ll see if I can find one.”

@thecarlover : Give this a gander

Mosport Hydra Scamp

“Maybe conventionally better looking than the Arak, but I’m drawn to the Arak more. Also doesn’t seem as well equipped for going offroad and has trouble getting that extra power down. I think I already have my pick for sporty offroaders.”


@Mad_Cat : Came across something here.


“Eastern bloc take on a sporty hatch huh, its solid for what it is, but to be honest its not blowing my hair back considering what else is out there.”


@Hilbert : Something a bit more exciting for ya

Kiran Nasu AWD

“Funky, wonder what necessitated that window in wondow design but its different. Oh boy, yep…these didn’t survive long with engines tearing themselves apart."

(stressed engine internals)


LinkLuke: well no wonder I’ve never seen one on the road before :smiley:

@Maxbombe : these didn’t sell well, but maybe it would be your kind of car.

Spander BA 1990

“Yesss I’d love to see what makes a Spander a Spander. The BA might not have been a great choice as a family car, but if I can find one in decent condition, there’s all sorts of goodies I’d love to play with.”

Ne0: why does it remind me of Space Ghost?

“Alright I think a few more and I’m gonna call it for the night.”

@Rezn.TM : we haven’t really seen many normal offroad stuff


Masada S 170 4x4 Pro Turbo

“Not really jumping out at me as something I need to check out. Convertible offroaders are cool but this one has a somewhat sketchy older turbo, auto trans and viscous LSD that don’t make a ton of sense for it.”


Rezn.TM: oh corn flabbit…
Aruna: shhh language

@mart1n2005 : all these awful investments, it should be something you don’t feel bad thrashing around right?

Couraguex Roamer

“Interesting little van, would be a nice way to carry equipment over trips to car locations. Very cheap, seems to be built for some offroading but it wouldn’t hold a candle to some of the other entries. I think I can go for something nicer ”


@EnCR : One more? What about this?


AMB K180 Spetra

“Kinda funky early 80’s styling. Its not pretty but not bad. Super light with the aluminum panels. Might do a video on it sometime but its another that’s not doing anything special for me and doesn’t have enough oomph for the channel.”


“We got some nice cars and a whole lot of interesting automotive failures. I sure learned about some stuff today. I’ll go back through and we’ll make a deeper dive on the top choices soon. Thank you everyone for participating. Chaz signing off.”


Let me know If I missed anyone from both parts…its entirely possible, that was 65 entries


That has to be an all-time record for any CSR - and your writing is succinct and honest, as expected. At any rate, regardless of who wins it, this round has set the bar higher than any before it, including the previous one, and that’s saying something.


Ahhhh… bugger it.


Aww… who wouldn’t love some 5 metres of quirky French luxury? :cry: I’ve expected to make it past the binning phase.

Anyway, fancy writing. I like the idea for the form of this, as a fake livestream. And oh man, respect for dealing with such load of entries.


oop, rip Magnus, what was up with the tyres?


I expected to be binned given the competition, no surprise there. I needed the massive defroster to hide some ugly tearing, although I actually like the corrugated iron bumpers!


Looking at these entries so far seems to make me a bit regret on withdrawing from the challenge due to me attempting to build a flying car…but well, even I did join the challenge I do expect it to be binned.


frick another to add to my bin list


So I was surprised when I looked up Cerberus tires sizes they were about the same, but with the Magnus, 225s were a bit too skinny for 350hp imo. Mainly some stagger would’ve reduced wheelspin and oversteer (but at least its not bin city oversteer)

Also side note, I’m adding mart1n’s car to the reviews tonight when I get back from work.


Delta roasting as always
But this CSR is excellent.


Excellent write up so far. Definitely worth the wait.
Iv’e wanted to make a schporty offroader for a while but never found an excuse to make one until this CSR. Nice to see my design with conflicting markets survived the binnening haha.
Excellent builds from everybody with some awesome ideas from literal land yachts (Morton Korio) to truckensteins (Innis Cheif) . Makes my inner engineer smile.


Uses an aggressive-looking forward leaning front bonnet

Automation: But what if we reset the morphs!

Me: Sad Kusrk noises


Nice truck. Thick but not too fast. Berfect length. A nice 80cm ride height. Eh could trim down the fixture count but we’ll work on it. Yep…I’d say that’s a pretty good truck.

Are you fucking kidding me rn bruh I’m the one who puts the dick jokes in my write ups. Me :rofl:


Eh, don’t worry about it. If I didn’t make it that’s on me. I’ll eventually get it down.


