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CSR 129v2 - The Midnight Courier


Just gonna air the one thing that annoys me here, with GB plates the rear needs to be yellow…


Would have a 0 liter cargo space disqualify me? Because I started work on a car, and well, that’s still happening with some mid engine setups. There’s no logical reason for it but that’s what Automation says.


I would say yes, but which body are you using? Haven’t finalized the rules yet so if it happens to several bodies I may change that rule.


1986 Bogliq Ungoliant 469AE

The evergreen D3 Ungoliant started life in 1970, raced at the Nürburgring, @Marcus_gt500 made it look awesome in the early 80’s then it bows out in the early 90’s!!!

Bogliq USA wanted to provide a USDM alternative to the wave of European import sportscars flooding the USA in the 50’s, which was provided by the D1 Bazooka.

The First generation D3 Ungoliant was a classic wedge shaped supercar, introduced in 1970, and went racing at the Nürburgring that same year. Sales were slow during the fuel crisis years but the model survived, mainly due to being Bogliq’s premiere halo car of the time.

The Second Generation D3 Ungoliant made waves for different reasons. The famous designer, João “Joe” Dunha, redesigned the entire car with looks to die for. The Ungoliant also starred in “Seattle ATF”, a famous TV show about a couple of glamourous ATF agents who enforced alchohol, tobacco and firearms law in, and around, Seattle while driving a modified Ungoliant 469AE…

Performance Specifications

286Kw 6.9L V8
5 speed manual, MR, two seater
4.6s zero to 100Km/h
13.02s Quarter Mile
80 - 120Km/h surge, 2.92s
23.9L per 100Km, 95RON

Submitted car is an EU specification 469AE with optional Cat delete, 95RON tune and classic bronze rim option.

OOC: Thanks again @Marcus_gt500 for making this badass design; you gave it another decade of sales viability!


Vanillla 87 coupe that’s mid-engine only has 0 cargo space. Unfortunately there’s surprisingly little selection of 80’s supercar bodies otherwise. Some mod bodies have the problem too, at least when mid-engine. Guess I’ll just spice up a 70’s body most likely.


After checking, the only viable bodys for mid engine doesn’t offer much cargo room.

At best I’ve seen 180L… Frankly that or nothing I don’t think It will make a difference…


Well I’ve gotten over 400 liters on my current build so Idk


Mid Engine Build?


Yes. (longi)


Vanilla Body?


No, I used the wedge body (same as the tristella)


Cargo room has been removed from judging due to too many bodies having 0 as the capacity. It was about 3 bodies in particular I found that had major issues, but still.

EDIT: Additionally let me know if your car needs the chassis hidden, most I’ve seen for this should be fine but there has been some wonky cases.

1988 - Chambord Keres SX

The Keres SX is the car for the ones who are tired of the same old cars they see in the streets. Chambord brings this incredible engine to the limit, the aspirated one is equipped in the company's luxury car but without the addition of the turbo. The SX variant has the 412HP which for a 4.0L i6T DOHC is enough to reach 100km/h from zero in just 3.5 seconds with a little help of the AWD 5 Gear Manual Transmission. It also brings some new tech, fiberglass panels, and monocoque chassis, popup headlights.

Feel the comfort in your body, in the amazing black leather race seats while listening to some songs in the brand new Kenwood KRC999 MkII cassette player. With this design, every detail and part of Keres becomes unique. Do you want to get the attention of prying eyes on the street? Get one. This piece of engineering in the Vulcano Red color it's available for only: $82300AMU

You are where the past meets the future.
Full Specs


4.0L Inline 6 DOHC 24v all Aluminium
412HP @5800RPM - 611Nm of Torque @3100RPM.
Single MPFI with Performance Intake.
Ball Bearing Turbo 63mm-65.5
1.0Bar of Boost
VVT - Intake


Fibre Glass Panels
Steel Monocoque Chassis
Double Wishbone R/F
AWD 5 Gear Manual Transmission
Luxury Interior and Premium Cassette.

How it perfomances in the track?

301Km/H of Top Speed
3.5 seconds from 0 to 100km/h
2.40 seconds from 80 to 120km/h
11.82 in the Quarter mile
1.18g in the 20 meters radius Cornering

More Pictures

The 1988 Voltari Stinger RS-X

The Stinger RS-X is a high-tech, high-powered version of Voltari’s famed Stinger sports coupe. Riding on a modified version of the 3rd generation Stinger’s Q1 platform, the RS-X features a widened body shell, fixed headlights, and a new, rounder rear end. Beyond the surface, the RS-X is a whole new animal. Gone is the 3.2L, 240 horsepower, naturally-aspirated flat-6. In it’s place is an all-new, all-aluminum 3.4L twin-turbocharged flat-6 making 350 horsepower, mated to a strengthened 5-speed manual, and rear-biased all-wheel drive.

