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CSR 129v2 - The Midnight Courier


Mine is more practical, quite a bit less comfortable and a lil bit more sporty, I also think it’s quite a bit cheaper than most other cars here so… idk :stuck_out_tongue:


Can someone post the stats for the Tristella? I don’t have the mod for the body…


It’s one of the wedge one’s from the 70’s/80’s. Theres only a few you should be able to subscribe from the workshop, The big stat a lot of us were surprised by was the 44 comfort.


@titleguy1 Please submit your ad



Yup! It is indeed the wedge body. Also I can agree the comfort surprised me quite a bit since my car is in the low 20’s.


44!? Wow I’ve got 39 with quality spam!


Guess Jakob’s clients are gonna have to sit this one out…

1987 RJM 55-8R GT

The Ridgewell-Jeong Motors 55-8R was introduced in 1982, 2 years after the founding of the car company. Their first model was a semi-hardcore mid engined supercar with a 5.6 liter engine outsourced from American car manufacturer, Farox. 372 horsepower made it no slouch, and expert tuning from racing/ex-racing experience made the 55-8R one of the more knife-edged sports cars of the era. In 1987, the car received a facelift - although it was visually nearly identical, the kit was changed drastically, with the bare-bones interior being swapped for a much more comfortably appointed interior with premium materials. An even more luxurious limited edition, the GT, was released to satisfy a limited demand - only 200 of these models were made, and each was customer-tailored. However, the rambunctious spirit of the original carried over into the facelift - the 1987 55-8R remains a pure driver’s experience.

Judging Part 1

Hideout Garage
Somewhere in Fruunia
Sometime of the day

It was only about a week after the incident, but it took a few days to recover the wreck of Jakob’s Tristella. the wreck needless to say wasn’t pretty and most definitely totalled.

At least they recovered it he supposed. Still, it didn’t look pretty behind Joseph’s mint Zacspeed F35. He sighed, and went over to do something productive: find himself a new car.

Easiest option was to get another Accipiter, but as much as he liked the Tristella, there was good reason to not get the same car again. Even though they now had a fancy new V10 in the bay, it was a good idea to rotate out makes and models from time to time. Helps keep the heat off. Plus, the market was surprisingly saturated with the types of cars he was looking for, so a search wouldn’t hurt. After grabbing a fresh mug of coffee, Jakob went and got a few magazines to look through.

The first car he found however, was not what he was looking for:

@Jaimz - FM HiWay GTx

Unreliable, uncomfortable and cheap, has a powerful engine but that’s about it. The weird slanted grille also doesn’t inspire confidence about its build quality.

Not that the next one was much better.

@Regenfrosch - Giovi V10VF

“Hmm… Do I want the least comfortable wagon in the world?” Jakob asked rhetorically.

(The answer is no)

@nightwave - Kerberos Titan SCW

This was a step in the right direction. Doesn’t particularly mean it was amazing however, as the Kerberos was heavy and barely an upgrade while being near the top of his budget.

“Surely we can do better.”

@Fenix4 - Chambord Keres SX

Decently fast, but terrible road manners and terribly uncomfortable.

No thanks. If those issues were sorted it might be alright, the car looked decent enough.

@Bilobilo - DiClemente Orion SR

“190 width tires with 450hp? I don’t care if it has AWD this thing is going to be utter shit when pushed. So not being able to stop from a lack of grip is what they meant by ‘Unstoppable by any means’, then that’s a no from me.”

@vero94773 - Voltari Stinger RS-X

Finally, some… well, edible food. Car actually. And not edible either.

Either way, while the Stinger is a bit less equipped than Jakob would like, it wasn’t exactly a bad choice. Especially considering what has been seen so far. Sounds to be decently sharp handling even with AWD too.

The Voltari Stinger goes on the consideration list.

@HighOctaneLove - Ungoliant 469AE-EU

“Hey I’ve seen these before… Oh dear god why is this so heavy.”

The underpowered 7l iron block certainly didn’t help with that. At least its cheap?

Still not worth it though.

@Reizei - Reizei FE-R 5.0

A bit lighter than the Ungoliant, and with a bit more power. Also prettier. But with more sluggish handling somehow though, so that’s a no.

@Nialloftara - Centauri Buffalo 455GT

Looks are questionable to say the least but it is quite quick. But its too much of a muscle car and lacks the refinement Jakob is looking for.

@Urke101 - Recanna Fulda P600-4

“Ahh yes, the heavy turbo lag and oversteer combo. I got places to be but hell isn’t one I need to get to quicker”

@WelcometoCostcoILU - Sledgehammer One, by Atlantic Automotive

“Is this a rebadge of a car that’s banned from sale in this continent? I think it is!.”

[You know why you got binned, funniest shit I’ve ever seen]

@CriticalSet9849 - Morton T70

“Solidly engineered, good performance. Plus it looks decent enough. Its not cheap but it seems worth it on paper at least.”