Judging from the bin list (and how few actual sports cars made it through to the next round of cuts), being fast and sporty alone certainly isn’t enough to make a car “quirky” in the client’s view.


Searching for the Chazmobile

On the past couple livestreams, I’ve been looking for cars with you all and have gotten it down to smaller groups to consider. A lot of you ( a lot ) really want me in something fast and I turned a lot of them down, so we’ll start with the sports cars that made it this far.


@titleguy1 , @MGR_99 . @Ryan93 , @MrChips , @Simmer22 , @strop , @Elizipeazie , @Xepy

(A couple mods here and there may be missing, they didn’t count against the cars)

One of the first that caught my eye was a pristine FABEL Betelgeuse. It’s a blisteringly quick GT car for its time with a V6 in the rear taking it to 145 mph in style. Its well put together with real clean lines and lightbar for days. The interior is hand-made. The thought of me owning a hand made classic would have sounded impossible a few years ago but here we are. The major drawback here is that its such a nice car that I’ll be afraid to drive it anywhere. Stuff will break on this thing and I don’t think parts will be easy to find.

That brings me to the Bermag Kanin TRI18 4S. Another car I didn’t consider would be in my range at the start is this rally monster. A fully utilized 200hp engine makes the Kanin a beast and it looks the part too. I mean, there are 37 speed holes on this thing. It was made to be driven to the limit…which isn’t something I would do often outside of the odd track day. Like the Betelguese, owning a car this rare and especially not driving it how it was built to be driven seems like a waste of a good car on me.

On the other hand, there are cars like the Halcon Salvaje GT. What is appealing here is its size indicates its not trying to do anything more than be a fun little everyday sports car. Its power perfectly matches its size. Its got sweet 80s looks with the T-top and louvres, and its got gullwing doors! Its also a bonus it they didn’t just completely sideline safety because its small. It might not be as much to this car as some of the others, but it’s a good sports car in its own right.

The Kimura K1300-C Sport-Xi is in a similar vein for me, but this one is more appealing. Moving into the 90’s, the K1300 has distinctive styling that for the most part holds up today. It is again very small and has just 100hp, making it well balanced with its solid engineering all around. It pushes all the right buttons for me.

One I didn’t expect but am pleasantly surprised to see is the legendary MM Legatus Gen.II Vivace. This is unquestionably the best driver’s car of the bunch. Timeless styling with seamless popups and great proportions are after my heart. It squeezes every inch of performance it can out of a 145hp 4 cylinder engine. Huh, It also happens to make great fuel economy. Yes its something I want to drive, but I don’t think it’s the right fit for the channel as it is just a great sports car and doesn’t really encapsulate what we’re about here.

Lastly, we have the Anhultz-Tristella Dione. It has less wow factor being a heavily tuned version of a relatively boring looking car, but Tristella did a lot to supe this thing up. It is very high strung and technologically advanced for the 80’s. The interior is nice and has a lot of space, but the performance is the main draw here. It’s a lot of car for the 80’s and it’s a lot for me too. I feel it falls into the same problems as the Betelguese with the added fact its just not as cool either, so I’ll have to pass.

So, out of the sports cars I’m considering, I think the Kimura K1300 comes out on top for being a unique with sensible performance while the others were either too much or not interesting enough for me to go after.

Family Sedans/Coupes

@Dorifto_Dorito , @mat1476 , @mcp928 , @Maxbombe

Next, we’ll look at what I saw surprisingly little of but was more interested in: oddball family cars.

Naturally the first up is a turbocharged performance car, the ACA DLX STO. The DLX STO is mean. It looks like murder. There is some archaic charm to how its engineered and designed, but hold up the stats to most other cars in the bunch and its uh…not a great anywhere but on a straight road. Doesn’t matter much to me though. Who doesn’t like carbureted engines with turbos from 1980? It is admirable how cheap and simple it is for something this unique. Its definitely got the cool factor going for it, but I think I can find something a bit nicer.

That something nicer could be the Warren PMC Portland V10. Yep that’s a V10 alright, usually reserved for trucks, high power sports cars, and performance German saloons is in this giant late-malaise American barge. That doesn’t make it fast though, 0-60 in 8.7 seconds, extremely squishy suspension, pretty much everything you would expect. The interior is full of buttons and switches and old digital screens. I’m not sure why Warren didn’t throw in a good size V8 and call it a day when the V10 is slightly more sus. There is a lot to unpack in this car.

Now for something different, the Spander BA 1990. This is a production concept car, I’ve never seen anything like it. Have you ever seen a 5ft deep dashboard before? Or how about a plastic stripe made out of the same material as the taillight coverings? These things don’t make sense of anything but a Spander, and it pulls it off somehow. It has a very competent aluminum I5 engine and overall the BA would be a fantastic family car on paper. In reality the styling (which is a plus for me) and reliability (ok that’s not as good) kept it from really breaking out like it could have. It might be hard to find one in good shape, and the understeering may kill some of the fun in actually driving it, but its still a very promising choice.

The Warren and Spander are both great candidates, but I have to give the edge to the Spander even if purely for its creativity.


@HybridTronny , @CorsicaUnknown , @balkanski_brat

We saw an awful lot of hatchbacks. Again many were just too fast for my tastes, but some still made the cut.

I’ve already gone over the Kanin and Dione, so next up is the CZA C-151 Polje 1.8 4x4 USDM. Its…a lot smaller than it looks in pictures. Really, this could be compared to the off-roaders but as I understand it, it started out as a hatch. Its cheap and relatively straightforward in engineering though it has a bit more power than I would expect. Styling is clean and everything is in its place. Nothing too out of the ordinary, this Yugoslavian hatch would make an excellent little off-roader I could thrash around without worry.

Going down the list we have the Atera Molecule CXi. Wow putting these into groups still doesn’t help with comparing much does it? The Molecule is a happy little kei car with a soft top. Looking deeper into it, It has absolutely insane fuel economy at 57.3mpg and VVL. Maybe that has something to do with how expensive it is, let alone the used kei car tax you usually run into with cars like this. I’m not so sure about this one anymore.

Next we have the Kadett Beatbuggy. Phew, that sure is a design. What kind of car is it? Yes. This is like pure concentrated Chaz energy right here. Obviously it has its quirks to unpack, the roof is cool and I hope it holds up in the winter ok. Engineering is safely out of the sus zone, and it manages to be very cheap despite all the features. This might get a “Of course that’s the thing Chaz point’s out”, but I don’t know why it needed a window-in-window design. It could have been so much more open and the design doesn’t really necessitate it in my eyes. Sure, its small, but so is that rear side window.

Out of the hatchbacks here, I’m going to have to go with the Kadett Beatbuggy here. The Atera is suspiciously expensive and the CZA doesn’t do as much to stand out for me. There isn’t much contest.

Off-roaders and Trucks

@yangx2 , @Falling_Comet , @Tzuyu_main , @TheRoadRunner36 , @Centurion_23

This group I was perhaps the most impressed with how appealing they were as a whole, so let’s see what we got.

One of the more wildcard options is the Arak Apricia Spyder. Funky styling and very capable off road performance despite its body shape make the Apricia stand out. I feel a bit more could have been done to really make it look the part and not just an experiment but it’s a minor gripe. No front sway bar but there is a rear sway bar. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before. The car is small but the interior is surprisingly nice. I wonder how well it dailies on top on off-roading.

Now we have the Seikatsu Lapis PROJECT VALENTINE N+. A retro car with even retro-er styling, sweet. The front is more convincing than the rear but it still looks great overall. Its small, but not kei sized. It makes modest power, but it doesn’t really need more to do what it needs to do. I just might be permanently sitting in the right lane if I get onto the highway. It may not be flashy on paper, but the biggest draw for me might be just how unkillable the Lapis is. Its bulletproof and cheap to maintain when it does fail.

When you need more SUV, you get the Yama Sharyo G4 CM. It is the most SUV. Just a beast of an engine, there is nowhere the Shayro can’t reach, and it does so with relative comfort. You can tell its off-roading prowess just by the commitment to the approach and departure angles and overall utilitarian look of the design. Ignore the gas spending, its not real. You can’t really ask for more room inside. Also would you look at that, right hand drive.

Another strong contender for me has to be the Innis Chief Tillamook Half-Tonner BR Sleeper. Innis has a big bro-y reputation (I’m willing to bet you know at least 1 “Kyle” that owns one), but they also make some cool stuff you might not have heard about, like this ultimate road trip truck for the Brazilian market. The styling is subtle with multiple bumpers, exposed roll cage, and golden paint. Its not a ton of power and the performance won’t totally blow your hair back, but its 1982, what are you gonna do? It does truck things very well and also sometimes does van things.