The RS-X also features an exclusive leather-trimmed interior, with racing-inspired bucket seats and aluminum accents, giving every inch of the RS-X a touch of class. The RS-X also features exclusive VoltariSport 17-inch rims painted in bright silver, a high-perfomance body kit, and a floating rear wing. This RS-X is painted in VoltariSport Astron Grey, and is priced at only $60,900.

Full Specifications

Aluminum panels/carbon fiber monocoque
Rear longitudinal
Double wishbone (F/R) suspension

“VTRI-3400-6CT”- 3400cc (90.5mm X 88.1mm) multi-point fuel-injected, twin-turbocharged horizontally opposed 6-cylinder engine, dual overhead cams, 4 valves per cylinder
Aluminum block and heads, forged internals
VVT- intake only
350 horsepower at 6,400rpm/342lb-ft of torque at 3,400rpm, 6,700rpm redline
5-speed manual, Geared LSD

Standard springs/twin-tube dampers/passive sway bars

Performance Data:
2,515lb curb weight
0-60 in 4.1s, 180mph top speed
P235/50R17 98Y (F) tires and P255/45R17 100Y [R[ sports compound tires
Hydraulic power steering, ABS and advanced 80s safety
34F/66R weight split

Additional Images


Thanks mate, will have that mind when making GB cars in the future.


'88 LLA Protos - N208

In the mid to late 1980’s the supercar market took off, all company’s trying to hit the glorious 200 Mph mark. Of course LLA, a great British automanufacturer had to call in all their efforts. The result was the Protos program starting in 1984. The goal was simple, make an AWD, rear engine sports car capable of hitting the 200 MPH mark, whilst seating 4 people and being able to corner without the rear slipping out.

The first prototype was ready in '86 and was named the N202, reaching 202 MPH as the name suggests. Over the next 2 years developments were made to ease out an extra 100 Bhp from the 4.5L twin turbo v8, reduce weight by adding various carbon fibre bits and finally swapping to Magnesium rims. The result ready for production in '88 was the N208, available for $75,000.

(I assume at this point the rules are pretty much final)

Extra Pics


Carbon fiber monocoque in 1988 uh oh fancy


MAHG Tsi Coach Rapide '88


Seeing the race for power raging in the mid 80’s, the MAHG car company wanted its share of the exciting pie!

It started when Ferrari launched its GTO. Seriously impressed, the lads at the engineering bureau started thinking about making something that would demolish the compétition.

Two teams formed. Team D wanted to soup up an existing car from the range while Team T wanted to start from scratch!

Team D started with the mid range sedan, the Delta and added some serious oooomphh to it.

Team T kept the basic right that made the previous Tsi succesful but added 80’s vibes

Team D responded with a cutting edge 4wd system

Team T added more top speed.

Seeing bills coming and a competitor named F40, the big boss putted an end to this and gave them a target.

A compromise had to be done, Team D gave up its project to focus on Team T’s driving behavior that was considered dangerous at the time and Team T was ordered to focus more on speed rather than entering corners backward.

The result? This beauty!

A picture of the front, because you can’t keep up with it, so you won’t be able to see it often.


MAHG has taken this power race seriously


  • Top speed 345+
  • 0-60 under 4 seconds
  • 80-120 under 2 seconds
  • V8
  • DOHC 4
  • 4+ liters
  • 550+ horsepower
  • Y rated
  • 185 front
  • 275 rear
    -330 front
    -315 rear

Using the knowledge of the two teams, this car gets all the mechanical refinements available to our engineers.

The interior of this car hasn’t been neglected, such as the suspension system, tyre choice, safety and reliability.

Right now, we believe we’ve managed to put together speed and usableness.

Losing your licence has never been done with so much style

Killing yourself at 345+ kph has never been done so comfortably

87300 AM$

A selection of purpose made paint is at your disposal.


Bleu Marine

Blanc Championnat


Need more details?

Come and see us to your closest dealer:
42 avenue des Champs Elysées, Paris
225 W 57th St 2nd floor, New York
434 N Rodeo Dr, Beverly Hills
5 Chome-9-11 Jingumae, Shibuya City, Tokyo
Lansdowne House, 1st Floor, 57 Berkeley Square, London W1J 6ER
Rue Maunoir 6, 1207 Genève


Entries are officially open…

As of 3 hours ago.


1988 Atera Sakura Blackbird

Created by Atera, Tuned by Steurmann. This car features 3.2L turbocharged inline 6, producing up to 403hp powering the rear wheels only. With that power, it can go up to 300km/h. The chassis has been changed from steel to carbon fibre to shave off some unaccessary weight on this car.

With that a lot of power, it can comfortably seats 4 people in it so you can go your opening movie night in a swift!