Jakob added the Morton T70 on his consideration list.

@Fletchyboy100 - AB Monozukuri Prodigy Turbo

The AB Monozukuri Prodigy Turbo was a bit plain to look at if Jakob was honest. Not that it was bad, but it wasn’t up to the performance bar that Jakob was looking for.

@Marv666 - Gelera Faun V8 Biturbo

Okay, looks are… quirky. Its like a spaceship. That being said, they definitely did a lot of engineering underneath that skin, its a rather nicely sorted package on paper.

Jakob added the Gelera Faun V8 Biturbo to his consideration list.

@Stryder237 - Rossi Princep 380TT

Does it need that many vents? And does the seat adjust further back than that? The engineering under its hole-y skin was not bad, but the quanity of vents are just… too excessive.

@goblin95 - Gallagher Sentinel

Automatic in a supercar? Sure, why not. Most of everything else seems to be to Jakob’s taste, and the styling is definitely on point. That said though, the acceleration numbers that it came with were not very impressive, in terms of an upgrade anyways.

Still worth a lookover, the Gallagher Sentinel was added to his consideration list.

@HybridTronny - Atera Sakura Blackbird

Its a handsome Japanese coupe, one upgraded with what should be enough power. But the handling… is simply not there. The skinny 215 tires just aren’t enough, culminating in subpar acceleration for its power to weight.

@MagikarpDrowned & @AMuteCrypt - Meiji Yokai S

This one, its quite quick, handles well and seems to be a well rounded package. Styling is also… well, not terrible. There are some strange engineering decisions however, like the weird tire sizes however that mean getting parts could be a pain… Jakob contemplated putting it on his list, but decided not to in the end.

@Mikonp7 - Renwoo GP

The Rewoo was a slightly older prospect, with its quirky but good French looks. However, known engine issues made this a non-contender.

[Over engine ET by 0.1]

@abg7 - LCE LP12 AWD Concept

The LCELP12AWD Concept may sound like some sort of fax machine model, but underneath its got all the latest tech and equipment. Coupled with a powerful V12 and a fairly decent looks, it was a car that Jakob definitely had to consider.

With his mug of coffee at its bottom, and a lot more cars to go through, Jakob reckon it’d be a good time for a break. Maybe some food.

The following people made it past the bin in this part:


@HighOctaneLove, my man, you gotta end this relationship with pushrods and cast iron. It’s affecting your life in more ways than one!


Wooo!!! I thought I wouldn’t make it past the first round, but I just did - for the first time in three rounds anyway. I can forgive you for forgetting about the spaces in my car’s trim name, because you have delivered an excellent start to the reviews. Fingers crossed I get a good result in the end.

And despite squeezing all that tech under the skin, and having to use a corrosion-resistant steel monocoque chassis due to cost and ET constraints (a carbon fiber chassis would have left comparatively little room in the budget for creature comforts or quality points, and none at all for AWD - a necessity for improved drivability), I still managed to keep the weight under 1.6 metric tons.


Kinda guessed my R32 with a bit more oomph wouldn’t cut it after I saw the rest of the competition…

Judging Part 2

After the break of unknown quantity of time, it was time to look at more cars again. Jakob took a comfy seat, and resumed his research once more.

@LinkLuke - LLA Protos - N208

First up was the 700+ HP LLA Protos.

“Yes I like power but my god that is unreasonable. And with that lag… It launches worse than my old car even with over double the horsepower. Yeah, no thanks.”

@th3maldonado - New Lanark GT300 SS-X

The GT300 was a rather good looking car, but it too had rather poor acceleration numbers. It did have the power and the grip however, so perhaps the gearing could be optimized better.

“Maybe if they update it, I will take another look.”

@Vri404 - Revello Imola EROS Stradale

The Revello Imola EROS Stradale… was a damn menacing car, styling just like that one guy’s dad from that space movie. Too bad it also rides about as well as a brick to the face.

@Petakabras - Cabrera Boreas Biturbo

While it would be an interesting prospect as a sleeper and an under the radar vehicle- the Boreas Biturbo was a slightly short on performance and a sleeper isn’t exactly what Jakob was looking for.

@SenseiB12 - Crusoe Trifecta

The Trifecta was fast, but also amazingly unreliable and expensive, not only to buy but to run. Its also… not the best looking thing out there. Kind of like a surprised exotic toad.

@HowlerAutomotive - Howler Rogue GT12

Right, the Rogue GT12. If you want to talk speed (and handling), this was probably it, even with its 4-speed auto transferring the power. But even with all its speed, there was little tradeoffs… aside from maybe that rear end not being the prettiest. Perhaps the huge wing will distract people away from it.

But just the performance alone was reason enough to add the Rogue GT12 to the consideration list.