Lastly, we have the Kinusoka Super-Trekker Turbo XT. Not unlike the Apricia, the Super-Trekker is a compact offroader, and its also yellow. There is something very pleasing about how this little ute looks. It just entices you to have some fun with it. Its real cheap and reliable, which is great because they are so rare here. It may not be the most easy or safe to drive, but I really appreciate it for what it is (this is a great use of this body).

The off-roaders are in a much tighter competition, The Apricia and Super-Trekker both hit the fun factor well but I think the Trekker takes the edge between the two. The Lapis hits a cool niche that is tempting, but I think I could use a bit more car than that. The Innis checks a lot of boxes for me too, especially in the quirks range, but I have to say, as soon as I laid eyes on the Sharyo I knew that was the one to beat for the trucks, and the others fall short despite being great in their own right.

But wait, there’s more…

Amphibious GT sports cars


Strangely there is only one car in this group, and that is the Morton Korio. It is perplexing how good the Korio is at being a car when many other amphibious cars failed to be useful enough to hit the mainstream. It is expensive, but what you get for the money is a very nice looking premium interior, faster than average performance despite aero disadvantages, and oh yeah, you get your own personal yacht to go with it. It seems to be very resilient to age and easy enough to own and operate. I wonder how much I would actually take it in the water but I think once I pop the cherry I would be more comfortable with it. The 3 abreast seating seems like it would be uncomfortable when 2 would be enough but its something different, par for the course.

The Morton Korio is great but I think the Morton Korio has the Morton Korio beat in this group.

Final Decision

This leaves us with the Morton Korio, Yama Sharyo G4 CM, Kadett Beatbuggy, Spander BA 1990, and the Kimura K1300-C Sport-Xi.

So, lets go back to some of the things we are looking for in these cars.

Style: Well, these cars all have it in spades (at least I think they do). The Kadett might be a bit quirk overload, and the Spander might look a little gimmicky, but the others nailed it. I’m particularly impressed by the presence of the absolute unit and how well the Kimura’s styling aged. The designers at Morton seemed to think of everything when it came to mating form with function.

How do these cars drive? The Kimura again is well balanced and looks to be the most fun on roads. The Korio is probably the best on water idk, the Beatbuggy is just a competent no frills car, the Spander works but might be the most dull to drive out of this group, The Sharyo is powerful and comfortable, but a little difficult to get the most out of the engine.

The Spander also falls behind in reliability, even compared to a sports car and a boat, while the Sharyo is a tank. This is a tradeoff for how much more comfortable the Spander is compared to most of the entire field of cars we’ve seen. All of these cars are cheap enough for me, but the Beatbuggy feels like a particularly good bargain. The Kimura is the worst of the bunch to take long distances.

This is difficult, juggling stats and prices aren’t how a Chazmobile should be decided. Pure gut instinct, that’s how we’ll do it….


….and my gut is saying get the Yama Sharyo G4 CM.

It really was the car to beat when it was posted, and though some came close, nothing quite left the impression this did.

Congratulations @Chrysler a57 Multibank !

Top 15 for hosting:

1st: @Falling_Comet
2nd: @CriticalSet9849
3rd: @yangx2
4th: @titleguy1
5th: @CorsicaUnknown
6th: @tzuyu_main
7th: @Maxbombe
8th: @Centurion_23
9th: @mat1476 & @mcp928
10th: @TheRoadRunner36
11th: @MrChips
12th: @strop
13th: @Ryan93 & @MGR_99
14th: @Simmer22
15th: @Dorifto_Dorito

Thank you for participating in this huge round and for being patient with me. I’m sorry this took so long to get out. I enjoyed the round but I’m gonna go ahead and say this is the last round I will host.


It’s taken much longer than any of us could ever have anticipated, but at long last, we have a worthy and deserving winner - and it turned out to be the right one, although a few entries came close. Well done to Falling_Comet for finally winning a CSR round for the first time ever!

And as the biggest (and in my opinion, best) CSR round ever, this will be an even tougher act to follow than the previous one, such was the diversity among all 64(!) entries. However, your decision not to host any subsequent CSR rounds is understandable - this one took an awful lot of time to complete due to your work commitments. Hopefully the next round, whatever it’s about (and regardless of when and where it’s set), will be wrapped up sooner than later - after it has been announced, of course.


To be completely honest, a lot of procrastination was involved too, but I think a discussion about how to make these easier on the host, whether that be submission limits or whatever needs to happen when the time is right.

Here is a sheet with most of the stats of entries entered: (download to be able to sort columns)


I removed some of the unfiltered subjective stuff to avoid salt, but feel free to ask me if you want help with your car or are confused with where you placed.