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CSR 125 - Alternative Sports? Alright, Ikouzo! [Finished]


2004 Hakaru Carica GT-SR

The more powerful brother of the regular Carica, the Carica GT-SR features a whole host of sporty features to enhance the experience of driving.

FF Layout, 5 seat, 3dr hatchback
Total price of $33,600 before tax
1978cc 2.0L inline 4 producing 188.6hp
6-Speed manual, factory geared LSD
(Front) Double wishbones (Rear) Multilink
(Front) 3 piston 325mm vented disc (Rear) 1 piston 220mm vented disc

A very capable car, all for a reasonable price and 2 year warranty.


Submissions were closed 5 days ago. Why are you still asking for adverts. We should be expecting the first round of binnings by now.

I’m now expecting my entry to be top of the binning list but once the submissions are closed the competition is over! I haven’t seen anything regarding and extension to the running time.


I would take a guess that they are busy and won’t be able to get the first round out until late Sunday/Monday their time so are willing to give people a bit of a grace period


This is going to sound more rude than I mean it, but…
A grace period is maybe 3 days, and is reasonable for a secondary thing like the ad. Frankly it has been a week and @Jaimz it right we should be seeing some binning right now. I am not going to hate on our first time host, but barring unexpected developments, it seems like they would have known it would have taken an extra week to get to the judging. It would have been beneficial to have that extra week for car building for the rest of us that work too. Not that you asked, but due to the short window I did mine on a laptop while traveling and that isn’t a recipe for the best work.
I understand that good writing takes time, but announcing a week later that ad submitting is still open after a rushed building schedule comes off as poor planning.


I’m going to assume this was the result of having to clarify the rules which were not exactly specified in the introduction (although maybe we should reread the links, as I failed to realize that ads are technically required (although it is a personal custom to do them)). Thus the grace period vents frustration and salt for newer/busier people who overlooked having to make ads.
Transparency always helps though…and I hope such a thing never happens again.
In addition I would note that we did vote for an earlier deadline…the host probably wanted the later deadline but the community didn’t agree.


On behalf of the host, the CSR rules do say that at least a picture of the car with relevant information has to be posted in order to qualify.

As for everything else, I agree.


2004 Hakuryū Selsius 280 Redline Package


Included in the redline package:

  • 276 PS - 2.8L Turbo Inline-6 engine
  • All-wheel drive
  • 6 speed manual transmission
  • Clockwise™ 17-inch Forged aluminum wheels
  • Goodstone™ ER050 sports tires
  • Boss™ Audio system
  • Exclusive aero kit
  • Exclusive decal
More angles

Comet: I’ll give you a few days to make an ad. It doesn’t have to be too complicated, you know?
Me: haha photoshop edit go brrrrr

Well, um, if you are wondering why the hell did I make a super complicated photoshop like this even when I’m technically behind the deadline and in the mercy of Comet, I started it quite a while ago, but then I was hit with personal stuff and was unavalible for a while. When I came back, I already blew the deadline. I was deciding between continuing this or make a simple and easy ad instead. Eventually I chose to finish it despite wayyyyy past deadline. I’m posting this because especially after looking at the posts above, I feel like “haha I’m just going to take my sweet time even though I’m a week late” in the host’s mercy period is quite questionable.


:thinking: I think we are in need of some kind of clarification here is this still open or… Because we worked hard to get our entry up and ready by August 9. Which was last sunday.


afaik, the entry is closed.
However there were a few people (me included) that has submitted but didn’t post ads, and there was a confusion about if ads are a must-do for this CSR. That’s why Comet extended the ad deadline


I’m probably partially at fault.


間のコラボレーション MGR_99 そして Ryan93

TV Commercial

技術仕様 (Technical specifications):

Yakaza 6DIR V6 エンジン

変位 (Displacement): 2498cc

タイプ (Type): V6 DOHC 24 Valve

圧縮 (Compression): 10.0:1

(Power): 153 kW (205.2 hp) @ 7700 RPM

トルク (Torque): 22.3 kg/m (219.2 Nm) @ 5600 RPM

Yakaza Azure

重量 (Weight): 1327 kg

ホイールベース (Wheelbase): 2.61 m

ギアボックス (Gearbox): 6-speed manual

サスペンション (Suspension): ( F ) DW ( R ) ML

(Body) type: Coupe



The car was edited in Blender, added body panels smoothened and integrated into the body.