@Aruna - Arion Bullet Special 305TI

Here’s an older one - heck, its older than Jakob’s out going car. But its a pretty thing ain’t it. And looking at it now, it’d be wrong to put it a shame to not see it again. Might be a good reason to see why he didn’t pick it last time around.

With little wrong with the Bullet seen at the moment, Jakob added it to his consideration list.

@GassTiresandOil - Durendal 390 California

At the moment, Jakob could not find a big fault with the Durendal. Nor could he say anything about it stood out to him. With cars that stood out much more in both looks and performance, it unfortunately will be discarded.

@Boiled_Steak - Nazzaro Tempest

Like the Howler, the Nazzaro Tempest is a damn fast car. Difference is, the Nazzaro looks better, in his eyes at least. This sounds like it will need more research on which would be better.

The Tempest was added to the consideration list.

@Flying_Reinbeers - Helvete Ocelot

At first glance the car looks decent, but then you get to the handling and its way neutered by its strangely sized skinny front tires. If it was a sharper car, maybe, but its a bit of a understeery pig.

@Sky-High - Zephorus Kigore V12 S Touring

The Zephorous was another older option, but it still looks very nice for what it is now. Performance on it as well was definitely a selling point for it back then and clearly still is now.

Jakob added the Kigore to his list.

@Yurimacs and @Elizipeazie - Bradford-AMP Leone XF12

“I have always known Bradford for iits crazy styling so uhm… hmmm… Yeah, I’m not sure if I like this. Its definitely unique. Okay, I’ll focus on the numbers fiirst… Yeah they basically match the Zephorous’ that I just saw while costing more and having more controversial styling…”

In the end, Jakob decided not to go with the XF12.

@S31 - MAHG Tsi Coach Rapide

The MAHG reminded Jakob of the LCE - they’re both at the top of the price range, offering as much as they could cram in the car as possible. For being a relatively light car with a short wheelbase however, they were reported to be quite the understeery machines.

Still, worth a consideration for now.

@Sir_Night282nd - Moteur Devoir Papillon Vitesse

They really couldn’t find round lights to go with the round body? It just looks strange. Performance is also nowhere near what Jakob was looking for. Seems the manufacturer knew as well, considering the tire compound they had on it.

@ACoolCrab - Olsson 4450 Demmö Bitrubo

As cool as the cool swedish bitrubo brick is cool, it unfortunately is simply outclassed by the competition in performance.


The IMOLA GT was not without its faults, but could Jakob really disregard it based on those minor faults right away when the car looks this good?

No, the answer is no. The Imola GT gets its place on the consideration list.

@mart1n2005 - Lynx L32 Magny Cours

The Lynx has the unfortunate circumstance of coming into view right after the IMOLA. Its not a bad looking car by its own riight, but the IMOLA was the better looking one. And even though the Lynx was slightly faster… well, that’s not all Jakob was looking at.

@cake_ape - Mons Valkyre

They really put a wedge of cheese in the oven for a hot minute and styled a car off that. Unfortunately for the Mons Valkyre, better looking cars also do what it does better and cheaper.

@donutsnail - Turból F4

A sleek coupe that’s a solid performer and with basically everything Jakob needs. It certainly doesn’t completely stand out the most but there’s also no immediate noticeable flaws. A definite solid jack of all trades performer that was worth considering.

The F4 was added to the consideration list

@Falling_Comet @variationofvariables @tzuyu_main @66mazda - Sendo GT

So this is what happens when a country comes together and build a luxury GT car. Can’t deny, it looks fantastic. That being said, it may struggle in performance against what Jakob has lined up so far… Well, it does undercut them in price as well so its worth a shot.

The Sendo GT was added to the consideration list.

The following people made it past the bin in this part:
@Falling_Comet @variationofvariables @Tzuyu_main and @66mazda


The vents where always a risk…my original car was much simpler with only a few vents. After realizing I’d chosen a popular body I chose to make the car more aggressive too better compete in the looks department.


I guess lore hit too hard for my car :frowning: Nice it was at least a consideration, though the lacking accel was really about right for the time. The gearing was really in need of a cheeky optimisation but overall it was pretty similar to the 288 GTO performance wise.

EDIT : I literally cut 1 second off the 0-60 with a bit oof gear shortening after seeing that. I am very good at this :upside_down_face::sob:




“A suprised exotic toad” yeah I’m not shocked I got binned on styling. I didn’t realize maintenance costs were going to be a big issue though. I guess Mid engine AWD V12 is pretty much the biggest maintenance costs you can get, and for some reason interior makes a big difference in Automation so hand made interior must have sealed the deal.




And I thought My service costs were high.

That will probably bite me in the next binning :joy:


I had to have skinny front tyres otherwise this thing wouldn’t stay straight on any phase!!

Throttle open, full brakes, throttle off, It was rated at 1.22G with sports tyres but it was uncontrolable. I prefered 1.1G but staying alive! :rofl: