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CSR 124 - Quibbles and Facets - Finals


One thing that could be helpful is to get the players themselves to fill out the stats for the cars in a spreadsheet, could even be a google forms (which comes out in a spreadsheet format), therefore reducing the burden on hosts, especially for the first round of elimination.

And then, once the weeds are out, it could lead to an easier decision with fewer remaining cars.


Thank you for such an amazing challenge! And my first CSR to be won! I’m still in the process but i’ll probably end up hosting with someone, as this is my first challenge to be hosted. I’ll see if I will be able to host. Give me around 2-4 days since this is my first time, thank you for understanding, sorry. Got some personal stuff happening rn making it harder to create a challenge quickly xd.


We just did that very thing for the British Rivals Challenge. It might be worth looking into.

Congratulations to @Falling_Comet for a well-deserved win!


Well deserved win for Comet, favourite entry by far. And thank you for the host CB!


Congrats for @Falling_Comet for a well-deserved win and everyone who joins the challenge!


I’m going to be honest: it was well worth the wait. Excellent effort, and certainly differs in a good way from what I thought it was going to be, opting for a simple, refreshing approach. What I liked the best was that there was genuine human emotion in it, which made it all the more unpredictable and fun.


I appreciate the MEN CRAP showing up way off in the background of the off-road/truck finalists, got a good laugh from me.



Excellent, superb, fantastic round, definitely worth the wait and very fun to read. Congrats to everyone!


he is hiding


this was quite the creative an fun CSR challenge, I enjoyed participating in it


It’s not a huge amount of effort plugging the stats into a spreadsheet; it is a huge amount of effort going to the trouble of producing such a complicated write-up at the end.

The solution is simple, as I’ve demonstrated before - in your initial write-up, keep it simple, no more than a sentence or two per car. You don’t need a great big diatribe about why this car doesn’t make the next round or the finals. And let’s face it, even in a round this big, maybe ten cars deserved to make the final judging, where you can take more time to delve into details.


Congratulations to the winner of this challenge! This was very fun to participate in and hope to see you all next CSR!


Great stuff everyone; lots of innovative, intriguing cars that make my entry look plain. Hopefully I do better next time, and as such I’m looking forward to the 125th CSR to do so.

Emphasis on hopefully. :laughing:


I disagree with this being an end-all solution.

CB has done just that on this challenge, for example, yet it was still extremely time consuming. I have been on the same boat, having to handle ~50 cars and it was a pain.
Downloading, checking if cars comply with regulations and ensuring a reasonable reason to eliminate a car take time, especially when we are talking about anything beyond 30-40 entries.

If we could leverage all potential aspects, we could make it less burdensome and ensure we don’t have a string of people passing down hosting, as always.

To summarize, my ideas for saving time would be:

  1. Stat input into spreadsheet
  2. People understanding binnings from stat input and/or ad/preliminary pictures only
  3. Minimal writing for worse cars (which has been used for over 100 rounds)

Anyone has more ideas to reduce review time?


The shorter reviews are very valid, but personally i dont feel right giving a 1 sentence review for something that mightve taken an hour to build. You know the spreadsheet might be a valid option for hosts and also help entries because even in a round almost as open as it could possibly be, I still had some people miss the regs. People might catch their own mistakes entering it in. Downside is everyone knows your stats. I guess its natural to have a trade off with quality and quantity.


The experience I had with the spreadsheet entries is that it is way faster for the host just to check (and maybe correct) values already entered by the player entering the challenge. Sometimes they mistype stuff, but it’s quick to fix and really quick to just check when you don’t have to type everything in as a host.

The “all the stats are revealed to everybody” issue is a real problem, yes. Another option would be to put up a spreadsheet for everybody to download and enter their values privately, sending it back to the host. Then you as the host can just copy all the columns into a single spreadsheet. This approach still does not help when you want to evalute the realism of the cars of course. Then you really need to go through all the tabs and see for yourself what has been done to the cars.

But no matter which way you choose, writing a few words for each entry seems to be a must-have for me in order to show respect to the effort the people have put into their cars. I completely agree with Chickenbiscuit here. Hosting challenges with 30+ cars is a big task and I can understand that not everybody wants to commit to that, especially given the expected fast pace of the CSR.

My recommendation is to slow down a bit - quality over quantity. A new CSR challenge in a 3-4 week period is completely fine in my opinion. This will increase the quality of submissions and put less pressure on the host.

Another option would be staggered CSRs - two parallel streams with double the time to finish a single challenge. Let’s say a new challenge every 2 weeks with 4 weeks to finish each challenge (2 weeks for submissions, 2 weeks for reviews). Then players have a new challenge every 2 weeks, while the host has 2 weeks to finish a challenge. Or make it 3 streams - 1 week for submission (this hopefully reduces the number of entries) and 2 weeks for review.


I feel like the staggered CSR is basically CSC, maybe we just could use more one-off challenges so it isn’t all concentrated on 1 or 2 challenges at a time. Or maybe we could have another “”“weekly”"’ challenge that is more open with the format and not just “this person is buying a specific kind of car”. Something that allows stuff like 5 fixture wonder challenges or other things that focus more on the mechanics of the design editor or calls for 2 car submissions for example.