A simple armature rig was used to animate the car.

And it was rendered in EEVEE.

Direct import into blender from BeamNG export

Edited version

Animation testing




Reviews Soon!
We have all the ads and the 1st reviews will be coming


Review Part One | Instabins

He picked up a car magazine he had bought from a store earlier and flicks through the first couple of pages inspecting what car he would buy. The first few couple of cars in this magazine he flicked through as he gathered his thoughts…

[ @ZoomZoomer32 | Iramitsu Koi Shōri VS 1.4 Coupe (J) ]

Iramitsu Koi Shōri VS 1.4 Coupe (J) FWD coupe sedan… aye? Misleading price? Yabe… laggy engine? Engine is... unreliable and it has good safety but is average in the rest is questionable for its price... Style wise doesn't really fit my taste.

Instabinned for: Does not meet engine reliability (59.9 when minimum is 60)… yikes and price wise is mediocre for its performance. Questionable engineering, Macs and semi-trailing for 2004 with that price?

[ @TheLapTopX20 | Alba Solaris RXi ]

Ah, an Alba Solaris, huh? 1.7-litre sports sedan. Ah, it’s well according to the magazine it doesn’t have good brakes. Maybe next year they would improve them. That’s a shame. Ja, moving on, then.

Insta-Binned for over the ET Limit, of 130. Very bad brake fade for a sports car.

[ @Executive | Hakaru Carica GT-SR ]

Hakaru Carica, ne? It looks nice, a hatch that has some of that aggressive flare. A fine-looking hatchback, this one. Demo... can the engine really handle itself that well? Ah, it is coming next year as well. Well, I hope they can sort those out by then…

Went over the engine ET limit and stressed internals. The design he likes but it is a shame that it has to go.

[ @Nightwave | Ibis Red Tail GTS ]

Nanikore... Is this a legitimate car? No way, this must be hell to maintain. Can’t keep it.

Very very questionable sized V8 this aint F1. Makes questionable power to other smaller engines.

[ @Jaimz | DMC Asp ]

Sugoi… It looks like those uh, nandato…? Rosetu? Whatever they were called. But would this really make sense as a daily driver... Doesn’t seem like it could carry much stuff when needed, and it looks fairly uncomfortable as well. Maybe I should skip this one...

Does not meet the min practicality requirements and just meet the comfort minimum.

[ @S31 | MAHG Delta Export Rapide '04 ]

Ah, another hatch, aye? Eh, nanikore... It’s not that pricey… demo… what is this?! It would burn a hole in my pocket compared to the rest… This is a no for me! And Japanese weather would not be kind to this car...

Over service cost softcap and questionable seats. Geared LSD? Bit questionable… 4th cheapest car. He does not feel it. And untreated steel, just steel…

[ @Kyuu77 | KGB GT Tourer ]

Nande?! Another one that comes out next year? Don’t bullshit me, magazine! Well, not like this car is appealing anyway. Ja’ne. Next!

Over both ET limits… and very very low stats for its price and the heaviest, a lot of overdrive and a horrible top speed… Low practicality

[ @Onceuponaban | Halberd Motors Photon 06 S ]

Another hatch, huh? It costs quite a bit for what it is. Eh, it does not really ring my bells, I’ll pass on this one....

Most practical out of the group and is one of the most reliable however… overall stats are average/below average. The design seems to be that of a normal hatchback… with only minor changes with vents. Aluminium panels??? Also, pretty expensive for a hatch…

[ @On3CherryShake Farox Savante S V6 Coupe ]

Sugoi, this is a proper American coupe, huh? It’s very expensive, I guess most American cars are like that, huh? Hmmm...? Reviews say about poor reliability… Demo... that power though. This’ll be sad to say but I think this’ll be a no for me… Maybe the other American cars would be better...

Such a promising design but does not meet the engine reliability. Stats are also rather low compared to other cars. Also, one of the most expensive… Got the power though but for an expensive price.

[ @Ne0 | Kitanishi Vanita SP25 ]

Another pricey one... Eh, chottomatte, isn’t that gearbox the same one as used in Touring cars? It’s very fast, demo, this wouldn’t be a very practical car for everyday use, huh? Well, I guess I’ll pass.

Another expensive car as well… but with the performance it does make up for it… Questionable engineering… sequential 6 and oversteering chassis tune… Has amazing performance figures and stats… but the setup is not what he is looking for. Also, very expensive and isn’t the safest. (Basically, it isn’t a good daily)

[ @titleguy1 | Kimura Kohala KR R ]

Ooh! Sugokui! This is a nice one! Fairly cheap, too. Daga, apparently, it’s not as good as it looks. Reliability seems to be poor according to reviews, and if I spend a little more, I could probably get something more comfortable, damn... that’s it looked the part if only it was on par with its design.

The design is what he wants, has some flare and some excitement… however… has poor stats for the price it is cheap but compared to similar alternatives it fails to compete, he has to pass. Just meets minimum comfort. Does not meet minimum engine reliability.

[ @CriticalSet9849 | Morton Tōtoru ]

(Terribly edited poster not the actual reason for bin, review is below) To to ro Totoro To to r… Ah, matte, the name caught me off-guard. Anyway, this seems to be like another one of those lightweight sportscoupes, huh? Demo, what is that? A 3-seat bench? Oi oi oi, my old boss had those on his Midget II! Aside from that, it seems that it isn’t as fast as it seems though, according to these reviews. I’ll have to pass on this one.

What is that seat setting 3 full seats at front? … The performance and practicality are lower than average but is pretty nice to drive… however… he isn’t looking for a car like this… Just meet the practicality requirements.

[ @HybridTronny | Atera Neutron VSi ]

Ah, this is a simple one. Looks to be a regular sedan with a little bit of grunt into it. Chotto, 150hp? Oi, nanikore? That doesn’t seem like enough for something like this! The reviews say it all, it seems...

Seems to be a normal sedan tuned to be slightly faster. Has good practicality and decent drive and comfort but the sports and performance… are the worse out of the whole group… Has good service cost but with these kinds of cons against it and with the price he will pass. Does not meet sports requirements…

[ @Aaron.W | Tanaka Azalea 2.0 T ]

Ah, another simple one. Utsukushi-ka! Unlike that other one this one actually seems like it has grunt to it! Let’s see what the reviews say. Ah… Poor brake fade… Laggy engine... Not very quick… Well, that’s quite the shame I guess. It’s… Ja’ne, onto the next one...

Stat wise… performs worse then the rest especially in comparison to the price however, one of the safest though. Horrible brakes… 11.4% fade… and a laggy turbo engine compared to competitors. Great design however he loves it… if only better engineering would have been a good contender. Does not meet sports requirements…

He didn’t realize it, but it was the end of the magazine. It seems after years of forgetting about his love, he’d fallen all over again and spent more time than he’d needed to.

“Looks like I’ll have to head over to the store to pick up another one, huh?”

Next part of reviews coming out soon™!


gl everyone else :grin:


Aaand first submission to a CSR, first instabin. Oh well, I’ll try harder next time.

Yeah, in hindsight I put way too much blob and not enough sport in the design.

That decision was originally due to wanting to lighten the car. I should probably have looked more at its massive impact on cost. Hell, I would have gotten it nearly $4k cheaper just by switching to partial aluminium for about 100kg heavier.

Good luck to those who are still in the competition.


The first set of cuts clearly gave us some counter-examples to the (sometimes mistaken) belief that if a car looks right, then it is right - indeed, all of the cars that fell at the first hurdle were undone by not meeting the client’s requirements and/or bad engineering decisions, even though most of them looked good enough to pass through to the next round on the outside.


Which was quite unfortunate xd, my heart broke when I saw they messed up a small thing.


Wasn’t expecting an instabin on chassis material :rofl:

What’s doubtfull about mechanical diff? Aren’t they Torsen? DC2 ITRs and Meganes were equipped with Torsen and it fits my proposition. Can you tell me why it isn’t well considered?

For the chassis, I guess I wanted to mimic the rust issues of LanEvos :sweat_smile:

From which era, galvanized body should be a thing? 90’s?00’s?

Seatwise, I think a foldable 2 seat arrangment for the rear is a perfectably justifiable choice, look at Volvo 480 or C30. It may not match customer’s tastes tho.

I wanted to go as cheap as possible to compensate the maintenance costs. I seem to not know how to do a good car without high running costs…

Good luck for the rest of the challenge :wink:


Guess my lazy ass was too busy adding big wang to look at the Brakes…
or the ET… it’s not like it’s an insta-bin if over the limit yeah ofc

I shall now make a 2005 Facelift, Just for the hell of it.


Is the next round of results coming up this weekend?